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  1. #3 yes all good but after that did you use the calibration step calculator and then input that figure into the calibration step box? It may not be possible to get a calibration and then actually start guiding unless you do.
  2. Pulse guide using PHD2, CDC and ASCOM. Much more robust set up just IMHO.
  3. Using extrawide T-rings help. Orion and Baader sell them. M48 thread. Flats will take care of the issue that's left over no problem.
  4. Many thanks for your suggestions. I found that any more contrast and most of the dusty details started getting hidden. I'll give it another go someday after adding more data. Look up!
  5. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time. Much appreciated!
  6. Had to adapt and conquer last night as usual. I first tried for comet 2P/Encke but alas it was already into the trees just as it was getting dark enough. I had to switch gears and target quickly before the full moon arose. Andromeda was the logical choice being straight above nice and high and bright. I quickly slewed refocused and started imaging. Here is 15 lights frames and 25 darks at 300 seconds and ISO 800 with a late 90's USA made C8 and Hutech modded spectrum enhanced 700D. I stacked everything in DSS median method and mosaic results. Just used levels and curves and then edited it in Camera RAW. Really love the warm glow of our closest Galactic neighbor. I was hoping to gather more data tonight but it looks like a bust here so I'm going ahead with the processing and let it fly. Let me know what you think.
  7. Thank to all for the kind words. Very much appreciated. Look up!
  8. Is this a mosaic or stacked full disc frames? Very nice my lensfriend.
  9. Much appreciated Jim. Thank you and thanks to all for taking the time to comment. Look up!
  10. A very hard fix. Next time do a mosaic. Try zooming in to 200% or more and carefully use the patch tool.
  11. A very hard fix. Next time do a mosaic. Try zooming in to 200% or more and carefully use the patch tool.
  12. Many thanks for the kind words and taking the time everyone. Much appreciated!
  13. Hello from the West coast, No matter the scope ( I'd suggest a C8 myself) you'll want to get a nice sturdy tracking mount with GoTo capabilities. The sturdier the better. Maybe look at an Orion Atlas Pro or Skywatcher equivalent. Also a guide scope and guide camera with the proper cables to hook it all up to a computer and then using PHD2 to guide things. Remember that no LP filter will ever be able to fully correct/reduce what a nice dark sky will give you so it's key for the best results to get to the darkest area you can. Just IMHO
  14. Storms are moving in so had the bring the rig inside for who knows how long so here is my obligatory evil orb shot of course. This was done with my 90's C8 using of all things my AstroTech field flattener which is the only correcter I have that actually works on my SCTs go figure. Pretty sharp side to side. 10k captured AVI frames using BYEOS and my T5i in planetary mode and used the best 3500 of those stacked using PIPP, AS!2 and finally Registax. Slight tweeking in Camera RAW and resized for post. Let me know what you think.
  15. Many thanks for the honest and helpful comment. Much appreciated!
  16. I did try it that way and felt that it covered up a bit too much of the dusty details. So many ways one can go here. Appreciate the honesty Olly!
  17. Patience is a virtue they say. I'd have to agree with how little clear nights we've all had this winter season. I've waited and waited. Sure there have been a few odd suckerholes and I've been gazing a few night for a few brief minutes but a truly clear night perfect for imaging right up till morning? Few and far between this new year. I saw an opportunity a few days ago and left the mount outside covered as the snow fell here for only the second time here in 7 years. Being prepared and having patience finally paid off. I'd like to thank whomever runs clear sky charts. I love that site. Right on the money once again. Much better than our local meteorologists sorry....;-) This DSO has been on my list for quite sometime and even this time I thought the Moon would once again interfere with the session so I started pretty late in the evening just as M78 was high and clear of my new trimmed treeline. I let it roll till about 2 a.m. and did pretty good. I only had to toss 5 out of 35. Glad to report my mount actually works better in the cold. The entire rig actually. Camera especially. Perfect temps and no dew or frost at all. This is 30-300 second lights, 25 darks and no flats this time around in DSS @ ISO 800 with the Hutech modded spectrum enhanced T5i and my C8 and reducer @f 6.3 or just about. The correct/best spacing for the reducer/corrector still remains a mystery with me. I've tried all the suggestions, no spacers, 85mm, 105mm and 110mm and nothing yet gives me nice tight stars in the corners. Let me know what you use for spacing. I'd like to know. I'm going to try using my FF at this point no joke. This was at 105mm spacing and cropped some. After DSS just some tweeking in Camera RAW and converted to a Jpeg for posting. Let me know what you think of the final processing and outcome. Hope this year is a fantastic one for us all. Here it is on Astrobin
  18. If funds afford I'd get a 6D or the new 6Dmkii when it comes out soon. If that's too much I'd get a 700D/T5i body and have it modded by a professional. I saved quite a bit of money doing this but you can just buy a new modded camera ready to go from some of these places. Just get it from a reputable dealer.
  19. I'd pass on the Hotech. Even though I loved the self centering design I had very unsatisfying results using it with my SV80ED. The AstroTech AT2FF is the only one that has worked for me and the only one I use with my refractor now. Highly recommended. Here is an example of the very edge using the AT2FF and this was even using a full frame sensor DSLR
  20. For long runs to indoors USB 2.0 is about 16ft before you'll need to use either a repeater cable ( up to 5-15ft repeaters can be used) or a powered hub every 16 ft. The cable from the device to the hub must not be a repeater cable. It must be standard. You could also run a multi-port powered usb hub with a single Ethernet cat5-6e output. That for me works the best for really long runs. Super fast uploads and frame rates.
  21. Thank you for the kind words and advice folks. Much appreciated!
  22. I've tried taking this galaxy about 5 times now. My first image of it almost 5 years ago was/still is brutal. Like the Avatar Galaxy. Completely blue using a stock 5Dmkiii. lol. Well after years of trying I've finally taken a series that I feel is a step forward. Getting close to a few pictures from others I've really admired and been inspired by over the years. I think this one is gets me a bit closer. 15-300 second lights @ ISO800 25 darks. Median/Mosaic method staking in DSS. Then tweeked in PS. I need more lights I know but every time it's clear now the moon is out every single time. Like clockwork it seems. Oh well. Hutech spectrum enhanced Canon 700D/T5i with an AT8IN Newt at prime focus. Let me know what you think of the final processing.
  23. It's quite easy to use a "spectrum enhanced" DSLR for both daytime and astro using a custom WB from an 18% grey card. It's the affording part that turns off some. It was $317 US dollars at Hutech here in California and the 700D/T5i body was $400. Still a pittance compared to what some pay for a factory modded model and so worth it for what I can capture now. Auto focus and sensor cleaning completely retained. I'm shooting with it right now during the day. I say ok not absolutely necessary but much more details captured if you do have it modded. This is what I can now capture during the night even with the moon out...Well worth it!...Just have a professional do it and no worries.
  24. Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger! Keep at it. It will all become much much easier and like second nature. When something does go wrong you'll know what to do. Adapt and conquer! ( Ok I must say I'd really get a camera with live view for easier focusing for sure. Not easy to conquer that but the way your describing. Have fun and look up!
  25. Using a standard Canon DSLR I use no extension between the camera and MPCC. Just Camera> T-ring> MPCC. I do however use one after everything so it comes to focus with my focuser. http://www.baader-planetarium.de/sektion/s30/download/mpcc_e.pdf
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