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  1. Lovely eyepieces . I have the 17.5mm and have owned the 9mm and loved them both, very sharp right to the edge of the field. I've not tried the BBHS mirror diagonal, but have read good reports on it. I have used the Baader T2 prisms for years and love them. I do feel that differences in performance between diagonals are often much more subtle than between various eyepieces. Look forward to reading of your experiences . Dave
  2. FOUND Hi, I realise that someone has just advertised for one of these, and found one, but I actually need one too, so I hope I might be lucky and find a genuine Vixen hub for my GP head please? Thanks for reading Dave
  3. Thanks John. No additional words needed from me. Just a sense of awe, wonder and humility. And a heartfelt wish that back on Earth, we and our governments will truly rise to the challenges of saving our beautiful blue planet from turning into another red one.. Dave
  4. NOW SOLD I have a lovely pair of Tento 7x35mm Russian binoculars for sale. Details as follows: - Wide angle 7.5 degree field of view traditional Porto prism design - BAK 4 quality prisms - Built like a tank - no plastic here! - Made in 1983 in USSR - Good quality original leather case - Pair of original amber clip on snow filters - original leather strap Very good all round original condition. Optics are clear, clean and deliver excellent, very well collimated views. Smoothly operating centre focus and right diopter. Great contrast and ex
  5. It's a cliche, I know, but in one word? "WOW!!!" Dave
  6. Great Jeremy..and two handles included in the price! Dave
  7. If you are new to the hobby, I'd really recommend that you don't go above 10x50..and a good 10x42 or even 8x42 will show you loads of objects, and importantly, help you to learn the basics of the constellations by season. The bigger bins are great, don't get me wrong, I also use a pair of 9x63s for Astronomy, both handheld for short periods and tripod mounted for longer sessions.. however, as stated above, I'd advise you not to run before you can walk. You can't go wrong following Steve Tonkins' advice (Binocular Sky.com - checkout his book on choosing and using binoculars, a goldmi
  8. I have available a selection of 3 mint T2 extension tubes for scopes & cameras, plus Skywatcher 2"-1.25" adapter with T2 thread. Included in the sale are: 2 x 60 mm extension tubes each with female T2 thread at one end and male T2 thread at the other. 1 x 40 mm extension tube, with threads at each end as above 1 x 2"-1.25" Skywatcher adapter with male T2 thread for attaching a camera. £25 posted in the UK for the lot Dave
  9. Hi Stu, Great image! I was referring to the two faint stars just closely above, and slightly right, of the 4 main A-D stars of the Trap in your image.. ..you have captured the two nicely and they are easy to see when you enlarge your shot (sorry, I don't know how to add a pointer to your image - they are almost immediately above the slightly overexposed 4 Trap stars, in the centre of your image). I could see the brighter of these two, (the one on the right) with my Carton 60mm, with averted vision, but not the fainter one to the left. In the FS128 both of these are easy, d
  10. A lovely session with a lovely scope, John, a great read as ever... I managed an hour last night, but as I still didn't feel 100% after my first vaccine jab late on Tuesday, I just got out the little 60mm Carton frac and 9x63 binoculars. So I just started in Orion (where else?) , and enjoyed the usual targets with my modest little Carton. I had my Orion bins tripod mounted and they gave some lovely views of the Belt Region. The small Carton aperture gives a very different perspective compared to using the FS128, for example seeing the 4th Trap star was not that easy or to be t
  11. And of course, Doug, the very BEST feature of the Nadira Chair is that it's got a HANDLE!!
  12. Great Stuff Doug. I too have a Nadira courtesy of my two daughters a couple of Christmases ago, and have just come inside after sitting on it and having it at 3 different heights during the session (tonight I used tripod mounted 60mm binos plus my 60mm D12 Carton Refractor and was able to get comfy with each). I did find the image below which I really like: I've been using an old towel as padding, but seeing the image below, posted by the chairs' owner, Steve Clay, I think that this is an ingenious solution - and once this lockdown is over I plan to visit Lidl to get something simil
  13. I too had one of those...by Donald Menzel as I recall? Really nice, well produced and high quality printed book. Hmm, maybe I should look for another one.. Dave
  14. NOW SOLD, THANKS. I have 3 Japanese made, Orion branded filters for sale. All metal construction and good quality and condition throughout. The three filters are: #80A Blue #21 Orange #58 Green All threaded 1.25" fit. Price £20 posted in the UK, happy to combine postage with my other items for sale. Thanks for looking, Dave
  15. NOW SOLD Excellent eyepiece in every respect. Comes with both caps and winged eyeguard. Super sharp, great contrast lightweight and 50 degree fov. Barlows very well and great in a binoviewer. £34 shipped in the UK. Thanks for looking Dave
  16. Nice report Stu, with the weather we've had lately any chance to see some stars has to be grabbed.. I had much the same tonight, kept popping out to see what was stars were visible and by 9.30pm it was clear enough to take the chance. It was also milder than for weeks so no need to tog up with silly amounts of layers! I did get the FS128 out and kept it very simple..Orion was looking great right over our house, so hit the usual suspects as you did. The E&F in the Trap were both easy, the sky was very transparent after rain, but ithe seeing steadied down a bit too and stars were
  17. Nice, cheap low power finder eyepiece in good condition. No caps or box but will be well packed. £13 posted in UK PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer please. Thanks for looking. Dave
  18. I had both the Lyra F11 and Tal 100RS, both excellent achromats..I'd say the Lyra had the better build quality, while the Tal maybe just edged the Lyra optically? Both were excellent though and so much more affordable than the ubiquitous Vixen SP102M that was so popular in the 1980s.. great memories Dave
  19. The second one was a real bargain, very cheap and no strings attached!..
  20. Cheers, John (couldn't see your image though?). I saw Rory live 3 or 4 times, and he was just brilliant, and he (along with Robin Trower, Ritchie Blackmore and of course Jimi Hendrix) just enthralled me with the sounds their Fender Starts could produce.. In the late 70s I played in a local pub band called "Dealer" and had a Japanese Kimbara Strat (a real USA Strat was, like a good scope, way out of my reach then!). I enjoyed playing covers back then, we used to get £40 plus free beer for a gig (split 5 ways!), but we had fun and bought our P.A. from our "earnings". In 1995,
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