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    Viewing and hopefully when I get my webcam set up recording Planets and Nebulae
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  1. I have a Skymax 127 Maksutov telescope and an Olympus E500 DSLR camera with an adaptor and T Piece to fit the camera in place of the Eyepiece. Now I have never done this before so I would really like some advice on shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting (highest ISO on manual is 1600). I have Registax on my laptop. Any advice on how I should set things up to take photos of say the Orion Nebula and the moon as a starter. Do I need to take dozens of photos plus black photos with lens cap on etc? Any help would be appreciated. Any focusing issues I should be aware of? Thanks Ian
  2. Hi Guys thanks for all your suggestions but being a newbie to astro photography I think I may have discovered the problem. My webcam is actually an SPC880NC from Morgan not a genuine SPC900NC albeit I understand it has the same internals. I now need to find a friend with windows XP to flash it. Sorry for leading you all astray now the search for a friend with XP or buy a cheap XP PC Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the response Nebula I have also sent an email to Philips to see what they suggest as I could not find any reference to windows 8 on their site.
  4. Does anybody know where I can download a windows 8.1 driver for my newly acquired webcam. Tried searching online without result. Any suggestions welcomed Cheers Ian
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