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  1. Small world! I drive past there most weekdays, I work in Gerrards Cross. That is, when we're not in lock-down! So is your LX200 fork mounted? You haven't said either way... If you have any more question, feel free to message me.... Regards, chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  2. Firstly: As for removing the Meade OTA, suggest you trawl YouTube, chances are someone has done a video about it. Or hopefully someone on here can answer that one. I know it can be done... Second; Beware the EQ8!!!, they have issues! A friend of mine has had a hell of a time trying to get the GOTO to function properly, still isn't working properly after a couple of years. Also, no built it polar finder (mistake in my opinion) As above, look on YouTube, you'll see what I mean...EQ That's not to say the AZEQ6 isn't perfect. There are glitches (from what I've read on here
  3. Back again, have re-read your initial query... Assuming the Meade is fork mounted(?), then I'd recommend replacing the mount. A decent GEM such as an AZEQ6GT https://www.tringastro.co.uk/sky-watcher-az-eq6gt-pro-synscan-mount-eq6-539-p.asp (that's the mount I have, got it last year just before the price increase) or one of the SW EQ6 range. Should easilt take the Meade OTA if you intend keeping it. Be interested to hear what you think... chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  4. That's OK Philip I assume the Meade is on a fork mount? chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  5. Hi Philip, I've never been a Meade fan, so my suggestion would be to bin it! (OK, that's not really helpful)... If I were to go for a SCT would probably choose a Celestron. But they (as with the Meade equivalent) are usually long f ratios. Probably a short refractor would be a better bet. As to which one..... hmmm. Lots to choose from and depends on your budget of course! Am about to launch into the field of astro imaging myself, now my mount and pier are done. Hope that helps... chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  6. "an easier ways to excavate the foundations" LMAO!! :-0 I'll bear it in mind if I think about adding another pier in the back garden! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  7. Hi Mark Know what you mean. I'm about to configure my own AZ EQ6 and 'field' laptop... and I'm a Linux user! Intending to run KStars. Saying that, I've found YouTube a great source of information, always worth a look! chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Grouch Marx Maini desktop Pc: MX Linux/Kubuntu dual boot Main laptop: MX Linux Field laptop: Lubuntu 18.04.4LTS
  8. Think I'll be there, unless Covid19 really gets out of hand! Just window shopping, want to check out some 10-13cm APO's for future consideration... Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  9. You weren't the only one, I missed it too! Too busy 'drooling' over other bits of kit! One to look out for in 2020. Great video Chris, thanks for sharing. Felt like I was back there again! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  10. IAS 2019 Review - Friday 15 November My second show (first was last year), as before got there on Friday 15th, soon after 0900hrs. Despite the weather, seemed to be fairly busy in the main hall. Had a few good discussions with different vendors, 365 Astronomy in particular. Even the guy on the Vixen stand near the entrance, remembered me from last year! RVO had a whole hall to themselves, not really sure why? They did seem a bit 'lost' in there. All that space and not much kit... Again, there to 'window shop' only, but still managed to spend £90!
  11. Your welcome, paulastro. Glad you liked them. Tried not to duplicate anything that has already been posted so far. Shame you could not get there this time, maybe next year. I'm looking to make it three in a row! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  12. I attended the show on Friday. As requested, a selection of images, mostly Refractors.... Enjoy! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Groucho Marx
  13. Yep! Guilty as charged...lmao!! Been there, have the 'T' shirt... Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone Mad!' Groucho Marx
  14. Went to last years on the Friday, think I'll be going this year too, but Saturday this time. Not going for the lectures, purely window shopping! Have just bought myself a new mount, so won't be tempted! Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone Mad!' Groucho Marx
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