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  1. Hi Martin You have me looking at the 533 now. Of course my rig, from a traditional astro photograpy viewpoint, does not have adequate tracking. But I am coming at this from a video-viewpoint as I believe that current software allows this. If I did want v good pics I would need the software to allow me to correlate and stack lots of short sequences. It is the software aspects as well as the physical attributes that I was hoping for some guidance on. Cost wise the 533 appears well over £100 cheaper and is said to not have the amp glow which is apparent from the 294. This may be a significant advantage for my application. Although the local astro club is not live at the moment I have just been put in touch with an astro photography member who uses the 294. I hope he can give me the benefit of his experience. But I still hope someone reading this is using the 294 (or 533) in a quasi video mode than I envisage and can give me the low down on software. At least all this is reviving my interest in getting out and observing! Ted
  2. Thanks Martin I have a Skywatcher 10" Goto Flextube Dobsonian. f 4.7 (I also have a 5" Dob f 5 on an equatorial mount that I bought cheap to experiment with equatorial mounts). The 10" is mounted permanently in my observatory. I bought it second hand originally for the aperture, not the portability. But once I have the camera, if there is a rush of enthusiasm caused by the new kit I might change the scope. Something to bear in mind as I make my choice. The Dyas video camera was great for bright objects but little else and ended up with a telephoto lens on it that I picked up cheap. It was a good super-finder! Proving to me that I was indeed pointing the Dob in the right direction. I still think that I don't have the patience for astro photography and playing around with lots of processing and colour filters. The ZWO AS1294 MC seems to fit the bill but is a lot of dough (about £1000) and I was hoping to attract comment from people with this or with similar and perhaps cheaper colour cameras and the necessary software and experience to help me not to make an expensive mistake or give me a feeling I'm going in the right direction. I think I need the sensitivity and cooling but am ready to be persuaded especially if there is a lower cost option. I have just taken my observatory HP laptop in to have the overheating sorted (a three year old problem) so something must be stirring in my desire to make better use of my observatory! Ted
  3. Hi Toadeh I too have been dormant for some time (I do wander out to my observatory when the moon is not around). I went the normal route for someone that does not want to be an astro-photographer but wants to see more (increase in aperture - cheap video camera - loss of interest). However I have recently been looking at cameras Like the ZWO AS1294 MC and feel that something like this may be my route to more enjoyable quasi real-time astronomy in our light polluted environment. But this would cost me more dough than my rig and about the same as my second hand observatory. I need more information or interaction with others, that I do not get now the astro clubs are virtual. So I am hoping you get some great replies!
  4. Thanks Steve I have (as you see) a v old second hand 2.7m dome. It has a skirt from the dome inside the structure and there is a large amount of play between dome and wall. I have some 12V dc golf trolley motors and gearboxes which should provide plenty of motive force. I did try a lash up (a couple of years ago) with rubber wheels directly on to the fibreglass. This just ripped up the rubber and I concluded that I needed some form of rack. I have been Thinking of sliding gate gear but something similar to your system may do the job. Due to the afore mentioned play, I think I may need to provide some guidance and was thinking of two motors equally spaced (120 deg) with a dolly that I can later use for measuring movement in the third position. Perhaps there is someone out there who has already done something similar on a dome like mine?
  5. Hi Steve Where did you get the rack and pinion? Ted
  6. Look at: 'Synscan wifi module help' thread.
  7. As it was clear and despite the almost full moon I decided to power up the rig and play with my new tablet. To my horror it 'dumped me out' to borrow an expression from another thread on this subject. ie the synscan app closed down as soon as I connected leaving me on the main screen (apps). Having some experience with my previous tablet I re-opened synscan, went to the settings screen, then pressed connect. It connected OK, stayed connected and worked perfectly when I went back to the control screen. Spent an hour looking at various targets then 'hibernated'. Something that Skywatcher has done to the software means that if you load the current version these problems are worse than they were. If your pad is working well I think you would be well advised not to reload Synscan at the moment.
  8. I have had to upgrade from an Android 4.4.2 device to an Android 6.0 device to get mine to work properly. I have reported elsewhere, but in short I have always had minor problems with my 4.4.2 pad which got worse (but I love the wifi unit when working). Reloading the syscan software meant that it would not work at all, but it worked with my 5.2 phone OK. A new 4.4.2 pad did not work either. I now use a 6.0 pad and it works perfectly.
  9. Now using a pad running Andriod Ver 6.0. Synscan runs perfectly.
  10. I now have a tablet running Android 6.0. It seems to run synscan perfectly! If you are thinking of buying a wifi device, check that your andoid version is not 4.4.2 All I need now is clear skies!
  11. Hi Brown Dwarf I never push my 250p. It has always been less accurate on 'goto' than when you slew it after having pushed it. Somewhere on one of these threads in the distant past there was a tech discussion on the reason for this. I always slew using the handset or wifi unit. I have other problems related to pads I have been using with the wifi unit but, with the unit, I find that accuracy is very much improved and not being tied to the rig is a massive boon in my obs.
  12. Hi I have had the wifi module for 8 months. Most of the time I have been very pleased with it. Synscan is more accurate using it and it is good not to be tied to the rig. I have had to put red screening over the display on my pad and over the green LED on the wifi unit as both disturb my night vision. Firstly - my pad had a habit of changing back to my house wifi, so ensure that it has remained on the synscan wifi unit. Secondly - my pad had a habit, originally very occasionally, of reporting 'sysnscan has stopped'. Sometimes I overcame this just by starting again but later had to go from the sysnscan app to settings, wifi and turn connection off and on again (upping the retry number also helped). Over time this got worse (although I could control OK with my mobile phone - I have other problems with this - but connection and use is perfect). Recently I bought a new cheap pad from Amazon. It had the same problems as the first pad. When I looked the Android version was 4.4.2. I have sent this pad back and am at present thinking of buying a better pad with a different Android version number. Good Luck
  13. Never rains but it pours! Ordered a new cheap tablet from Amazon. Super looking thing, only problem is that it refuses to run sysnscan! 'App not compatible' Wasted another few hours with this and now it is going back. If anyone can advise me on getting the original tablet to work properly I would be grateful. Other-wise please let me know cheap models that work and their android version No. Thanks
  14. Seem to have it working now. Settings/connections Upped retry times to 5, no change. Turned find devices off and on again. Now connecting and working OK. See how it goes for real? ……………………………………….. It did not go! Firstly although working the numbers keyboard did not come up when clicking to input Messier/ngc/etc numbers. Then when re-started the old problem came back.
  15. Hi I have had the Wifi adapter for some time and used it for several months with a cheap android pad. Then, first occasionally and then permanently, the pad/ap started giving the message 'Synscan not working' and switching off when the message is acknowledged. Tried all sorts of things with the pad including removing all apps not wanted and reloading synscan app with no solution. So I have loaded the synscan app on my phone and it works OK. Anyone else had, or better still overcome, this sort of problem with a pad? Ted
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