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  1. Rob_Jn


    Thanks I like the drawing, it's certainly less stressful than imaging!
  2. Rob_Jn


    M15 from the 28th, 144x60s subs, always difficult to process colour with so much LP but PI's photometric colour calibration helped make the task much easier.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, very helpful, I suspected the Astronomic was too good to be true. The Baader filter is probably worth a try at £200 for a 1.25" I think. Rob
  4. Looking to try some bicolour images as my light pollution is much worse sine the installation of LED street lighting nearby and wondering what the best value OIII filter is for CCD. I already have an Astronomik 12nm Ha filter, would an Astronomik OIII be worth getting? Thanks, Rob
  5. The thread on the clamps are M8
  6. I use a 13/16" socket seems to fit quite well though I'm sure they will be metric so I suppose 20 or 21mm would be correct. I'll have a look at the thread in daylight tomorrow unless anyone jumps in first.... Rob
  7. Thanks for the advice and ideas, I'll give the velcro a go I think. Rob
  8. I'll soon have a new scope with a carbon tube and wondered about any do's and don'ts re care of the surface. Particularly thinking about putting self adhesive cable tie bases on over a long period of time - does the adhesive mark the gloss finish? I've read cf tubes shouldn't be exposed to too much UV as it degrades the finish. Thanks, Rob
  9. Nice setup, been considering one of these so I'd be interested to see how you get on with imaging through it. Is the steel tube rigid enough? What gauge is the steel? Thanks, Rob
  10. Thanks Derrick. I generally have to keep at 300s or below because of light pollution where I live, non narrowband anyway. I'm glad to hear you think I'll be able to get repeatable performance, so many words of caution out there about the EQ8 with a long tube and big moment of inertia. I was prepared to change the OTA if things didn't go well but I have a lot of affection for my old Newt! Thanks, Rob
  11. I had some worries about putting my 40kg of 14" on an EQ8 but tonight put those to bed! Rough polar alignment, can't focus accurately due to electronics problem, wobbly mounting plate but I couldn't resist a quick test. 60s unguided at 1900mm FL, I think I'm going to like this mount
  12. Star colours are perfect in my opinion, very natural processing
  13. Just a chance it could be ice on the ccd if it changes shape between subs but I would have expected a bigger artefact
  14. Thanks for the tips, glad to know I have the correct bar. Rob
  15. OK I'm new to dovetail bars Strange though that may seem ☺ I have just took delivery of an eq8 mount and bought a Losmandy 15" type d bar for it. I have fitted the bar on and was surprised to see a gap between the mount and the bar of a few mm. Is this normal? Have I got the right bar for the mount
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