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  1. I managed to snap this from Northumberland a couple of nights ago using my Huawei psmart 2019. I think these clouds are becoming an obsession for me
  2. There is currently an Antares Astro barlow for sale in the second hand section on this site for £15. They aren't the most high spec brand but still decent enough to give one a try at that price in my opinion. i only used a barlow for a short time before realising I didn't like spending so long faffing about with it and preferred to just use different focal length eyepieces instead. Whatever you do, don't spend big money on one until you've tried one for a while anf you know you like them.
  3. Sorry if it's likely to wind you up because it's out of price range, however the 250 with a good ortho in the 8-10mm range will have you looking at Jupiter for hours on end. A 250 on the used market isn't an awful lot more than a new 200.
  4. Couldn't give better advice than Jonk. Get the scope somewhere good and dark. You'll see so much more, then, once you're familiar with the scope and how to use it you may find you don't need filters. Bravo on the Telrad purchase though. I would have recommended one although it might take some discipline to use it and not just rely on the go-to. It will come in handy though I guess if you loose power or have any doubts over the accuracy of it for any reason. If you absolutely have to spend some money go and get a foam camping mat from Sports direct, a stanley knife and some Velcro strips from the supermarket and have a whale of a time making a dew shield. You will eventually be overcome with desire for more eyepieces. Orthos and the Explore Scientific 82 degree and 68 degree ranges are a decent buy, especially on the used market
  5. It's still a decent image of saturn. Large, textbook like images of Jupiter are of course brilliant, but when they fill the whole image you loose a sense of distance and context which you manage to capture so well with that image. However you still get a lot of detail which I think is what makes it so good for me
  6. Yes I still really like this eyepiece for lunar and planetary. Along with my 11mm Es 82degree I've been having a fantastic time recently. The ES required less nudging but I still find the bco being my go-to when observing Jupiter.
  7. Really like that Jupiter image. It really captures the feeling of looking through the eyepiece at it for some reason. Scrolling down and looking at it made me feel like when I find it for the first time during twilight and realise the seeing is going to be great. Very captivating.
  8. Jupiter has been great recently. Every time I think about selling up I come back to Jupiter and change my mind. The amount of detail visible on Jupiter last week was unbelievable and I'm glad it continues to excite and inspire others. I've never used the BST's myself but hear great things about them. Here's hoping for a continuing run of all this high pressure and clear skies. I love how Jupiter's cloud belts and regions change so much, sometimes disappearing altogether. It seems at the moment the southern temperate belt is rather narrow and in a region of otherwise nearly pure white atmospheric coverage making it stand out very clearly.
  9. I guessed it might be the temperate belt but had never seen it so well defined. Every now and again it would jump out like a bright orange, wire thin line against the white disc. Having seen some photos of jupiter from this last week it would seem !y eyes weren't playing tricks on me
  10. I had never seen the very narrow band to the south of the grs before and wondered if my eye was playing tricks on me. However there were moments of such clarity that the contrast between the colours was so sharp i could definitely make out something. I couldn't make it out all the way across and under the grs. I was surprised i couldn't make out much more detail in the northern hemisphere, but maybe there isn't much at the moment? I'll be interested to track down some decent photos taken around the same time.
  11. Edit- you'll notice it's the 'right way up' which means it's upside down compared to what I was seeing! I actually wrote the time and date after I got in and automatically flipped it, which I'm annoyed about because it doesn't feel like it's as I saw it.
  12. Yep, Jupiter was absolutely fantastic tonigjt. As you say, the grs wasn't just made out, it leapt out. I saw a level of detail and clarity in my 10" dob that I never had before. I found x120 and x110 was really in the sweet spot however I even got some prolonged views at x136 for once. I was so engrossed that for the first time I felt compelled to make a sketch
  13. Blast! Been waiting for so long for one of these. If for any reason sale falls through can I be first reserve?
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