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  1. I think it finds out that we are from the uk and stubbornly refuses to generate an obsy list...Ahh I spoke very nastily to it in French and it obliged... If you access the home page then move to the tools page there are some other products there ;-- http://www.univers-astronomie.fr/annexes/
  2. Thanks for posting all the links folks, all we need now is some clear autumnal skies....
  3. Hi Dave, Many thanks for the links and for sharing. Have you looked at Celestia :-- http://www.shatters.net/celestia/
  4. damnut

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    Hi Andy, suggest that you open a new thread in the getting started help & advice equipment section . If you can give us some idea of budget then you will get a flood of replies
  5. damnut

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    Hi There, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Great choice of scope too!
  6. Hi There, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Great setup you have too.
  7. If you can make it 15miles or so head to Widdrington, plenty of parking round the bay. You will have Newcastle to the south but fantastic clear sea horizon and dark to the north.
  8. @bigsumorian, used to work for TW, had an early meeting with the boffins at wraysbury NPL , arrived early(6.30) thought I would have a walk round met a very unhappy guard with a H&K & a very unfriendly alsatian..
  9. They do work extremely well, @brantuk, heavily dewed turned into 10"sct covered in ice at Belper
  10. +1 for Dave's comments, my grab & go is an st 120.
  11. Hi Daniel, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums.
  12. Hi Plouer, That is a stunning image. Congratulations..
  13. Hi There, Take a look at these, just plug your scope data in and remember to click on switch to visual on the second link :-- http://www.stargazing.net/naa/scopemath.htm http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  14. Hi There, Warm welcome to SGL, great introduction. Zivjeli!
  15. Hi Jim, Welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. From very cloudy mansfield. Sounds as though you are well on the way to the dark side (imaging)..
  16. Hi Peter, that will serve you well until you sack your Gin Wallah !!
  17. Hi Chrisg, Would not go out winter or summer without a dewshield the corrector attracts dew like flies to doggy doo doo.
  18. Hi Figofan, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums.
  19. baader wonderfluid is brilliant for glass, not to be used on mirrors.As far as not removing corrector plate to clean, there was a dog hair amongst other bits of detritus on the inside when I cleaned the corrector on my sct.
  20. In addition if you remove the corrector plate you may find odd little pieces of packing, you need to put these back in the same place too.
  21. Hi Pam, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. You can see a great deal with binos, enjoy your hol.
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