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  1. Went in Oct/Nov 1995..... roads v.dicey.... could still shudder at some driving 'experiences'. Sky definitely v. good!!!
  2. Saw them last night..... and this is only the start.
  3. ... and whilst setting up my telescope/mount/camera I've just now pointed out a string of 39 satellites passing over IP12. I'm led to believe that these are just the start. My neighbour was more impressed with the satellites than the prospect of a quick whiz around a few constellations. Each to their own... Personally I felt disappointment/sadness at what we are losing rather than joy at what we are gaining... but then I'm fortunate to live in a nice place with easy access to all the internet 'goodies' etc.... I know that not everyone is so lucky.
  4. I'm with Olly.... I already had an old 450D that I got modded and use with my Canon and Sigma lenses as I 'test the water' with imaging. Having really enjoyed using the DSLR but seen some limitations....... Having decided that this is a hobby I enjoy...The next step is the financial outlay of second-hand mount and scope (done)... and now I'm looking CMOS/CCD and narrowband. HOWEVER.... I initially thought I'd only be imaging.... but visual is also becoming attractive.... Oh Dear... Serious cost implications!
  5. As a novice I got this, modded 450D and Sigma 150-600 and star adventurer.
  6. I do all the control via laptop. Only 'crawling' is lining up the red dot finder for my first alignment star.
  7. Modded 450D.... Cheap, useful to learn on. I hope to go CMOS/CCD narrowband etc. in the near future.
  8. Many thanks for the thoughts, calculations, and constructive input.... much to think about before an expensive purchase... Be good to get it right first time!!!!!
  9. Hi Looking for guidance and advice... as in title. I've seen a few threads about portable supplies. I am fairly new to this, and image from my front driveway (with lots of light pollution), and am now looking to go further afield. I am only likely to be imaging for a few hours, and have a rather old ACER laptop that holds charge fpr about 2 hours. Is the following likely to power my HEQ5PRO, and help out the laptop over the period of up to five hours? From what I can see, the mount requires about 2A, and the laptop is 65W max. TalentCell PB240A1 Rechargeable 22400mAh 82.88Wh Lithium ion Battery Pack with 3 Port Output (DC 24/12V and 5V USB) https://www.amazon.co.uk/TalentCell-PB240A1-Rechargeable-22400mAh-82-88Wh/dp/B07CBVKJ8X/ref=sr_1_4?m=A2HBRWDIXVHM77&qid=1569264538&s=merchant-items&sr=1-4 I really do need a bit of a reserve for the laptop running APT and PHD2; otherwise I would be looking at the Skywatcher/Celestron supplies. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance. Stephen
  10. Hi Apologies for 'easy' targets... but as a newcomer... I've got a star adventurer and a modded canon 450D. No scope or guiding so I tried 1600 ISO, and my sigma 150-600 at 600mm and fully open. Best I could manage was 30/40 seconds without severe errors. About thirty 'lights'. Took flats, bias, and darks. Computer will not run all of trial Pixinsight features so a 'stab in the dark' at editing. Am aiming for a better machine. Constructive guidance welcomed. My question is..... to improve my imaging kit should I either a) get a mount for the camera/lens such as a HEQ5? or b) get a scope such as a small Zenithstar for the star adventurer? I cannot afford both a mount and a telescope at this point in time. (I'm interested in imaging rather than observing) Stephen
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