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  1. I have this setup (starsense for skywatcher) and it works with the AZ-Gti Time and location come from a Celestron gps unit Power supply is important in order to limit “freezes”. I use a 12v 2.5 A mains adapter. Wifi stil works, but it is either using starsense, or the sw app, so in essence when you use starsense, the WiFi is useless in my location there are a lot of obstructions, so starsense automatic align does not always work, but when it does, it’s magic I have been playing with starsense user allign, but not enough to get consistently good results
  2. 1. GOTO an object that is not close to meridian.not a lot of choice this evening: performed single star align on the moon. Bad tracking. Worse than keeping scope unpowered  2. Choose "Utility\Information" 3. Write down the "R.A./Dec" readings. The reading should be pretty stable or only changes very slowly. - Not stable, changes in both axis of about 1 second per second  4. Observe the "Axis" readings, they should keep changing. changes about 10 seconds per second  5. Tap the readings regularly to prevent the screen turned off. the aux encoder is off,
  3. I initially suspected power state, as i was using rechargeable batteries, however, I had the same issue with mains power (with starsense, not the app) i am not yet sure that the issue I am seeing is the same. ( not just no tracking, but seems like 5 times sidereal tracking ) Will do the same tests later.
  4. Hi, i think my Az-gti mount does something similar. GoTo is fine, but tracking is lost after a few seconds. However, the drift is faster than normal sidereal drift, and in the other direction, as if the mount compensates for 5 times sidereal. i have this with the app, and with the Celestron starsense for Sky-Watcher device. So it looks like something internal to the mount. To add to the confusion, some nights tracking is perfect, some nights it is not. MrsGnomus, can you elaborate on the tests you performed?
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