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  1. Hi Jamie and welcome. If you keep your eye on the 2nd had columns & gumtree, etc, you'll come across a bargain eventually. In the meantime you're more than well enough equipped to enjoy the astronomical canopy and by the sounds of it you're already up and running...
  2. Hi Mike, nice report. Tonight was the first time I had my telescope out in ages, and I was looking at the same objects you were. It took be ages to find Neptune but I eventually got there before the hypothermia set in.. On your diagram there are 2 stars close together to the bottom right of the planet, then one a bit further out. Together they make a kind of elongated triangle and I was able to slew on from this to the target. Only a small grey dot really at around x100, I sure there was a hint of green last time but I didn't catch it tonight. Any higher magnification and it b
  3. Saturn is amazing - I got some new kit and have been able to pick out the Cassini division and also some banding on the planet for the 1st time.
  4. Hi & welcome Celestron C9.25 - nice! very good photographs as well!
  5. Cats Eye Nebula, I'll have to add that to my list!
  6. mikeyrea


    Hi Cheolk & welcome Good luck with the binos! +1 for the stellarium software
  7. Hi & Welcome That movie sounds pretty forgettable.........
  8. Hi and welcome from Cold Ulster
  9. I agree with all of the above. If there's an astronomy club in your area you might want to go along and see if you can 'check out' some different telescopes.
  10. I'm in Northern lreland, about the same latitude as Lockerbie in Scotland, and Blyth in England. Might be a few late nights in June!
  11. Isn't it a bit light in June? Maybe it's not so important with Saturn.... I had some great views of Jupiter last month before it was properly dark
  12. There's also this.. http://www.darkskydiscovery.org.uk/dark-sky-discovery-sites/map.html Great if you live in the Isle of Man!
  13. I keep my telescope in the garage so it's nice and cool to start off with........
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