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  1. It's a truly awesome scope for observation. I've had a dabble at some very basic imaging, however this consists of planetary with an ASI120, didn't have much joy with my DLSR as I couldn't tweak video capture settings as it seems there is no manual mode for video on my camera. Anything DSO is incredibly tricky being limited to very short exposures and with the scope being F10. Don't get me wrong I can pick up the brighter DSOs with the DSLR but not even close to being in the same league as faster scopes on a EQ mount. I've also got a the reducer but have only used it for Solar and lunar imag
  2. I was recently tearing my hair out over why my scope wouldn't align with SSA autoalign, scratching my head looking at the scope for 15 minutes as it slews around the sky not collecting any data. Upon deciding to disconnect and reinsert the cable I realised the lens cap was still on. Not quite as bad as your night but it made me feel like a right thunder-plumb. -.-
  3. Was the first book I owned, a whole wealth of information contained within. Would highly recommend. I passed it on to my stepfather who has just taken up an interest in astronomy!
  4. I personally love my SSA, one of the best things I've bought for my scope so far. Literally turn the scope on, select auto align and go in the house to collect my accessories... When I get back the scope is perfectly aligned and puts everything slap bang in the centre of the FOV. I just love the ease of use, 2 button presses and your scope is aligned in about 2 minutes. I can understand why people would be hesitant in spending money on it, but for me having the scope ready to use in minutes with a greater accuracy than I've ever been able to achieve manual aligning makes it well worth the pur
  5. I'm absolutely open to suggestions! (Provided they are within budget). To be honest I've not even thought about WO, I assumed they'd be out of my price range! I don't/wont need the scope for visual use at all so dedicated astrographs are definitely a consideration!
  6. I'm more or less ready to pull the trigger on an imaging set up. I've got my mount chosen and ready to go so now it's just the case of some glass to sit on top of said mount! I've thus far only used an SCT for visual and I'd love to get started with imaging, I'm in the process of saving up my pennies for the OTA. I'm keen to learn the differences between the Esprit and the Evostar models and if the benefits warrants saving a little extra for the Esprit? I'm limited to around £1000 for the OTA, anything over and I'll have a VERY angry other half! Convincing her my first scope was worth the p
  7. Wowzers, the gif image is great! And +1 for the ZWO
  8. 2 for me, 8-24mm zoom + 40mm (Oh and a 2.25 barlow)
  9. Agree with above. Worth it just for the tripod imo. After buying the 9.25 I quickly realised how glad I was that I didn't go for the 8'' instead. Either way enjoy your new toy!
  10. Getting anything to run on a Mac in regards to astronomy software/hardware is a challenge! Took me 2 days to get my CCD to function. Even with parallels I still get lots of problems. Windows machine is very much on the Christmas list! Although I cannot help you with your current issues I do feel your pain! Hope you get things sorted
  11. Can't believe there's a full £1K price difference in buying the new mount I want in the UK compared to US. Would literally be cheaper getting a flight out to America and bringing it back with me!! Or order delivery from the states and get taxed on my wages, taxed on the item, taxed again on the item then to top it off postal taxed.

    1. ronin


      If you waited until Feb next year then you could probably get even more off at somewhere like NEAF. Which mount out of interest ?

    2. Spikey


      Add sales tax to that plus when you bring it back there will be VAT to pay and import duty. Oh and theres usually no European warranty so if it develops a fault guess where you'll be going to get it fixed !

      Post a question in the main boards about it - should get some good replies.

    3. Sonicfishcake42


      I'm looking at the CGEM DX, currently works out at £1000 in America or £2000 here.

  12. Welcome aboard mate, might be worth asking in the imaging section if you've not already found your answer. Im a visual observer myself so can't be of any help!
  13. Great stuff guys! I might have to download stellarium myself, I've only ever used Skyportal app. I didn't even know Orion was visible yet! What sort of time is good to catch it? And good call on the ring neb! That was an impressive sight the first time I viewed through my scope I don't think I've seen hercules cluster yet so will give that one a shot myself! I don't think there's really anything to look at planetary-wise for a beginner, Saturn is too low (for me at least) and Jupiter has off and gone. Only the morning planets really. Any idea when we get Saturn and Jupiter back with a dec
  14. Hi guys. My stepdad picked up his 200p dob today and clear skies predicted for tonight (I know what a shock!) He comes equipt with Turn Left at the Orion, Planisphere, skychart, rigel finder etc. He's never had a telescope before and I've been as helpful as I can be in terms of finding things in a scope. I use a goto so I'm not great at advising where things are, I can only comment on what targets i think will be easier/brighter to find. I've told him to aim towards dumbbell nebula, wild duck cluster, double cluster & andromeda. Are there any more 'easy' targets for a complete newbie,
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