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  1. Hi scitmon, I've been offered £560 for the scope alone (finderscope etc. Included and stock lens) but happy to sell to you as local and no messing around with delivery/drop off etc. I also have 2 x Celestron X-Cel XL lens 9mm and 18mm too if you are interested for £100? Let me know your thoughts as prepared to sell as a bundle for £650?
  2. Hi all. I was bought the following 2 years ago and have used it maximum 5 times. Would anyone be interested in acquiring? I need a quick sale so happy to sell for £1250. Happy to send any pics or arrange viewing SkyMax 180 Pro NEQ6 Pro Synscan Skywatcher 7Ah Rechargeable Power Tank Number <personal contact details removed> Thanks, Phil ( Chorley, Lancs, UK)
  3. Hi all, I may split the sale I'd be hoping for £620 for the scope and £850 for the mount and power pack Number 07713800478 Thanks, Phil ( Chorley, Lands, UK)
  4. Possibly - I have quite a bit of interest elsewhere in the scope so may sell the mount and scope separately. Which are you after?
  5. Hi all, I was bought the following 2 years ago and have used it maximum 5 times. Would anyone be interested in acquiring? SkyMax 180 Pro NEQ6 Pro Synscan Skywatcher 7Ah Rechargeable Power Tank Canon EOS adapter for camera mount I think this is a sensible price as it's in immaculate condition as you would expect - OIRO £1500
  6. Thanks Peter. have a neq6 pro synscan mount so hopefully will be enough? Im not sure what you mean by nosepiece?
  7. Hi I have recently acquired a Skymax 180 Synscan and am looking at trying my hand at imaging (whether or not i'll be any good and keep it up!) I have a Canon EOS M and have absolutely no idea how to connect this to me scope etc. or how to take pictures etc. at the right intervals or shutter speed - i really am a complete novice at this! Any help appreciated - the more detailed the better i guess Thanks Phil
  8. Hi I have just acquired the above and having had a 10" DOB as my last scope I feel I am like a fish out of water with this new scope. It looks great and seems to be the business but can anyone offer any guidance on the dos and do nots of either the scope or the NEQ6? I am not a newbie to stargazing but certainly a newbie to this scope and stand. Many thanks. Phil
  9. Bit of everything really. More planetary than DSOs. Dob is a bit cumbersome now and ready to move on.
  10. Hi Im looking at purchasing a Skymax 180 pretty soon but need to save money whereb i can to buy some decent lens. I would love a EQ5 or 6 but may have to settle of an EQ3 - would this suffice?? Any help greatly appreciated
  11. Hi all I wondered what else I needed in order to start some imaging with my DOB? I know they aren't great for imaging but don't want to invest just yet on a new scope/mount. I have a Eos m and wanted advice on adapters etc to use this camera. Any advice appreciated.
  12. I have a 250px flexitube and think I want the 10" newt one but want to make sure as 80 odd quid. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Getting bit bored of having to constantly shift my DOB around in order to see anything for more than 30 seconds. I'm looking to get some kind of motor fitted but unsure if this is even possible? Does anyone have any experience of this or advice? I was looking to sell up last month but thought this would possibly keep the fires burning as it were?
  14. I often read my Star Atlas and plan my next nights viewing and backup with Stellarium. Clean your lens.
  15. Hi I currently have a 12" DOB which i am hoping to sell and want to move into imaging. What are the best scopes and lens for this? I have only ever had a DOB and have to constantly move it to keep objects in view which is obviously no good for imaging! I am hoping to have around £500 to spend - i would love to hear your advice! Thanks, Phil.
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