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  1. you can use two pins on the io port to power the rpi
  2. not tried it yet no I do have some black CF PLA that i will try it on next as it should also be stronger but this one is already very strong I have tried to break it. the white was used as a first go because its nice and prints well.
  3. I used this guide to create an adaptor with a M43 x 0.75 to connect a Morpheus to my DSLR T thread adaptor. very pleased with the result Thanks for the info
  4. I sent a Baader steeltrack to fit instead of the stock focuser they supply also specifying the backfocus i wanted so I hope I have a few bases covered :0)
  5. having a VX14 nearing the end of production this does worry me. I will however be collecting mine rather than rely on their packaging!
  6. mines a 200pds and the bar is 334mm i guess it would be the same weird size though!
  7. it broke my platesolving at first but its sorted now everything else appears ok inc autofocus
  8. Super impressed with my Cr10s Pro V2! its been really easy to setup and get some prints out and the quality of the print has been amazing. great bit of kit
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