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  1. A little different to abandoned observatories but still may be of interest. There is a new book that has been published documenting US abandoned space facilities. Its called Abandoned in place, by Roland Miller. The pictures look very atmospheric. here are links to some of the images here. http://www.theguardian.com/books/gallery/2016/feb/24/america-space-race-sites-cape-canaveral-white-sands-vandenberg-edwards-in-pictures http://www.space.com/32393-abandoned-in-place-gorgeous-space-photo-book.html Carolyn
  2. Thank you James yes it could be a print of one of them, although the ones I saw had a circular shape overall. But the constellations seem to be drawn in the same style.
  3. Putaendo, many thanks for the link and information. I knew very little about the maps and that has filled in a great amount of detail. It certainly seems like they were cutting edge maps for that period. I'm so pleased the artist is recognised for his work, they are quite beautifully produced. I will definitely get some pictures when next at the institute and share them here.
  4. The nicest star map I have seen in person was housed at the Royal Institute of Cornwall's library in Truro. It is a collection of 6 circular maps which fold into quarters to fit in a beautiful leather gilded sleeve. It was published by Society for the Diffusion of useful knowledge around the 1840's. I can't find a copy of the exact one here on the net. Next time I'm over there I'll get some photo's. A similar but non circular and later edition is here http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~252500~5518504:-Stars-- I get the feeling this map probably found its way to Cornwall through Edwin Dunkin whom was president of the Royal Institute here for a few years later in the century. I agree with you James, there is always a little bit of disorientation when you first look at the night sky at a completely dark sky location.
  5. Hi Rob thank you for looking into this. That is interesting news. It does seem such a shame that the whole site is stood empty. It would be amazing if it could be utilized and brought back into use. If you don't mind keeping me updated that would be great Carolyn
  6. Lovely shots, especially from a mobile.
  7. James - that looks like a fascinating book. Jay is such an inspirational astronomer. I'll have to order myself a copy. Yes the internet is a wonderful resource but certainly could bankrupt you! Carolyn
  8. I found that 3 episodes of Allan Chapman's program Gods in the sky are avaliable to watch on channel 4's demand site All4. It's a little dramatic in places but a great watch nevertheless. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/gods-in-the-sky/on-demand
  9. Hi Putaendo Patrick, these are wonderfully atmospheric places, but it a shame how the world moves on and leaves empty these once functional buildings. The observatory near Truro in the UK is still there and is still unused. An unfortunate project which never got off the ground. I believe that it is now past repair and would take too much investment to get working. There are more photographs and a description of what went wrong here. http://www.uer.ca/locations/show.asp?locid=29397 I think my favourite comes from the second link and that is the observatory in New York which is now surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides. Carolyn
  10. Wow that is such a beautiful painting. One of my favourites from the art world is this one of The Duchess of Maine, having a lesson in astronomy, painted by Francois du Troy. Dating from the early 1700's it an insight into the wide pastimes undertaken by certain ladies from aristocratic France. More information about it can be found here http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2009/important-old-master-paintings-including-european-works-of-art-n08516/lot.65.html Where it sold for a vast amount of money. I feel though that many astronomers have also been talented artists, with sketches that are both beautiful as well as informative. I love some of the older books astronomers sketches can be found in. The second image is one such it is called Midnight in Saturn and comes from the book Sun, Moon and Stars. by Agnes Giberne draw in 1883. It depicts the view from the surface of Saturn.
  11. We apologise but we have had to change the venue for this event It will now happen at the same time and date but at St Pirans Hall in Goldsithney.
  12. That is a shame we always love meeting new people we run regular meetings on the first Friday of the month in Marazion and anyone on holiday in Cornwall with a interest in astronomy is welcome to come along. more details can be found at http://landsendastronomers.weebly.com/
  13. Hi Ronin The is a annual event which we hold in conjunction with other astronomical societies worldwide. You can find the link here for the parent organisation of this event which is trying to encourage more people to take one night a year to look up and observe our nearest neighbour. http://observethemoonnight.org/ This is a family friendly event which runs from 7pm to 10pm that evening and if it isn't cloudy the Moon will be visable here in the West of the UK for the whole evening. The 8 day old Moon reaches the meridian at 8pm that evening giving the public plenty of oppurtunity to observe it.
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