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  1. :icon_salut:Nice work and ingenuity, this should also be posted in the 'credit crunch' section. Great re-use of a redundant mount..
  2. The seban has done its job and got you hooked ! Agree with comments above re dewshield and newt. I rarely do not get started without putting the dewshield on my sct, especially after one night where i did not bother and the corrector plate looked like niagara falls...
  3. Depends how many brownie points i have but in summer its the garage and winter in the conservatory, tripod stays outside! (until the pier arrives ....)
  4. I would agree with Spaceboy. Your 'seeing' conditions will vary wildly through the year and dropping magnification for clarity / contrast is probably the way to go. Having a choice of ep's for our mixed seiing conditions (when the cloud god is not around) is the smart way.
  5. Hi There, I have for travel a 102mm mak and a short tube 120mm refractor. The easiest to transport is the mak with an az3 mount, the one I take is the 120mm! TBH both are great and would not loose sleep if they were damaged, I think that is the cutoff ---- usability v cost.
  6. It has been pretty bleak here too. Setup the other evening managed 20 mins looking at the moon (still facinates me!)only for the cloud god to come and visit.
  7. Hi There, We go to South Wales at least once a year and stay near Newcastle Emlyn. Skies are reasonably dark all round, but especially towards the Preseli Hills (couple of good car parks to use.) If you want a sea horizon and really dark try Marloes, especially as after 3pm the car park attendant leaves .
  8. He would have to have been really good, as there are few breaks in the cloud!. Spent three weeks in the Highlands in March, one clear night. Absolutely beautiful.
  9. I think it may be a figment of his emancipation:D
  10. Excellent, thanks for the link.
  11. Just had telescope returned from colleague....after two years!
  12. There have been some results in finding that a black hole has acted like a gravitational lens. Some images from Hubble showed two identical galaxies in the vertical plane on overlay these were the same object. Something in the middle was producing the two images. It was summised that this could only be a black hole.
  13. I can only agree with the comments above and add on Newtons Principia, where some of the fudementals lie that enabled modern views on the universe. I found A Brief History Of Time hard going!.
  14. Its a blast ---- so long as it doesn't rain!
  15. Have just bought 8mm BST Explorer ED ep with a reasonably wide angle of viewing. £38. Might be worth trying a pair of them. I was able to get this ep and three others on a try before buy basis. Looked pretty good in my main 10" sct, screw up eyecup gave good eye relief also.
  16. Hi KEANO, The difference is chalk and cheese!. Forget the tiny exit lens on the cheaper ep's. These are excellent!.
  17. HI There, I have the 102mm Mak (along with 10"LX) I find it to be a great compromise between main scope and having something almost grab and go, if you can ever call an eq mount that!. Quality good and contrast exc!!. Regards Damian
  18. Manage large IT Infrastructure so if you need assistance in testing more than happy to do so.
  19. Hi Folks, Recently acquired 10" LX 200, just one question!, after nearly trashing the scope mounting it onto the tripod, is there a reliable easy way of mounting this scope?? I've bought the locator plate but its still awkward, i'm reluctant to use the two handles as of the dire warnings of movement with the dec and ra locks on!. Thanks in advance Damian
  20. BCF locator plate for my LX a Tenner, spare Meade 18v psu £15, just love it and if you order three items no postage!.. Cheers
  21. damnut


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