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  1. I would be very interested to know the results of this.
  2. Does anyone know if the central bolt from a skywatcher EQ5 tripod will fit an HEQ5?
  3. Probably graphic designer who designed the label was having a bad day lol
  4. Cheers. If it's light blue, why would it say blue on the box?
  5. I got this filter with some stuff I bought the other day. Says its blue on the packaging but when I go on the Baader website this model (#2458303 - link below) is described as light blue. Does anyone know which it is, blue or light blue? Cheers. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-colour-filters-(blue-bright-blue-green-yellow-red-orange).html
  6. I use a Samsung n220 plus netbook. Does the job nicely. I run eqmod, sharpcap, cartes du ceil, astrophotography tool and phd off of it with no problems. I also use it to stack all my image files in deep sky stacker. Its nice and small too so doesn't take up much room. Dirt cheap on eBay too. Wouldn't use it for anything other than capture and stack though. Photoshop work is done on my Mac.
  7. Sorted it guys. It was Generic GRBG that was needed. Matrix has gone, and normal colours returned. Now I can get on with some processing!!
  8. Just tried RGGB and matrix is still there (see image below). I'll try the GBRG one next and then the others.
  9. Anyone know what Bayer matrix settings I should use in DSS for my Starlight xpress SXVF-M25C? Tried stacking my image files of the Orion neb taken earlier in the week but the final image has a matrix grid on it. Have included some screen shots below showing the image and the DSS Bayer matrix settings screen. I know it says I am using a canon dslr camera which is what it was on when I stacked the image (forgot to change it) but I don’t know what else it should be. Another screen shot shows some other options in the menu. There are also other things to tick further down the window under the Bayer matrix transformation section, not sure what it should be on. Hope someone can help. Cheers
  10. Does anyone store their 130PDS in a padded bag? If so what do you use? I've got a geoptik one for my 200PDS, need something similar but a bit cheaper! Cheers.
  11. No box, chucked it out ages ago, would be too big anyway. Have a small space for it in my wardrobe next to my 200p so need something quite compact.
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