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  1. Let’s put it this way - I could DHL the darned thing, but it would cost quite a bit - to the tune of maybe £600 or so. Best to combine with vacation and Cyprus is a favorite among you lot! At some point this will be over and someone can come over and take it - but until then, I will be the custodian of this scope. Speaking of which, all my refractors have a date this weekend with a bottle of Renaissance wax I have - I like a well polished OTA!
  2. Bah, still for sale, but nobody can fly here anyway
  3. Thanks both! Yep, a nice prom there. There was some atmospheric haze and dust, otherwise it would come out better I suppose. Need to try my DS module and also imaging with a Barlow in the future...
  4. Be gentle as this is my virgin Ha image! Bit over processed, plus I am into visual and not imaging, but, being under mandatory lockdown in Cyprus, one has to keep busy somehow! Lunt LS60 SS, ASI178, best 35% of 1092 frames.
  5. Here and here 1.75" and 3" diameter knobs. Sir Connery would be pleased!
  6. Actually Starlight Instruments DOES offer larger fine focusing knobs
  7. You can always email TV and give them the serial number - they'll tell you production year.
  8. Yep, thought it was a 1.25" diagonal - but it is the Everbrite 2" one! As another option, the APM 30mm 80° is "cheapish" and also the TS 35mm would provide max exit pupil. But agreed re Nag 31 - It is probably better corrected at shorter focal lengths...
  9. Stu, we never run out of things in our "wanted" list, do we?
  10. If you are "stuck" in the city, you should consider a goto mount, a CMOS camera, a light pollution filter and enjoy Electronically Assisted Astronomy, as another option to be able to see things which you would normally have to go to a dark site to see.
  11. Stu, you need to fit the Genesis with a 2" diagonal and a Nagler 31mm - gives you a proper 4.81° True Field of view! Here's mine - 1991 vintage
  12. Hi Nicos after what Mike said I am not suprised you pulled the advert.☺

  13. Vixen GP / SkyWatcher EQ5 / HEQ5 or Vixen SX tripods and if you remove the bottom bit, the mount can connect to all standard photo-tripods as well (3/8 - 16"). Obsessive compulsive star hopper, so no Argo Navis for me!
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