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  1. Amazing detail, very nice work, well done Roger.
  2. Very impressive Michael. There's so much going on in the full res pic, excellent work! I wish I had the patience to do mosaics. When it's done right it really pays off.
  3. Superb work Charl. Dare I say your best to date?.. since I've been here anyway Spot on with focus, great detail with your Barlows. I may have to venture outside tomorrow on my day off to have another go at solar, If clouds allow.
  4. Nice one Frank, got some good crater detail there. I've had problems stacking lunar in the past. For me the best way seems to be through Autostakkert!2 with 1 large manual align point. If that doesn't work, run it though PIPP to pick out the best frames first, then AS!2 or RS.
  5. Very nice Dan, both are good captures. That's definitely one for the pool room!
  6. For a DSLR capture that's quite nice Tom. I'd never be able to get anything near something like that with my DSLR.
  7. You have to be happy with that Layton, nice detail there. I'm still struggling to get an image like this.
  8. Great work Avani, good to see some of Saturn's moons which I have not seen yet. and this was Average conditions??.... I seriously need to revise my conditions ratings.
  9. A very nice Saturn image indeed Layton, nice work. Agreed. Should be able to squeeze out a little more with that setup, better conditions.
  10. A good Mars result CVA. Similar to what I get from my C8 and you haven't over processed, well done.
  11. A nice planet trio Twiggles from the Mak127. What camera did you use to capture?
  12. A good result there VL with Cassini Division showing well with other rings starting to come through too, nice! Keep at it. What brand filters are you using?
  13. A very nice lunar image MY Yau with good detail captured, well done.
  14. A little over 3 weeks ago I did a quick test with a DSLR, 9 image stack with little editing that shows conditions here. This was towards the east low in the sky and on the brighter stars this is what was revealed.
  15. Yep VilleM, getting very similar results with a C8 and UV/IR cut off filter on Jupiter. I may have to invest in an IR pass filter, but then again if conditions are not above good, no filter is going to help capture detail. Have some more scopes to test with the cameras, it'll be at least a 4 week wait.
  16. Very nice night cloud formations Stu. I have actually tried this at night a couple of months back but failed, have captured some interesting daytime clouds though.
  17. I'm 90% sure I've worked out why I'm getting soft focus imaging results over Winter here in southern Western Australia. Humidity is high (90% tonight for example) with high dew. Living by the coast doesn't help either with mid afternoon sea breezes over the warmer ocean every day with some nights of late night to early morning fog and not forgetting smoke from peoples wood burning fires and perhaps even some light sky mist. All this means wasted hours imaging, processing with very poor results. This has lead me to think that it's not worth imaging over the colder months here which is very
  18. Thanks GW. Hoping to do much better with my smaller scopes when conditions improve.
  19. Reviving the thread. PGR Flea 3 with Tomy Famisco 60S, fl400mm f6.6, on a camera tripod, Hybrid mirror diagonal, push pull focus, 100 frames.
  20. Aussie Dave

    Tomy Famisco 60S

    Semi-Apochromatic Famisco 60S by Tommy Tokyo Japan, 60mm refractor, fl400mm, f6.6, flip mirror, push pull objective lens tube.
  21. From the album: Tomy Famisco 60S

    Tomy Famisco 60S semi-apo, Hybrid mirror diagonal, on a camera tripod with the PGR FL3. Captured with Firecapture, 200 best frames in PIPP from a total of 1291, 100 stacked in AS!2, wavelets in RS6 and finished in PDN.
  22. Nice work Varad. I do like a good Milky Way image, the second and third shot I really like. Perhaps re-edit the first shot as it seems a little contrasty with blown out lighter areas. Other than that Fantastic! Well done.
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