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  1. Thanks for that info Stash. I'm pretty new to this so will take heed of all advice from those who "know more about these things"! My plan now is to use the WiFi/Tablet control for general convenience with visual and some basic AP using the mount's built in tracking. Part of the secondhand bundle I bought included an EQMOD box, and I have recently acquired a GP-Cam too. My plan being that when time permits (I have to set up from scratch each time) I want to do some better AP using the GP-Cam and 50mm guide scope for autoguiding. From what I'd been told, I was under the impr
  2. Absolutely love the HEQ5 mount no worries there at all. I had the standard EQ5 before this and in comparison this thing is a beast :-) The Synscan controller is the element that failed on mine - as with any box of electronics these things do go wrong time to time. Fortunately, the relatively inexpensive remedy in this instance was the WiFi dongle, which in my opinion is a brilliant upgrade. Honestly, I'm sort of please that the Synscan controller failed as otherwise I wouldn't have even been considering the WiFi solution (nor did I even know it was an optional retrofit just a week or
  3. Arrived today, just need a clear sky now for some proper testing, but I have a feeling I'm not going to miss the Synscan handset :-)
  4. I have to say that the Wifi widget looks interesting. Would it have the same functionality of allowing one to slew directly to objects of interest? I assume that some sort of app on the phone would be required if that was indeed possible... And yes, many times I've entered something wrong on my old Synscan enabled EQ5. Also "polar" aligned to Kochab more than once, but we don't talk about that ;-)
  5. OK it seems that it should power up connected directly as that's how one would do a firmware update. So it appears that I have a dead handset. Googling this suggests it's not uncommon, however also not repairable. Decision is now either buy a new V4 handset (~£150), source a secondhand one (rare as hen's teeth it seems) or use a laptop and software. After just laying out £1k+ on a Starwave 80 ED Triplet and basic guiding set up it's an expense I could well do without. Grrr!!!!
  6. Thanks I'll have a look for the manuals. I don't think it is a power issue - since posting I have set up EQMOD on my PC and connected the mount and it is moving the mount fine using the PSU as the power source. Does anyone know if the handset should power up with 12V connected directly to it and no connection to the mount?
  7. Hi all A while back I picked up a second hand HEQ5 and Synscan controller. It was demonstrated working. I have no documentation nor manuals. I recently set the mount up for the first time in ages, connected everything as I remembered, but the synscan controller is not turning on. The power supply is a modded ATX PSU with 5V,12V and GND phono outlets. I have connected the mount power cable to the PSU and the red light on the mount comes on when I switch it on. The Synscan controller is connected to the Hand Controller port on the mount, but it just seems dead. It does have i
  8. Stuck in traffic heading West from Canterbury in Kent, UK at 17:23 today. Spotted from fairly low on the horizon, travelling in a straight line, angling almost directly overhead. I thought it was the ISS, it was extremely bright and the sky was not yet dark, blue twilight blue. It did seem to be moving slower than the ISS, however I didn't think it could be anything else. Checked on Spot the Station just now, and it doesn't appear that it was the ISS as it's not listed as being visible at that time. Any thoughts?
  9. Is this it? http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/205286-home-made-rdf-or-telrad/?hl=%2Bred+%2Bdot+%2Bfinder
  10. Thanks, will definitely get some adaptors for the plug holes and vent to exterior, certainly no harm in taking this precaution. A good point re the lens coatings too, so another reason for keeping the two halves of the toolbox seperate. It may be overkill, but it's no hassle. One of the reasons that I went for the CTEK charger was the fact that it is intelligent enough to leave it connected to the battery. I have taken the circuit diagram provided in original link, and adapted it for my purposes (mainly the inclusion of a relay switched power supply). I don't know much about Elecontronics (CSE
  11. H22A


  12. Thanks for the replies. To be on the safe side, I will include a couple of holes. Agree that it wouldn't be airtight anyway, but a bit of extra venting won't do any harm. Not sure that my idea of using a vent pipe would work in this instance anyway. What I thought were vent holes that I could insert a tube into, are the holes that contained what Tayna refer to as "transit plugs". So have no idea what purpose they served, or whether they would be the path that the hydrogen took to escape from the battery. Ian, that sounds so dangerous, don't worry I won't be attempting to replicate!!!
  13. Thanks Dave - but I'm specifically looking at lead acid wet batteries. I think however that I may have realised there is a simple answer to my question. When unpacking my battery, the instructions said to remove two small red vent plugs from each end of the battery prior to use. In theory I should be able to insert a couple of tubes into these vent holes and run them outside the compartment... solving the venting issue!
  14. Over 60 views and no replies is a bit sad, but hopefully this may assist you. Take a look at this guy's build, I am using it as inspiration for my own. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/154685-power-tank-build-help/ He covers a lot of the issues that you may encounter. Also, there are many other build threads on here, try a search for Power Tank across all forums and you should get a good few links. If you don't mind something a fair bit heavier, for the same price you could get an 85Ah wet battery from Tayna. http://www.tayna.co.uk/Leisure-Battery-Powerline-85-CaravanLeisureMarine-Battery-P77
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