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  1. Hi Steve, I have the same equipment set up here at my research observatory. I mainly use it for school projects here. Another great thing about the set up is it can also be used to trace the orbit of the International space Station on ALL passes whether they be lit, unlit or during the day. Enjoy... Grant.....
  2. Hi Ramsay, Welcome to the lounge from a fellow Scotsman originally from Edinburgh now in Cornwall. Have a look at my website, if you are ever down here don't hesitate to give me a call. Grant.. www.tolcarnobservatory.com
  3. Hi, If you are not adverse to driving to Cornwall, you would be welcome at my observatory complex. Have a look at my website. www.tolcarnobservatory.com All contact numbers are on contact us tab. Grant....
  4. Welcome to the southwest Miranda. Grant.....
  5. Hi all Tolcarn observatory will be open for the Perseids meteor shower on the 11th 12th and 13th of August. There is camping facilities at the observatory with those not adverse to a tent and sleeping bag. No electrical hook up though. Cost.....totally free. I will also open up the observatory research scopes and see what we can see. Details of how to get here are on the web link below. Clear skies to all. Grant.....
  6. There are surrounding fields at the observatory that you can pitch a tent, we can fire the BBQ up as well. Camping is absolutely free, but no electric hook up, but there are shower and toilet facilities here, so if your not adverse to a tent and sleeping bag, and amazing views here, come on down. As I said in my latest post, I will also fire up the observatory scopes!!. Check out the website for contact details and directions. Grant.....
  7. Hi all, Tolcarn observatory will be open for the Perseids meteor shower 11th,12th,and 13th august, good ZHR so should be amazing. Grant.....
  8. Hi, and welcome to the lounge. Ahhhh M13, one of my favourite deep sky objects to look at. There are over 300,000 stars in that globular cluster. I hope you enjoyed it. Grant.... Another Scotsman from Edinburgh living in Cornwall.
  9. One simple way is to get your neighbour into astronomy, then HE will be with you and noise isn't an issue then!!!!!
  10. Hi all, Tolcarn observatory in Cornwall will be open on 11th,12th and 13th of August for the Perseids meteor shower. We will also fire up the observatory scopes and have a complete observing session over the period. Everybody welcome.......Grant.....
  11. Hi Guys, Looking at having an observing session at Tolcarn for the Perseids meteor shower. The peak of the shower is 11th,12th and 13th August. Anybody interested in coming to the observatory, there are fields here to pitch a tent if your not adverse to a bit of camping. It will also give you a chance to look around the observatory and we will fire up the scopes and see what we can see....Woohoo...... no moon on those nights so should be good. Anybody interested, pass the word, details of location and contact number is on the website. Grant..... PS camping free of charge!!!!
  12. Hi David, welcome to the lounge, from another Scotsman from Edinburgh but now living the dream in Cornwall. Grant....
  13. Hi Tom, Welcome to the lounge. Grant....
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