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  1. Tonight was quite cold with dew around and the slight smell of smoke so I didn't get the bigger scope out. I tried with the Tomy Famisco 60S semi-apo (60mm, fl400mm f6.6), push pull focus on the primary lens ocular tube, Hybrid mirror diagonal, on a camera tripod with the PGR FL3. Videos were limited to around 25 second while the moon drifted across the sensor. Captured with Firecapture, stacked 200 frames in AS!2 from a total of 2006, wavelets in RS6 with slight sharpening and some noise reduction in PDN. My quality graph in AS!2 didn't look that great with only a few high spikes, video
  2. Thanks rl and Galactic Wanderer. Hoping to get out there again when the sky clears with my smaller scopes.
  3. A great single exposure for a day moon, very natural looking.
  4. Very good a-focal work BhaskarK, you've captured some nice lunar detail. The second shot I like the best showing the whole moon, well done. The 32mm Plossl you'll get nicer images from than the 6mm doing a-focal AP. It will be difficult to get sharp images with acceptable contrast with the 6mm Plossl. I use a 40mm Plossl and use some optical zoom (about 2 x) with an older 10mp budget compact digital camera and get nice clear results to work with.
  5. I did do more processing about an hour ago on a few videos with less stacked frames, 20 frames and 100 frames. Non were better than what I posted. Very frustrating when I know my gear can do much better. I'm guessing it's conditions/location again.
  6. ok, so... keep it on then. The filter is for imaging apparently, info below. Celestron UV/IR 1.25" Cut Off Filter 94125 is a high transmission filter prevent IR wavelengths from blurring fine detail in your images. Made with a Ultra-Hard Ionbeam hardened coatings, Celestron UV/IR Filter has an extremely sharp cutoff at 690nm yet leaves all the visible red, including the important 656nm H-alpha emission line. Celestron UV IR Cutoff Filter is the ultimate UV and Infrared blocker, featuring hard Ionbeam coatings, and fine optically polished glass! Celestron 1.25" UV/IR Cut-off Filt
  7. Thanks Laudropb. I think you are right, atmospheric conditions did not help that night. Thanks Riklaunim. I won't use that filter again and I'll try deconvolution in one of the other astro programs I have, I did see that option in one of them somewhere. From memory I was getting sharper lunar images months ago without the UV/IR filter with my webcams. I forgot to mention that I'm also using the standard Celestron 1.25" diagonal in the imaging train which I'll eliminate too.
  8. Thanks Pete, that's the second time I've done this now
  9. Nice one. That's exactly how we see it in the night sky.
  10. hmm... I took my glasses off and even though the images look fuzzier, they seem sharper and look betterl if that makes any sense, strange that.
  11. Put your spectacles on Charl Either that or I need need new ones.
  12. First test for lunar with the PGR Flea 3 mono ( FL3-U3-13Y3M-C ) from the 17th June 2016. Conditions were not good but I had to give it a go as clear skies are rare now. Imaged with the Celestron Nexstar 8i and UV/IR Cutoff filter. To be honest I'm disappointed with these results. I'm still getting soft images. The UV/IR Cutoff filter will not be used again. I'm not even sure the filter is for imaging, it may be for visual only. Videos were 30 seconds each captured with Firecapture. Stacked in AS!2, wavelets in RS6 and finished in PDN. The first 4 images are with a Bintel E
  13. Don't know but I think you've caught something else there, a planet perhaps.
  14. Had to search for it on my little netbook, but yep it's there. What's that bright spot bottom left?
  15. Thanks all. Thanks SB. Many an imaging night I've lost my groove, most recently 2 nights back. It's all part of the fun... if you'd like to call it that I have other words for it. Over the last couple of weeks I've been deleting 10's of GB's of poor data. PDN is PaintDotNet a free image editor , it's in my sig. It's not as feature rich as Paintshop but I've been using it for years and I'm familiar with it. It has an acceptable sharpen feature as well as 2 de-noise features, levels, layers etc. Depending on what operating system you use, there's many add-ons although very few for A
  16. 2 good images there Peco. I think the full sized moon is much better although you have got a reasonable in-focused area on that first shot. I would actually eliminate the Barlow if you're using the 10mm for projection and see if you get a nicer in-focused shot over the entire image. Most standard Barlows with higher powered Plossl EP's will not perform that well especially when doing AP. You will also have a nicer image to work with.
  17. A good solid start Romx with some crater detail showing. Handheld Afocal can be tricky, a steady scope and hand while taking the shot is everything. You should be able to get some very nice lunar images with your 1200D using prime focus and an adapter, keep at it.
  18. Nice lunar capture Charl, that camera is performing well. I'm all set up for tonight, clear sky atm, scope cooling down and ready to test the Flea3 for it's first lunar session. It's been too long.
  19. A very good natural looking moon Johan with good detail captured looking at the bigger pic, congrats.
  20. Charl that's a very good moon and the edge of the moon is looking great. Very nice detail and overall exposure. That image is one for the pool room! How are you finding that new camera?
  21. That's very good Pete, nice one. Many visible rings showing.
  22. You're doing something right with your processing SABB, very good detail in Mars, Saturn's nice too.
  23. Very nice John, fantastic detail and colour on both planets. Envious!
  24. Thanks everyone. I think you get to see a different part of the Milky Way to us in the Southern hemisphere LJ certain times of the year when it is up. If you have a digital SLR Mike, a short drive away from the city lights will make all the difference for some great shots.
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