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  1. Arh I dunno, it's out there, just hasn't been found yet "First impressions are everything" they say... I'll remember that for my sig
  2. Hahaha, you's had me thinking there, had to re-read my post. Yeah I'm on the right site, 100% sure on that. Great first post huh, sheeze! Aussie Doofus.
  3. Hi all. Have been a lurker for some years now and tonight signed up. Great site and a wealth of info and helpful members. I've always been interested in astrology, even from a young age but it's only been in the last year or so that I've decided to take it up serriously as one of my main (many) hobbies. I have a few scopes now with a couple of recent bargain purchases but my main objective is to do get in to astral photography. I tried to edit my sig but apparently I need 10 approved posts to do that so away we go. Aussie Dave.
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