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  1. bendiddley

    Baader Semi-APO Filter

    I wondered this. Interestingly the model number on mine (2458398) is the same as the latest ones, which made me wonder if mine is the same but just not with the IR blocker text written on the side.
  2. bendiddley

    Baader Semi-APO Filter

    Thanks for the info however I still don't know if my one has the IR blocker or not as it doesn't say it on the side. The wex description only says that their one includes this. I am wondering if mine is an earlier version which either does not have the IR blocker coating or does have the coating but doesn't say on the side.
  3. I have a Baader Semi APO filter which came with some stuff I bought recently however it doesn't have "w.IR blocker" written on the side, it just says "Baader Semi APO filter (Optically Polished) # 2458398", are there two types of Semi-APO filters or are they the same? Cheers.
  4. I have a skywatcher star discovery WiFi mount which I am using with the synscan app and I'm having trouble getting the goto to centre the target in the middle of the eyepiece after alignment. Not sure if there's something I'm doing wrong or if it's normal to be a bit out. Currently I've been using Vega and Polaris as my alignment stars using the 2 star alignment process. I make sure both stars are accurately placed when prompted to do so and the alignment completes successfully. However when I slew to my first target, the target is always a bit out, its about half way between the centre of the eyepiece and the edge. I've tried numerous times to make sure my alignment process is as sharp as possible but its always the same result. I have also tried the north level alignment but the same thing happens there too. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?
  5. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    Just tested the mount properly outside and it all works fine, bar a slight alignment accuracy issue, but I'm going to make a new post for that.
  6. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    Guys. Thinking through what happened last night, I've just remembered that the phone was on the whole time when the loss of communication happened, I'd just aligned the scope and slewed to my first target and when I tried to adjust the position of the object in the eyepiece that's when the arrow keys were unresponsive, it hadn't gone into auto lock mode at the point as I had been using the phone the whole time. I'm going to have another play this evening (hopefully) and see what happens. I will let you know how it goes.
  7. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    It's OK I think I've fixed it. The autolock on my iphone was set to 1 minute and was disconnecting the wifi connection.
  8. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    Just tested it and it worked! Will take it out next clear night to check there's nothing else in the set-up routine that is playing a part but I doubt there is, looks like we've fixed it! Thanks.
  9. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    I'll see how I can on and let you know.
  10. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    I'll have a look. Can't find a setting for this on my iphone but I do have the screen set to auto lock after 1 minute, wondering if this is having an effect. I'll try changing my settings to have autolock come on later and see if that works.
  11. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    Thanks. I can't see anything on the phone that allows you set the wifi to be permanently on but I know it was as I could see the wifi symbol in the left corner the whole time.
  12. bendiddley

    Synscan App Problem

    I took my skywatcher star discovery WiFi mount out last night for the first time and having problems with Synscan App. For some reason after a short time the app stops responding when I go to move the mount with the arrow keys, everything else in the app responds but I can't use the arrow keys to move the mount. I got an error message at one point saying the was a communication error, but that's all it said. I can get the arrow keys working again by disconnecting from the wifi network and reconnecting again, but then I have to go through the alignment process again and then the same thing happens again. I tested the mount with my v4 synscan handset and it all works fine, so there is something up with the app but I'm not sure what. Has anyone else had this problem before or know how to fix it?
  13. bendiddley

    Star discovery clutch adjustment

    Guys. Do you know if there is any way of knowing if the play I'm getting is caused by backlash?
  14. bendiddley

    Star discovery clutch adjustment

    I don't have any other problems as far as I'm aware, just the backlash. Seems to be quite prominent though. I've just checked my celestron 6se and there is a tiny amount with that but there seems to be excessive amounts with the star discovery.

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