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  1. I use a more rugged machine that I leave outside and remote into. It’s a little old but works well so far.
  2. That was a great video! Might have to watch some bits again though!
  3. Ahhh... thanks to Cuiv I looked in the ASCOM driver settings to see what I should have set it to.
  4. Seems I wasn’t using any offset then?
  5. Yeah was pretty cold up here on Sunday night! Might try for cooler then next time. I use APT and didn’t touch the offset.. so not sure what the gain was.
  6. So hopefully this is a simple question. I know have a 1600MM pro.. so it can cool. What temp should I aim for? -10... -15... etc. First night with it I cooled to -10 (actual temp I think) I managed some Ha of Heart Nebula for my first go... with a big bright moon! Still a lot to learn, just used unity gain 139 and 300 second subs, only had 1 hour total time in the end Was a whole fresh install of software so was fight that for a while
  7. Hi All, As part of my clear out... to buy more stuff... I have a SynScan v3 handset. Firmware was updated few months ago. Looking at £75 posted.
  8. Hi All I was going to use this for night lapse videos etc. Never really got to it though. Comes with all the bits in the picture and 4 batteries in total. There is a little crack in the plastic as you can see in the picture and the little cover for the USB port is missing (but has a couple of water proof cases anyway, so no real issue). £60 posted.
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