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  1. Hi Mark I will take the 4th if still available thanks Kev
  2. Hi Dan I'll take the ST80 if still available thanks Bernard
  3. Hello Is the MT 1 still available ? Could you post a photo please, could be coming through Oxford soon thanks
  4. Hello Kirk If this is still available and Jim no longer as any interest in it, I would be interested please let me know Kev
  5. Derek I will take the Baader 1.25" 45 Degree Erecting Prism if still available thanks Kevin
  6. Vicky If the eye piece is still for sale I would be interested, please let me know Kev
  7. Hello F15Rules I would be interested in the Takahashi Prism Diagonal 1.25" with helical compression retaining ring if still available thanks Kevin
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