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  1. welcome from Yorkshire clear sky's matty
  2. welcome from Yorkshire if your mind was blown by the moon you've got a lot to look forward to this winter clear sky's matty
  3. or8 mate , iv got a skywatcher 200p dob and its a fantastic scope for the money cart go far wrong tbf and i have sum astro Revelation binos 15x70 and only cost 55 great deal clear sky's matty
  4. theirs always someone willing to help on slg GREAT SITE GREAT PEOPLE GREAT INFO
  5. greetings from Yorkshire looks an amazing place were you are clear sky's matty
  6. glad i live on a old pit site only lp i get is the odd man lamping his dogs clear sky's matty
  7. welcome from Yorkshire clear sky's matty
  8. yes man made a good start clear sky's matty
  9. you guys seen this http://pocketspacecraft.com/ think its amazing to be fair
  10. garden slops alot with look of pictures lol clear skys matty
  11. welcome to SGL some good info and great people on here ...i got the same scope about a month ago and was blow away ... you wont be disappointed great scope pal
  12. welcome to SGL lost of great people and info on here
  13. spent all last winter looking at the king threw the binos 15x70 but this spring i bought my first scope sky-watcher 200p and cant wait to see it this winter...... going to be amazing frew the scope :icon_king:long live the king
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