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  1. And it did it again................. .......It was with a Skywatcher 130 eq2, Using Sharpcap 2. and fiddled about ( that's a technical term... ) with registax 5...
  2. For some reason it decided to post before I had finished . So lets try again....
  3. I originally posted this pic a few days back. This was my first attempt at anything at all remotely close to an image of the Moon, using a cheap (£5.00) webcam from Asda. After reading some of the feed back from the original post, I decided to have a little tinker with it and came up with this image....N
  4. I used sharpcap2 . only way I could get the webcam to operate. I then had a bash with registax 5. very confusing at first. And can I be so dumb as to ask what PIPP is..
  5. it was skywatcher 130 900fl
  6. Had my first attempt at imaging the Moon Monday using a very cheap webcam from Asda, which I then butchered and had a go at modding it. Not sure if its a ccd or cmos chip tho. nothing was stated on the box. but for £5.00 thought I would give it a go. not the best I know, but I was quietly chuffed at the outcome..........
  7. Ok, so now im beginning to panic. Im saving for the 200p EQ-5. . Will I have the same problems.....is it a good scope? Coz £415.00 is alot of ££££ to waste.
  8. Andy 5312

    just arrived...

    Hello Franz, and welcome aboard.
  9. Just got in from observing the Moon. Fascinates me.....always has tho.
  10. Im having same probs as darthvader. I use Telrad and RDF. Was trying to find Andromeda last night . Couldnt make out if i was in the correct part of the sky. Getting frustrated too...? It makes you feel daft. Located a small blob with 10x50 binos , located same small blob with scope (skywatcher130 ). Same small blob. If it was Andromeda surley it would have appeared different in scope. Using the 25mm wide angle ep.
  11. So am i right in thinking i didn't see it then. Fuzzy blob in eyepiece. And fuzzy blob in binos. Ep was the skywatcher 25mm wide angle. Damn so that wasnt it ?
  12. I agree. The grease is awful. Would operate much better if they had used bostic. Even on the mount. Think i will give it a go. Not that practical really. But if it looks like i can manage will give it a go.
  13. Hi Dan. Just something with fine control. But like you say if it would cost more than the OTA it prob wouldnt be worth it. Thanks for the reply
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