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  1. I put zero straight up and then put Polaris basically as it shows either on the HC or the App. Refine the position using the year markers. For 2016 you would put Polaris just on the outside of the middle line of the circle.
  2. Just using liveview on my DSLR and a defocused star has worked for me. I added Bob's knobs to make fine adjustments easier
  3. I used a remote on my DSLR for mine. I suggest a tracking mount in the proper tracking mode. The above was done by hand using a PortaII mount. I kept centering the moon in the camera's liveview and I'd then snap about 5-6 pictures and then recenter.I did 130 total RAW images at ISO 100 and 1/500th a second using an 8" Newt. This introduced some unwanted rotation in the series of pictures. Lesson learned there. The RAW files then go Into PIPP using full disc mode and are cropped and centered and turned into an AVI series. Then that goes into AS!2 for stacking and debayering. That is saved as a Tiff and then on to Registax6 for some sharpening using the wavelets. I save the final as A Tiff and then do some final tweeking in PS. Seemed to work the best for me. I have not had good results using Registax to do the stacking. AS!2 removed the unwanted rotation that Registax would not. I'm still learning.
  4. Stacking 100 or so RAW files is definitely one of the better ways. Here is an example of a single frame and the final result of the stacking method. I converted them to an AVI file using PIPP and then stacked those frames using AS!2 and then onto Registax6 for wavelet sharpening. Give it a go.
  5. Congrats to you! I know how exciting the feeling is. I loved talking to people at the magazine stands and the looks you get when telling people hey this is my picture! Look! Best feeling ever. Most deserving picture. Well done!
  6. Many thanks! Another lesson learned in this craft. I know the eclipse is a long way off but getting pumped for it already. This Newt should get the entire corona. 800mm looks to be perfect FL.
  7. Here it is in mono using 100 frames. The rotation is eliminated when I save everything to an AVI coming out of PIPP. Then stacked in AS!2 and onto Registax to use the wavelets. Learned quite a bit here.
  8. Seems that PIPP introduced the rotation. Not sure why. Here's another take only using 30 frames.
  9. How long between pictures before the moon shows rotation? Would it at all? I did have de-rotation checked in Registax. These are all an 8 minute session.
  10. Finally a clear night thank the stars! Ok so with a moon this bright it's pretty much a given what one was to image. I tried a different approach this time. I used my AT8IN Newt and stacked 130 CR2 files at 1/500th converted to Tiff in PIPP and stacked in Registax6. Applied some wavelet action and sweetened to taste in PS. Let me know what you think of the final outcome. I can't wait to image the total solar eclipse in 2017 with this baby. Pretty sharp overall with a coma corrector and a good collimation.
  11. I usually slew to the object and then compose and then calibrate PHD and guide but the newest version will just start guiding on the new chosen star after you calibrate it once as far as my experience has shown.
  12. I'm under the assumption that for this to work well you would of course want to have a well aligned mount going in. If you drift aligned the mount, (or whatever precise method you prefer) prior to imaging the Sun or Moon I would think that auto guiding would not really be necessary. As long as you have the correct tracking selected just doing a basic GOTO and then a fine point would be sufficient and the area would stay centered at least for a few minutes yes? Works in my case.
  13. Just wondering if this is possible using just one camera all at the same time using FireCapture on Jupiter ,Saturn or Mars. I do understand you can't auto guide on the moon or sun. Many thanks in advance for the help and guidance here.
  14. I was able to put this rig together mostly with things I already had. I did have to get the rings and better metal w/nylon tipped thumbscrews for them.
  15. Leveling is important. Accuracy is important. Always strive for perfection.
  16. Centering them perfectly in the eyepiece can be a real pain. I tried rubber bands and bunji cords and...well then I tossed mine in my parts box and gave up. Kind of like a toy.
  17. Thank you so very much for looking at it and giving me your take and advice on this. Much appreciated. I will try that eventually. Would you know why the tracking drifts off center so much after about an hour in solar and lunar in simulations? Sidereal seems fine. It stays centered on objects for hours.
  18. Ok I've changed the locations setting to make things a bit tighter and more correct. This has slowed the err messages some but I still get them about every 15 minutes or so. Again the mount slews to proper position every time and tracking is smooth with no interruptions. The solar and lunar seems to drift after about 45 minutes or so. A real outdoor test as soon as the rains let up.
  19. I have it set up in the living room and have been testing it daily it has been slewing and tracking perfectly for a week now since initial set up. Pointing right were it should every time. Nothing unusual except when tracking in lunar after about 1/2 an hour it's off a bit. In solar it takes a few hours and it's off. I'll post a picture of the CommErr messages today.
  20. I've had nothing but trouble with less expensive Crayford designs. Only my Feathertouch stayed focused all night. Give me a rack n pinion focuser any day. The one I have off an older AT65EDQ scope is working perfectly. Stays focused all night. Temps do mess with metal so I'd think it was that.
  21. A question for the experts. My new Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G mount seems to be slewing fine using EQMOD with both my laptop and desktop computers using an FTDI serial converter which shows signal flow both ways however I do see in the messages center window I'm getting constant CommErr messages. Should this concern me and will this cause any issues when I finally try auto guiding? Many thanks. Oh forgot to mention I'm connected through the V4 Synscan handset with the supplied cable and an FTDI usb serial adapter showing good signal flow in both directions in PC direct mode. So far zero issues and no interruptions. Just curious why i'm getting the messages at all.
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