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  1. I have a similar problem to what you had - the eyecups are rubbish. In fact mine split very quickly. I made a very quick 3D print but am not totally happy with the design. Have you an STL or CAD file for your version that I could crib from you? Yours looks far superior to by lash-up? David
  2. Nice idea that could be evolved for all sorts of tripods, thereby reduce the sort of wiring clutter I always seem to have. What is the power module you are using, it looks interesting.
  3. Thanks everyone. I am having a look at Ubuntu Astronomy. Or rather I am downloading it and will be for a while = it is rather large!
  4. Does anyone know if this distribution still exists. I have tried the DistroAstro website which is all there but none of the download buttons seem to work. Is it still supported and updated? If not, what should I be looking for on a dedicated Linux Machine? I currently use the latest Mint. Thanks, David (Aude, France and Southampton, UK)
  5. 10x50s last evening. Very easy to find, even though my yard is lit by a street light.
  6. I have had some success by going to agricultural machine stockists, such as those who stock and support American tractors etc. Some of these can be a bit "tell us the part number and we'll stock it" while others have been extremely helpful and let me rummage through their stocks with them. I was after UNC and UNF bolts at the time. I have also had some success using Amazon (usually UK version). Where in France are you? I have a box of odd non-metric screws that can occasionally yield fruit. I also have a range of dies and could possibly give the rethreading idea a try. David in the Aude
  7. If you are using a QHY5 as your guide camera then you have the option of using either SharpCap or indeed Polemaster software (download from the QHY site) for polar alignment. Both are easy to use. EDIT: I have just discovered that I have been using very old software/firmware and that QHY have now blocked the use of the QHY5 and Polemaster Software. I can sort of understand why they would do this but it means that the new Go-To solution is SharpCap and any of the basic cameras from other manufacturers as well as QHY.
  8. My advice is to just use it without guidance until you come up with a reason for using it (if ever). I am very doubtful if many people get real advantage from using it on the single axis correction that this mount offers [stands back and wait for the brick-bats :-)]. Certainly not for the first year or so. Have fun. David
  9. All the pieces you need are sold as a kit from places like FLO. You will need a remote control for your camera, preferably with a programmable intervalometer incorporated. Have fun and experiment.
  10. Thanks everyone. That gives me plenty more to research. Just spent the afternoon getting to grips with Sketchup. I imagine the used market for printers is a bit of a lottery. David
  11. I see several people here using 3D printers for very advanced things. I am wanting to print relatively small and simple parts for my Astronomy and Photographic projects, although probably, once adept at the technology, things will doubtless spiral upwards. Anyway the advice I am seeking is what machines to look at and what forums are the best to start with. Also what is the best design software to start with. I am computer literate being of the generation that designed the early computers rather than just pressed buttons on a fancy screen! I am UK/Europe based and fairly adept mechanically and electronically but I don't want the project to be spent building and fettling a printer - I want to get designing and printing fairly quickly. I don't mind an assembly job though. Thanks for any advice. david
  12. I bought a length of 3/8 studding and a couple of nuts and washers. Very cheap and very easy. For a tripod with a North Pin for an equatorial head you can make a simple wooden spacer. All done with only a drill and a jigsaw for a quick session and never updated. [Sorry for the out-of-focus shot of the mount - just quick snaps] David
  13. Ivo, It was all down to sticky fingers - screen was not responding as expected. Thanks David
  14. Looks useful but it will not let me add a place with Longitude as a negative number. Samsung Galaxy A5 won't give me a minus on the keyboard only a dot. Will try another device. David
  15. While wandering around the web a couple of days or so ago I came across an idea that may reduce some problems with the power plug on many SkyWatcher mounts coming disconnected. Glue a circle of velcro to the mount socket and a similar mating circle to the plug and it should stop many accidental disconnects. You can buy longer plugs than standard to ensure that the collars do not mean that the contact length is reduced. Just remember the central pin is the small standard as this can cause problems for DIY cable makers Worth a try anyway if you don't want to go the whole hog and fit a decent connector. David
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