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  1. Thanks. Yes it does look very similar, can't find any with the silver top, maybe the top came from something else. Interesting to know about the Celestron skywatcher compatibility. I have taken it apart and here are some photos. No clues on the control board or from the serial number but I've looked up the patent numbers and the us and eu numbers are showing results for a company called 'PACIFIC TELESCOPE CORP [CA]', have attached screen shot. Can't find any link to skywatcher/celestron on the patent application though, but I'll keep looking and see what I can find.
  2. The controller can operate the mount so I'm assuming the mount must be Celestron? Or can a Celestron controller operate another make of mount ie. skywatcher? Maybe the mount is a very old Celestron model but I can't find any photos of it on google.
  3. Thanks. Mine has a silver top though. Have looked up the nexstar gt and those ones have black tops, see photos I found on google
  4. Does anyone know what mount this is? I know it's a Celestron AZ mount but don't know the model.
  5. Hoping someone might be able to help. I have acquired an old Celestron slt mount with just as old nexstar hand controller. I think its a v4 controller. I am using an FTDI USB TO RJ9 4P4C cable to connect controller to the laptop running windows 7. I have installed the correct FTDI driver. I've installed various Celestron stuff including CPWI, HCupdate, nexremote and also the Celestron ASCOM driver. I know the cable works as the computer recognises it, but I can't connect to the controller. I've ensured the controller is plugged in and aligned so as to be able to connect. I've tried connecting
  6. Anyone got a Celestron NexStar AZ mount? I need one with the older style hand controller which has an RJ9 socket for connecting to a PC (see photo). Cheers.
  7. Cool sounds good. I might give this a go. I'm weighing up options at the moment, even considering making my own one, have started another post to find out more about that, if the price is right though I'm all up for buying a ready made hub as I'm not very electronically minded, but up for a challenge too if needs must
  8. Cheers. Interesting solution. I think I would do the same as you if I went for something like this as I was trying to get away from using a cigarette plug. How would the knobs affect things, if I accidentally knocked one, I assume it could turn the mount/camera off?
  9. Thanks. Yes I am to electronics what Simon cowell is to ballet . Well maybe not that bad lol. I like the idea of a project like this but I don't know how to solder (yet), I can always learn though. Thanks for the explanations. Gives me something to think on.
  10. I'm looking to start running my rig from a maplins 12v powerbench but need to make a hub to connect all my kit to. I don't have loads of kit so only needs to be fairly basic. I have my NEQ6, CCD camera and light panel. My netbook is 19v so I will just have to make sure that's charged each time I guess. I want to get a small APO at some point so it will need to be able to have support for powering a dew heater strip at some point too. Does anyone know of a guide that would have instructions on how to make a hub like this?
  11. Hi. I stumbled upon this post whilst researching 12v hubs. Just wondered how you got on with the deepskydad box? Thinking I would quite like something similar to this. Cheers.
  12. Thanks fozzybear. Haven't the foggiest how I would use one of those or the GX12 connector things though.
  13. Thanks. So how would I connect my NEQ6, CCD and light panel to my power bench using these?
  14. Thanks. Not sure what the 'something more sturdy and weatherproof' is, or what the thing looks like 'with soldered connections'. Do you have any examples of this sort of thing? I want to connect up my NEQ6, CCD camera and light panel. Cheers.
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