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  1. Ah great, fantastic guys, answered my queries and added an extra bit of knowledge! (happy-kat). Love this forum, again thanks so much. I think I'll buy the barlow for now, just to get to grips on DSLR imaging until I can afford a better scope as it's only £20. Thanks for going the extra mile goose, pictures and all.
  2. I'm using the DSLR in the normal way, attaching a T-Ring and attaching the T-Adapter to the T-Ring, no eye piece attached. Webcam isn't designed for imaging no, but it does give images, just not that great - See below (I celotape the webcam to the Eye Piece) (Sorry for no crop, at work.) With the 8MM eye piece it is out of focus, almost no surface detail. Would the barlow give more detail than the above? When taking photos with the DSLR? See below for a picture with only the DSLR, no scope. (Sorry for no crop, at work.)
  3. Can't seem to edit my post, also noticed this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-Telescope-Camera-Adapter-Barlow/dp/B00009X3UV/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423130104&sr=8-1&keywords=celestron+barlow+t+adapter Or is it the same thing?
  4. Hey all, I recently bought a basic T adapter and ring for my DSLR but it just doesn't seem to focus, after research I found that it will be very hard with just a normal T-Adapter as these newtonions aren't suited for it (Not long/big enough), better to use a webcam. However I'd still like to give it a shot as naturally DSLR's will give better image quallity, I noticed this: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-2x-universal-125-barlow.html Will this work/aid the DSLR and is it worth buying or shall I just wait until I get a bigger scope? I don't mind spending the £24 if
  5. So I got my first scope last Christmas, but I'm confused about imaging, despite not trying anything yet, I have looked up things like T Rings and adapters etc etc. However it says you replace your eyepiece with the DSLR..? Surely this wouldn't work since you lose your eyepiece which gives you your magnification. Could someone please shed any light on being new to all of this bare in mind my Fiancee has a DSLR I can use. My scope is Celestron Astromaster 130eq, 8MM BST Explorer and 25MM coming soon.
  6. Alright thanks a lot c3po, will do, I was considering the fact we live in miserable UK also lol, however it doesn't seem to be the case today it's scorching! Thanks again!
  7. Hey Ladies and Gents, Today my Fiancée received my lens in the post for an early birthday present, however I remembered I wanted the 5MM, but I'm contemplating whether to exchange it for the 5MM. Telescope Focal Length = 650MM, it's a Celestron 130eq. 6" Aperture Is it worth the extra magnification? I can always get the 5MM at a later date, I'm just eager to get out in it with this new lens because the ones they send with the telescope are Rubbish! Oh the lens is a BST Explorer Thanks.
  8. Ok thanks so much guys, most helpful forum in the universe P.S I asked the missus to put the barlow on the wedding present list, she told me to buy one myself and use it as the wedding ring and marry the telescope instead haha, she bought the telescope in the first place hahaha
  9. Ok thanks guys, also i'm wondering, I just noticed my 20mm eyepiece is an erecting one? what does this mean? Just easier for viewing or what? Or is it just a cheap option for Celestron to include in in their package rather than putting in a plossl one?
  10. I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times but I can't pin point any old threads. Which manufacturers should I be looking at for eyepieces/barlows? My price range would be within 20-60£ And also at this moment what barlow is recommended out there for that price region? And is it worth getting x2 or a x3 barlow? or perhaps even x2.5. Scope: Celestron AM 130eq. EP's: Celestron 10mm, 20mm.(Came with scope)
  11. Alright thanks alot Mike, i'll give it a shot, anyone know what it should look like through my scope? I expect a elliptical cloud type of sight?
  12. Aye, the red dot is useless lol, I just use it for positioning the scope in 'the round about area' where i'm looking for something. Thanks a lot for the advice guys, i'll also look at getting a 32mm soon enough, my upcoming marriage is the money stopper at the moment haha. Thanks, clear skies!
  13. The scope is only small, Celestron 130eq (5inch ap, 650mm FL). But I figured i'd still be able to locate it even if it is small in the scope, or can't it pick it up? I have 20mm and 10mm EP's, barlow soon. No matter how much I look I can't seem to locate it, according to TheSkyX first edition(Program) it should be a little to the right of Jupiter/Triangulum Galaxy in my skies, but I still can't find it. Any tips/suggestions?
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