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  1. Thanks Geoff for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm clever enough follow your recommendations without making the situation worse. I think I'll also contact Celestron to see what they say. Do you know of any people or companies in the UK that might be able to repair it?
  2. Hello, I bought a Celestron NexStar Evolution second hand a few years ago now. It was working perfectly fine the last time I used it a few months ago. I got it out this weekend but when using the right/left keys on the NexStar/Starsense controller or the Skyfari 6 Plus App on Android - it won't slew at all. There's not even any motor sounds. However, using the up/down keys is perfectly fine. Please could you suggest what I should do?
  3. Hello, I recently purchased one. Ordered 20th of February. Arrived 18th of March. I was able to track the item in DHL's website so didn't have any real concerns.
  4. Hello, My iOptron SkyGuider Pro has just arrived today and I've reached my first hurdle. I live near Wigan and my latitude is 53ºN. It's not possible for me to go any further than 44º. Could you advise what I should do for my latitude? Cheers.
  5. It finally arrived today! Ordered 20th of February. Arrived 18th of March. On quick inspection - no major problems seen
  6. I've ordered one from Tecobuy as well. Just got an email from them saying it's been dispatched today - I'll keep you updated how it goes!
  7. Hi everyone, I've always been a visual observer and never really considered doing astrophotography. However, I would like to start dipping my toes in this field now. Eqipment wise - I've got a SkyWatcher Skyliner 250PX, Celestron Evolution 8 EdgeHD and a Canon 1000D and T ring. I know that as they are AltAz mounts astrophotography would be limited until I invest in an equatorial mount in the future. Could you recommend/advise what I can with the above equipment for now? I've checked out some of the photos on the No EQ challenge post. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! I spent a good few hours last night updating the StarSense camera, handcontroller and the mount. Took a while to figure it all out but I think I've done it. Can't wait to try it again - fingers crossed it works next time!
  9. Hi Dave7, Just wondering if you managed to solve the problem? I recently bought the same telescope and starsense and tried to use it two nights ago. Tried to use connect and align on the SkyPortal app and also kept on getting error messages. Looking forward to your reply.
  10. I think this book should be quite good for a 10 year old StarFinder For Beginners - https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarFinder-Beginners-Maggie-Aderin-Pocock/dp/0241286832
  11. Thanks for all your replies - I do find myself reluctant to go outside and set up the SW250PX. I would love to have something that does not involve downgrading the views but at the same time - I can lift up and carry outside in one go.
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