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  1. I know they are a pain but sometimes quite mesmerising! http://myallsky.co.uk/videos/allsky-20200802.mp4
  2. the way the steel track mounts on its difficult not to get it square unless you use different spacers i will check the secondary again thanks for your help
  3. fitted a new steel track focuser to my 200pds! i have spent a while collimating it using various methods and they all appear to match up and the star donut is good however when i take some flats the visible vigneting is not centre it looks about 10mm towards the bottom of the frame when the top of the frame is the top of the scope is this important? does it show that the collimation is still not correct?
  4. Looks good Gina Mine has been running for a while now and I have noticed the dome, camera etc have all been affected by sunlight. The dome showing signs of fracturing and changing colour! Not sure it will last a full summer. It wasn't a cheapo one either.
  5. I just did my 200PDS with a new steeltrack i was also disappointed that the guide said i could use existing holes as a guide but that wasn't going to work i covered the area with masking tape, drew on a centre line for both axis making sure they were square then taped the base plate of the focuser onto the OTA drilled one and bolted it on making sure it was still square then did the diagonal opposite next it was a nervy experience but all looks ok and shows that the label on the ota is not square!
  6. I went for a steel track managed to fit it ok although drilling holes in the OTA was a bit nervy!
  7. i used one of these link which is 3Amp to plug into the 12V cigar socket on the powertank hope that makes sense
  8. ran mine off the tank with a 3a cigar socket adapter no probs
  9. been looking at a powermate need to save some pennies
  10. nice image can i ask what scope/camera/exposures etc you used?
  11. I did this on top of a 4m waste pipe it was too high and attracted too much light polution from street lighting so brought it lower down
  12. Not sure if you know but If you ssh from a PC then you need to make sure you use the ssh -l astroberry so you are trying to log on as the astroberry user not a windows one
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