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    Everything! In particular: Solar, Planetary, Stellar/Deep Sky, Telescope Making (certified TN!) Imaging, Computers... specifically LINUX!
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    Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  1. You weren't the only one, I missed it too! Too busy 'drooling' over other bits of kit! One to look out for in 2020. Great video Chris, thanks for sharing. Felt like I was back there again! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  2. IAS 2019 Review - Friday 15 November My second show (first was last year), as before got there on Friday 15th, soon after 0900hrs. Despite the weather, seemed to be fairly busy in the main hall. Had a few good discussions with different vendors, 365 Astronomy in particular. Even the guy on the Vixen stand near the entrance, remembered me from last year! RVO had a whole hall to themselves, not really sure why? They did seem a bit 'lost' in there. All that space and not much kit... Again, there to 'window shop' only, but still managed to spend £90! Got a good price on a WO 1.25" Dura-Bright Dielectric diagonal. (Thanks Widescreen) Best online price I'd found, prior to the show, was about £100 inc. postage/delivery, so saved a tenner! Restaurant was a big improvement over last year. Coffee was OK, lunch was pretty good too. Choice of Fish 'n' Chips or Cottage Pie. All gone by 1345hrs... All in all a good day. Looking ahead to 2020, might make three in a row! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Groucho Marx
  3. Your welcome, paulastro. Glad you liked them. Tried not to duplicate anything that has already been posted so far. Shame you could not get there this time, maybe next year. I'm looking to make it three in a row! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Grouch Marx
  4. I attended the show on Friday. As requested, a selection of images, mostly Refractors.... Enjoy! Chaxastro "Humour is reason gone mad" Groucho Marx
  5. Hi Kev, I'm about to replace the "car cigarette type" connections to the mains power lead for my new AZEQ6 GT Pro, with these: Waterproof Junction Box, IP68 Waterproof Cable Connector for 4-8mm Diameter Cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07SPVGLRV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They claim to be water-tight to a depth of 4m, so more than adequate for even the dampest of nights! Hope that helps, Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad' Groucho Marx
  6. Yep! Guilty as charged...lmao!! Been there, have the 'T' shirt... Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone Mad!' Groucho Marx
  7. Went to last years on the Friday, think I'll be going this year too, but Saturday this time. Not going for the lectures, purely window shopping! Have just bought myself a new mount, so won't be tempted! Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone Mad!' Groucho Marx
  8. Hi Doc, Very nice mount, you've made a nice job of it. FYI the type of mount is known as an 'Inverted Fork' mount. It's mentioned in one of the original ATM book, but cant recall which one. Regards, Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  9. Try Teflon Grease from Halfords: https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-maintenance/bike-lube/bikehut-teflon-grease-125ml I've used it on two GEMs in recent years, works extremely well and won't break the bank! Regards, Chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Groucho Marx
  10. Hi Simon, Came across this YouTube vid recently, hope it helps, Regards, chaxastro 'Humour is reason gone mad!' Grouch Marx
  11. Where are you based? How far 'west of London' do you want to go? chaxastro 'Humor is reason gone mad' Grouch Marx
  12. "Does anyone know how to strip this part down and clean and re grease? " Hi Matt, I overhauled my LXD55 a few years ago, stripped it, cleaned it, polished and re-lubed it, using this site as a guide: http://www.astronomyboy.com/cg5/ The example shown is a Celestron CG5, its a copy of the Vixen Polaris mount. As is the LXD55. Should tell you all you need to know. Mine runs a lot smoother as a result. Any questions, feel free to message me here. Chaxastro "Humour is reason, gone mad!" Grouch Marx
  13. "Yes, that's the one I used. It tried to take me through the back of the site (like last year's published post code) but you can't get through. Sucess might depend on which satnav device you have." I assume all SatNav devices work in the same way, I could be wrong...! For the record: Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone, running Android Version 5.1.1. SatNav was running Google maps... Hope that helps... ?
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