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  1. Jupiter was a bust last night with a sky of soup so today while still set up I thought I try a different solar setup to get ready for the Mercury transit on the 9th. I'm quite pleased with using a Baader photographic film filter and a solar continuum filter in between that and my ZWO using my SV80ED refractor. Lots of nice detail came through with this setup than I usually get. I did a 4 panel mosaic but was dumb enough to take a phone call in mid session and took too long in between video takes. 2 didn't come out but the best 2 did with the sunspots. I did 5000 frames a take and assembled the best 1000 of those so 2000 frames here using PIPP and then into AS!2 to stack and make a Tiff. Then into PS to slightly tweek. Let me know what you think of the results.
  2. Can somebody tell me what those closest stars are then? I've recovered all the highlights and don't see any other ones closer to Sirius that it could be. Must be one of the 2 closest in there. I'm still hopeful haha.
  3. Collimation looks to be way off and you need to use a Coma Corrector when imaging with most Newtonians or Dobs. Thats why the stars look like they do around the edges. A laser collimator works the treat for me.
  4. I'm not sure myself. Just going by the picture I took. I have another observer that uses SkySafari that it is from what his chart looks like. Of course I want it to be haha! Can you tell me the name of the star it might be then?
  5. This will help to see it proper. It's really quite sharp even at this extreme crop. This was taken on the night of the 30th a few days ago.
  6. After 4 months of rain it's been a glorious 3 nights of crystal clear skies. I even split the Pup! Stellarvue SV80ED and an 8mm Televue Radian. I took a picture of it. The Pup is amazingly sharp even at a crazy crop as this. Hope your skies are as clear as this.
  7. Many thanks for all the kind words here people. A very special shout out to Tonk for all the online help on editing a picture like this one. Not easy! Clear skies to all and Look up!
  8. Many thanks for all the kind words everyone. I'm blown away really. Look up!
  9. Many thanks lensfriends! Here is the original picture. http://http://astrob.in/235478/0/rawthumb/gallery/get.jpg[/IMG]
  10. What a thing to wake up to. I had no idea it just showed up in this morning's mail. Thank you so very much ASTRONOMY magazine and everyone on this fine site for all the help and advice over the years that helped me obtain this image of Catalina. Look up!
  11. There is a definite difference in focus points between the moon,planets and stars. Very slight but it's there.
  12. I always try to focus using the edge of the sphere/disc be it the Moon or Sun. Seems to help. Just back and forth to dial it in. Of course stacking video frames is the best way to do this type of thing. I do get great results from single shots with my DSLR. Hope you can figure it out. Zooming in with liveview really helps. I have a USB focuser on my SCT now. The only way to roll for me.
  13. Kendrick in Canada also makes custom solar filters for observing or photographic use. Check them out. They sell just the rings.
  14. Most autoguider cams now a days have the st4 port built in. You'll need the proper cable with USB to ST4. Might have to make one. Easier to use a USB serial adapter. I suggest FTDI for that Maybe this will work? http://www.365astronomy.com/Ursa-Minor-Autoguider-Interface-with-USB-and-ST-4-Connections.html
  15. Nicely done. I like the names myself. Educates us all. Many thanks.
  16. Thanks for taking the time everyone. Much appreciated!
  17. Many thanks! I'm an artist so of course I never go for proper. Just how I am. Be well Pat.
  18. A quality mount that can handle over 40lbs imaging. The hobby is so much more fun now.
  19. Two wonderfully clear nights in a row after....I kid you not...4 months of almost steady rain here on the coast. We have had maybe 6 days since November were it has not rained. Of course the Moon was out for both nights and looking amazing so it dictated the evenings imaging plan. I've yet to try a mosaic and after seeing some fantastic work here from others decided to give it a go. Not as easy as I first imagined. I have 4 scopes with a variety of focal ranges and combinations I can do but decided to use my SCT with a focal reducer/corrector and my ZWO to go about it. Turns out it's a wonderful set up for this type of thing. My new mount is also a Godsend. I can track the Sun and Moon unguided now for well over 5 minutes before I need to recenter and it makes taking at least 3 minute AVI movies a breeze. I still have not drift aligned it. I just eyeballed the entire thing and it's tracking like a champ. Unbelievable. I tried to get the entire moon in one night. I figured 20 panels would do it and was up till 2 a.m. One thing I've learned is don't image really tired lol. The next day after editing I found that I'd missed quite a few areas. It's all in good fun though. I like the challenge. Here is half of the nights work. This is about 10 panels. Each panel is from about 1000 frames so about 10k frames total. 1200 x 960 each in size. I used PIPP first to sort out the better frames and then onto AS!2 for some refinement of those frames. Then into Registax6 for some wavelet sharpening. Then into PS for a by hand patched mosaic. Let me know what you think of "MoonSlice".
  20. If you crop the original RAW files in PIPP at first your files end up much smaller. I do 2500x2000 at first and get rid of a lot of black area. I do leave some so I have the option to crop more later. The AVI file out of PIPP was 683 MB. I've never had a instance with any of these programs not working with this workflow. Maybe your computer does not have enough memory? In the end the RAW file route and result is very clean. I'm a believer. I do like your stacked moon shot just needs a bit less contrast and some highlight recovery and it's perfect.
  21. Man does that look awesome full size! Well done and inspiring work. Thank you for sharing.
  22. Many thanks! I agree. I really learned a lot from trying this method. A proper tracking mount is the best always.
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