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  1. chaxastro

    HEQ5 Tripod Leg Extension Screw Jammed - Help

    If your going to replace the winged bolts, take a look on Amazon. They seem to supply a good selection. Reasonable prices too. I recently replaced the three M4 grub screws that adjust the polar finder on a Meade LXD55 GEM, makes adjustment much easier. Came to just under £8 including postage. Chaxastro "Humor is reason gone mad" Groucho Marx
  2. Hi,

    Have just added my signature to the Light Pollution Petition. Surprised that there aren't more signatures than 6304! Have passed it on to member of my group, hopefully that well get a few more hits.

    Thanks for posting it,



  3. chaxastro

    What are the physical dimensions of an NEQ6?

    Thanks Merlin66, appreciate the speedy reply! Can press on at the weekend and compare it to the LXD55... chaxastro
  4. I'm about to construct a housing to protect my current EQ head (a Meade LXD55 GEM) from the elements. The EQ head will be fixed to a permanent pier. At some point in the future I intend to upgrade to an NEQ6 GEM. Rather than have to make another housing, I'd rather build it large enough to start with. Anyone out there who can tell me the dimensions of an NEQ6Pro? (the attached photo should tell you what I'm looking for). Thanks in advance... chaxastro

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