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  1. Tomorrow looks clear here; the 'feels like -8' does not seem that promising!
  2. Is 'man up' a bit 'un-woke' these days? Just checking for the latest 'flavour*' for a friend! * other options are available.
  3. Very nice. Didn't realise that the Sun was still there!
  4. I note that this is out of stock; I use this for my HEQ5pro and ed80dspro. 600mm focal length. https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-50mm-guide-scope--gpcam-mono-guide-camera-combo-91-p.asp Works fine for me.
  5. Thanks... I'm always surprised/pleased to find the occasional little smudge to check out... in this case UGC5247 upper middle.
  6. ED80 DSPRO HEQ5 modded 450D Fifteen 200 sec at 800 ISO before the clouds rolled in. Rapidly over-edited but at least I got some data to play with in this miserable weather.
  7. Better than Salma... For some that could well be the million dollar question! Maybe she'll walk!
  8. Apollo 1 had a big impact on me... I was 9 and 'into' Thunderbieds, especially Virgil! RIP.
  9. Olly... ' The million dollar question.' .... not quite, but significant!
  10. Shimrod... Wow, Eight times... I'm deeply envious. We've looked into going to Iceland and maybe one day we'll go but seemingly like you we are drawn to one place. Perhaps I'm unambitious but I've always found plenty to do in and around Tromso (although out of town the driving conditions can certainly be 'sporty' as I'm sure they are in Iceland). I absolutely agree about spending time; we've always aimed for five (or more) nights. Repeat visits is a good way to get value from the cost of winter clothing! It is truly addictive. I've also learned to use my eyes more than the camera.
  11. Don't go... You will be drawn in and hooked!!! The best 'holiday activity I've ever done. I've been to Northern Norway for the aurora four times; successful each time... and now I'm an addict and can't wait to go again... Perhaps I should joing AA (Aurora anonymous). The 'live' video links are entrancing. p.s. the cold there does make current UK feel tropical.
  12. Nice and 'fresh' here... clear sky for a change! May try imaging despite the moon (limited to my modded 450D at the moment) and let's see how much I've forgotten.
  13. Allegedly clear here from midnight... doubt that I'll see it. I did see a few stars through a gap in clouds last night so they are still there (or at least photons from them were still arriving last night)
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