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  1. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    it will be level no point putting in all this effort if I scrimp on the basics
  2. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    Back from the coaters ready to install. they have done a great job thoroughly recommend them http://www.kirdfordshotblasting.co.uk/
  3. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    levelling will be shimmed but the base is pretty close to start with
  4. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    all the bits are at the powder coaters today
  5. CedricTheBrave

    Desktop PC of Imaging - Advice & specification

    I use Windows 10 and never have driver issues as far as my experience its bomb proof. spec above looks ok to me USB3 has a better data throughput so should always be preferred. I do use a powered USB port on my mount and found that if I don't have it powered the Costar guider fails to communicate with PHD and will crash out. This is through a 5m USB3 cable to the PC.
  6. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    Pier is coming on got all the bits made now ready for shotblast and powdercoat
  7. Hi guys I think I am at the limit with my standard focuser on the scope as i have had several issues with focus and found that it slips considerably when it has my Nikon loaded up. i have tried adjusting it but I don't think its man enough (is that no longer PC?) what would the the most cost effective replacement so that I can use the belt drive auto focuser that drives it?
  8. CedricTheBrave

    A few more items to clear out

    could I have the skywatcher bolt thingy please? i think it will be good for my heq5pro on my new pier
  9. CedricTheBrave

    New impact crater on Mars

    wonder how big it would have been after passing through our atmosphere and the subsequent damage!
  10. CedricTheBrave

    First images with 120mc

    all good but the moon for me is fantastic which OTA?
  11. CedricTheBrave

    guide scope

    Hi people currently using a finder scope 9x50 as a guider with my starlight express costar but it rarely has enough stars for plate solving etc so i thought i may try the celestron travelscope70 that i have has anyone used one of these and if so what setup did you use to get it in focus? will it be better? thanks for your help and advice
  12. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    cool thanks guys it will be for imaging and yes i have been caught out by the trip hazards you mention
  13. CedricTheBrave

    Pier height recommendations

    I am looking at building a pier in the garden on an old parasol mounting that's concreted into the ground. Its pretty solid and goes down about 2 feet and question is that i have been given some steel tube for the pier but its only 500mm long (6.5" dia) so when the adaptor plate and base is all fixed together it will be about 575mm high to mount the HEQ5pro onto! the OTA is a 200pds. Will this be high enough? or do i need to go higher?
  14. CedricTheBrave

    Moon landing areas

    ah yes great images thank you for the link

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