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  1. Sounds good Ian, what was the turnaround time for your mount? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Emil and Andy just wondering if you had received your mounts back yet? Any feedback on results and performance? Cheers Paul
  3. Hi I use sky flats - Stretch a white t-shirt over the front of the scope and shoot the flats at twilight Works well for me Cheers Paul
  4. Being a school night I only managed 1.5 hours in 10 minute subs on this beautiful target in Cygnus before getting some much needed sleep. Processed using Ron Wodaski's Zone System, I was pleased with the result. This and other images can be seen through my webpage below. Clear skies all! Paul
  5. Great start, it's always good to see what appears when you stack the images together! Good luck with the new CCD, Paul
  6. Welcome! I'm sure you'll find some useful tips and advice here, Paul
  7. Two clear nights in a row, imagine that! Great to see the conjunction; it's amazing how much they have moved since yesterday, Paul
  8. A great opportunity to image the planetary conjunction this evening. Obviously the trio get really close tomorrow but in this game you don't waste any opportunity! Good luck tomorrow everyone! Paul
  9. Hi, that's a tough one, especially as the sky isn't really getting dark until very late at the moment. I'd recommend starting with a few globular clusters. M13, M92, M3 are all visible at present for example, and should be great targets in your scope. If you're planning an observing session, see what constellations are highest in the sky and explore them for deep sky objects. You may also wish to hunt down some galaxies in Ursa Major or Canes Venatici? Have a good session! Paul
  10. Hi, I'd certainly recommend a lunar filter. It will make viewing the moon more comfortable! Several dealers offer them so go with your favourite, Paul
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