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  1. Hello. I have been using the same setup, both using a 80mm guide scope, 50mm finder guider and with an OAG. it all works, with the OAG as the best option and the 80mm as the worst. It’s really the wind which is the biggest enemy with this setup. The EQ6 can handle the weight, but you want as much shelter from the wind as possible.
  2. Very exciting indeed. Fingers crossed, and hope to se the usual great Mesu performance. Br. Heine
  3. Interesting read. I’m looking into putting a larger scope on my Mesu, so following this topic closely. Currently my Mesu is comfortly holding my 10” Quattro tight, but I plan to upgrade to a Hubble Optics HNA 16” or preferably 18”. The weight is 35 kg for the 16” and 45 kg for the 18” plus focuser and camera equipment, so could end around 50 kg fully loaded if aiming for the 18”. Your observation of possible flex with a load of 60 kg worries me, as I wouldn’t expect the mount to show visible flex. Could possible flex originate from the RA bearings? When you describe the movement/flex
  4. Hello Bill and Tony, Thanks for sharing experiences with the larger scopes on the mesu. It's reassuring to see the Mesu is up for the job. Bill, I understand that 14" with the dew cap is not happy with wind gusts. Maybe adding heating on the secondary, removing the dew cap and leaving the truss open would make the guiding less sensitive to wind. I'm considering the Hubble Optics HNA (maybe they can build a 16") or the 14" truss newton from Altair Astro (if I can get an offer and an estimation of the weight). Br Heine
  5. Hello all, The performance of the Mesu200 is unquestionable excellent, and I'm very happy with the performance I get from mine with a 10" Quattro riding on top. It performs very well handling a pixelresolution of 0.94" (camera resolution not the RMS which is much better of course). Planning for a future permanent setup under excellent seeing, I wonder if there are any users who has experience regarding the upper limit of the Mesu200 for photographic use. It's tempting to try with a large newton astrograph, but wonder how it would handle a weight close to 60 kg and 0.5" pixel res
  6. Great picture with excellent sharpness and balance.
  7. Thanks for the comment. The seeing was great....probably helped by the fog. Transparency still OK straight up.
  8. Hello all, Last weekend I attended the local star party here in East Denmark - Avnø Star Party. It's a former airfield with nice dark skies. We were lucky to get clear skies. I spend the first night acquiring SII for the Pelican nebula (Image posted in the narrow band challenge) and the second night dedicated M33. Even though we had very high humidity and fog, the data came out nicely. Almost all the time was spent on luminance and only half an hour was left for each colour channel. All 5 minutes subs. It was a surprise the color came out OK with so little data. I blended in 1,
  9. Hello, Here is my version of the Pelican Nebula. Data capture done during several nights from the 14th august to 22nd September 2017. Location, country side one hours drive south of Copenhagen. HA 5nm: 47 x 600 second subs, moon lit nights. OIII 3nm: 29 x 600 second subs, no moon. SQM 21.10 SII 3nm: 37 x 600 second subs, no moon SQM 21.30 Total exposure: 18 hours 50 minutes Calibrated and stacked followed by deconvolve and DPP in Maxim. Layered as Hubble palette and final curves in Photoshop. Reduction of magenta saturation and lightnes to adjust star co
  10. Hello Paul, I'm using the Altair Starbase for my Mesu200 and 10" SW Quattro. I'm a mobile imager, so setting up in the field for each session. I find the Starbase excellent and very solid. The legs of the tripod are permanently attached and folds in/spreads in a second, so setting up is very quick. Beware the total length when folded is fairly long, so you need a bit of space in the car. The legs are not separate, and detaching them for each session is not the intention of the design. I didn't measure but folded the top of the tripod will reach your chest. I can measure if you want t
  11. I have been through the exact same thoughts. An almost new 2nd hand Mesu made the choice a little easier. I just got the equipment delivered this week. Dry run in the flat setting up the software. First light should happen soon. So excited. On paper I think the Eq8 looks great, but based on the positive reports from fan base of the Mesu, this would be the safer albeit more expensive choice. I will post more in a separate tread later. BTW. Went for the Altair Starbase. Great "engineered" match. Br. Heine
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