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  1. lovely image well worth the time taken very well done
  2. i use one of those as well keeps it nice and toasty paint it black though otherwise you get the reflection of the writing in the dome
  3. i run mine on an Rpi4 with the thomas Jacquin software build found on github it uploads to my website automatically and appears to work well. you can access it through vnc but you will need to enable this when you first set up the rpi
  4. well i did get it working but on the network its too slow nice on the phone though
  5. My slow boat from China arrived the other day so I thought I would have a go at knocking one of these up whilst recovering from Turkey overload All works ok from phone app on it's own wireless network so I got the unit to connect to my wireless network as well and that works a treat Has anyone got indi working using this ? I get it connected but it shows a command failed -> failed command:E1000080 - reply !2 Would be nice to get that working if possible
  6. from these guys https://www.dewcontrol.com/All_Sky_Cameras/cat3099126_4337324.aspx i sprayed it with matt black paint as you could see its reflection in the dome
  7. v3 is up and installed, temp of the camera sensor is around 27-30 degs which is a lot cooler that it was. RPI4 temp is 28degs so thats all cool also changed the position as when it was high up i was getting too much stray light from local street lights its about as good as i am going to get with my location. last nights video was ok http://myallsky.co.uk/videos/allsky-20191222.mp4
  8. i have used one of these https://ebay.us/jt624V with one of these for the 5v https://ebay.us/VZbNDN
  9. i love the way this forum helps everyone its just so lovely
  10. its ok Gina i was pulling your leg i follow your posts with interest and use a lot of your stuff BIG fan
  11. can you send me a copy of all that
  12. yeah looks that way, even if you connect another wireless dongle it only allows you to share your internet! think you will need to add a wireless access point
  13. i think my allsky cam picked it up at 6.23 http://myallsky.co.uk/videos/allsky-20191203.mp4 that was this morning! can anyone confirm??
  14. as long as the device has the compatible wireless hardware Open Settings. Press the Start. settings... Click or tap the. Network & Internet section. Select Mobile hotspot from the left pane. Choose your settings. Select which connection you want to share under "Share my Internet connection from". ... Toggle on. the slider next to "Share my Internet connection with other devices".
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