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  1. Here is a sample pic: http://www.tolgaastro.com/m31-wosc-camera.html
  2. Thanks for the info Apharov. You do have a point about cigar sockets. The quality of the plugs varies enormously! So what socket does the Celestron have? It is just a 6mm socket and tip the same as the end that goes into the scope? Thanks.
  3. I ordered the Baader show from FLO. It fitted no problem. I could actually attach using the two bolts rather than just the central one as the slots lined up. In fact there was some leeway so I could move it round so it just misses the ED80 plate. I put some black electrical tape underneath to protect the scope paintwork as it intrudes over the dovetail ring a bit. Only bit I had to be careful with was tightening up the two bolts evenly. This ensured it seated nicely as the curve on the shoe is designed for a larger diameter OTA, so the shoe ends do not touch down on the tube. Not the
  4. Thanks for the info. I understand that it doesn't have a standard cigar type socket for the telescope cable? So it will only really fit Celestron mounts as the 6mm tip is not long enough for a secure connection for SW mounts?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. The Baader seems to be the way to go. My only concern is with the metal version of the scope the shoe mounting holes are on the metal dovetail ring, whilst on the CF version the holes are in the OTA. I am hoping they use some kind of captive or embedded nut to stop it dropping inside the OTA when undone. Surely they would have thought of that?
  6. Apparently this Baader finder base will fit: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/baader-universal-quick-release-finder-base.html It has slots that run width wise and line up with the ES shoe holes. It does overhang slightly apparently, but is solid. £27 though, just for the privilege of fitting standard accessories. Ho hum.
  7. Hi Ronin. Thanks for the reply. That's a right old pain then. Why on earth do they use these non standard shoes? Ridiculous! I definitely won't want to drill my carbon fibre OTA! Sounds like I need to find someone handy with a CNC machine. Does anyone know if the holes have captive nuts? I don't want anything dropping into the OTA if I undo them. Thanks.
  8. Not sure what make Dob you have, but the later big SkyWatcher truss Dobs have a 2nd set of lock notches before full truss extension. On mine that then allows my WO binoviewers to achieve focus.
  9. I do like the way it can strap onto the leg of the mount to keep things tidy. Someone at Celestron has clearly thought about it! I have a Deben Tracer which sits nice and safe in the base of my 12" Dobo, but when using my HEQ5 Pro it sits on the (possibly damp and grassy) ground susceptible to being kicked in the dark. The Celestron might be a better bet for such a mount.
  10. Hi. I've recently got a V2 carbon fibre Explore Scientific ED80 APO triplet. It has a narrow finder bracket that makes it difficult to attach "standard" items to. Is it an easy matter to swap the bracket for a standard synta type one? I want to attach a guide scope. Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks!
  11. Haha! I'll let you know how I get on then I have a way to attach weights to balance the dob, so we'll see how it goes.
  12. Thanks for the info. You've helped tip me over into going for the carbon V2 version I too want to attach it to my Dobo to begin with and the weight saved should help!
  13. Hi. Interesting information. Thanks for that. Weight aside, would you recommend one of these over (the much cheaper) SW ED80 DS-Pro if I could source one? The V2 is still available and also wondering if that is a better bet. Interesting that you are attaching your 80mm to your Dobo. I hadn't thought about that!
  14. Hi. A friend is about to buy a Orion SkyQuest XT8g. They have plans to connect a Canon 600D to it and I have cautioned them to ensure that the scope has enough back focus. Does anyone out there have one of these scopes and knows whether focus can be achieved with a DSLR without a barlow? Pity the SkyWatcher equivalents still ships with a single speed focuser...
  15. Very nice image. It's upside down though I had my scope out last night as the sky looked absolutely beautiful. The Moon was the best I've ever seen it. Expecting great things, I swung round to Jupiter (which was low as it was only 11pm) and it was wobbling all over the place. Just goes to show the effect on seeing conditions of a low object over houses.
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