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  1. My thoughts have been directed to the position on this camera as the video I have taken so far has been less than perfect. I am thinking maybe really high like above the gutter line on the house. This may cause issues with cleaning but the design i am looking at may have the added benefit of looking like a standard soil pipe vent therefore reducing the complaints!
  2. The flics are alloy and the 5ghz wireless reception on mine is superb. I can get a really powerful signal in the garden when my router is at the front of the house.
  3. doesnt matter as long as you have the right amount of amps but tbh the cost is low for a genuine anyway
  4. I have 2 Rpi4's running in FLIRC cases which i got direct from the US when they were released. the one only runs Pihole so is not stressed at all and doesn't break over 50 degs my main one which is running Raspbian on an SSD gets up to 60 when i am using it a lot but its used as a PC really so web browsing, email, and pdf viewing great bit of kit
  5. Started putting together some parts to build an Allsky camera. Had a good deal on a Zwo Asi290MC off Ebay and a few other items to mount it. Some 4" soil pipe and end caps plus dome to start with. Dew heater and other bits to follow. Drilled the top cap already so looks like it should all fit ! Plan is to run on an RPi of some sort all within the pipe connected via wireless to my network so I only need to provide power. Thanks to Gina and others for the inspiration and ideas.
  6. i use the AAF2 on kstars/indi and it works great
  7. Like the look of your lens but I am going to complete the build with this lens for now, just cant afford to add another cost at the moment. once its mounted up in the correct place etc then i will get a better idea of what its covering and where i need to go.
  8. definitely need to look at one of those. the spec on this one says 'nearly' 170 degrees but it does look less
  9. no I think the ZWO 170mm lens that came with the cam is not right.
  10. tested the new cam out on the patio steps on top of a plastic bucket! the moon had a say in matters but quite please with first test out of the box. allsky.mp4
  11. Gina how many and what rating are the anti dew resistors and how are you powering/controlling them?
  12. good session should be done more often
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