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  1. Make it fun for them ? nothing worse especially for kids when things are made and taken to seriously. ?? as above show them the moon, Jupiter. There are stars called the twins (gemini)...
  2. i have a O-III FILTER i bought it with my skywatcher 130.. i paid £110 for the skywatcher 130 scope, red dot sight,larger white sight scope, O -III filter,10mm, 25mm ep and 2x barlow.. the other scope is my older scope passing on the grandson
  3. cheers for that i have a skywatcher 130 so will see what results i get these are from uk optics shop so hopefully good ?? just seen on evil bay same ones are £20 from china ah well s**thappens i will recoup the loss when i buy more bargains over time LOL
  4. are these any good or have i wasted £40 ??
  5. I wander if midnight sky watcher ever finis he'd the observatory
  6. Hope you are getting some great pics.. I'm also in plymouth 

  7. The best I found was to use 25 mm ep and the main scope to find a distance object in my case the window of a factory then lock the scope and then aligned the finder scope to that window ? I then unlocked the scope and used the finder scope on something further away locked scope and checked the view in the main scope ?
  8. The filter I have Is a O -111..like looking at a mirror on both sides but is green when looking through it on the scope but it is different to the moon filter on my other scope which is green to look at and through...
  9. Don't say that ? I just got a skywatcher 130 with eq2 mount... don't want to think I bought a dud ?
  10. I found that using my fingers help. I balanced the scope and weight and used my fingers.. my weight is 2 fingers from the end of the bar and scope ballanced at 1 hand 1 finger from the clamp rings to the sky watcher writing..
  11. Sme4969


    Thank for the welcomes ?
  12. Sme4969


    Hi, guy and gals I found you helpful when I wanted some info on a skywatcher eq2 130.. so I decided to join
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