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  1. Cheers guys much appreciated. Found this on astromart which I think confirms it is in fact the flo adapter for skywatcher focal reducers that tooth_dr said he thought it was and that Ouroboros showed a photo of. Except mine is actually black not blue, my photo had some bad colour casting on it lol - a good way of adding some extra confusion into the mystery of the unknown adapter! https://astromart.com/classifieds/astromart-classifieds/telescope-refractor/show/flo-adapter-for-sky-watcher-focal-reducers
  2. Trying to identify this part and what it's for which came with some stuff I bought recently. I think it's some kind of nosepiece but not sure what it connects to. The nosepiece end is 50.5mm external diameter with an internal thread of 48mm. The bottom male end is also 50.5mm external diameter. Anyone know anything about this? Cheers.
  3. Nothing like opening the box of a new telescope! Looks like the cats enjoyed it as much as you!
  4. Thanks. Interestingly the tilt is applied over the area that would correspond with the top of image. I am wondering if gradually lessening this part might resolve the problem.
  5. Interesting. Did you flatten yours out, or did you apply some tilt? I've been playing with the spacing to get the back focus distance right with coma corrector which I think I've sorted but I've still got some slightly stretched stars in the top left and right areas of my image, I'm wondering if this is being caused by the tilting. The camera has some tilt on it which was how it was when I bought it. Do you think flattening it out might resolve this?
  6. Cheers martin. I've been having quite a lot of teething issues, this was one of them, but I'm slowly ticking them off, looking forward to doing some proper imaging (eventually lol).
  7. Thanks. No I haven't debayered, this is the raw fits file which I converted to a JPG so I can do a quick preview of it. Do you know if deep sky stacker will debayer when I process the fits files?
  8. Slowly getting to grips with my starlight xpress SXVF-M25C CCD. Last thing on the list I'm trying to figure out is a strange matrix of dots on my images. Have included a close up of a star which shows it clearly. Is this the bayer matrix? Anyone know how can I get rid of it from my images?
  9. This came with some stuff I bought the other day. Not sure what it is or what its used for. The male thread is 53mm, the female thread is 42mm. I assume it's a T2 adapter of some kind, but not sure exactly. Also not sure what the holes in the top are for, is it for tightening? Hope someone can shed some light. Cheers.
  10. Wanting to find out when Skywatcher made the black EQ6 mounts (the manual version, not go to)? Anyone know? Cheers.
  11. I've just had a reply from Terry on the starlight xpress yahoo group and he says it's approx 17mm. I'm going to set my baader varilock to allow for this and see how it goes. I will report back my findings.
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