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  1. All set up and ready to go here too, showing clear all night as well
  2. Thanks. I now think this may be the biggest issue then as until PHD2 started to warn of this I had very minimal dec backlash which wasn't a problem to PHD2. Thanks for the suggestion, I've done this for a long time and last time out also tried guiding in one direction only and RA dithering only. It didn't help the calibration of course but did seem to stop the constant struggle back and forth during guiding. I was hoping to tackle this at source (which might be beyond me by what you've said), so I will keep an eye out for a replacement drive for the time being if I can get one cheap enough. They seem to be getting rarer to find now though, so failing that an EQ6-R Pro may be on the cards.
  3. My Meade LXD75 is extremely loud and high pitched at full slew. So bad that straight after purchase 8 years ago I immediately changed the HC setting to quiet slew and have left it there ever since. Although I wouldn't describe it as quiet myself, it's comparatively so and cuts the the noise by over half. Takes maybe three times as long to complete a 180 degree slew but I only really image so makes no difference at most twice a night. It's still loud enough that I wouldn't slew if my neighbours window was open though because I set up only 3 feet from my house, right next to the boundary and live in a semi-detached.
  4. An interesting read following that, thanks. Probably not something I will ever do myself but have bookmarked it with other guides just in case!
  5. Sorry, been snowed under with work and didn't see this. The only photo I have at the moment is this, don't know if it will be of any help. I'd removed the three bolts form the right hand side to try to slide the motor out but the ferrite core (?) won't go through the housing without cutting the wires. I didn't want to do that there and then but will do if necessary and resolder after. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that. I'd got it back together and was outside when you replied, sorry. Everything else feels good and tight so I didn't bother messing with the worm and wheel mesh as I think I managed to sort that a couple of years back, I think the issue is the motor shaft now. Everything was back to 'normal', at least I hadn't made anything worse. Just as a test as I haven't done it properly before, I guided in one direction and dithered in RA only. Not too happy to dither long term like that but it seemed to work to keep the dec more under control. I haven't stacked anything to see if that will be noticeable yet. An EQ6 Pro purchase may be closer than I thought though!
  7. Oh, yes thanks, forgot to say that the grub screw is sat on the flat of the shaft and tight, no detectable movement at all between them. The shaft will also move in and out of the motor housing maybe by about a mm or two, so if I understand what you're saying that would indicate that the bearings have had it?
  8. I have an old problem with massive dec backlash that PHD2 is struggling with and I'm trying to get it sorted now. I have the motor off and have some play in the gear. After checking that the gear grub screw was tightened down on the shaft (it was), I have realised that the gear shaft turns with the gear and so the play appears to be within the motor itself If I was to open the motor up is it likely that there would there be some way of tightening the shaft? Or has the motor had it? Dec.mp4
  9. Noted, thanks. I'm hoping the WD40 will do the trick!
  10. Think I'll do that too, cheers.
  11. Lol, not sure about that, you haven't seen the state of it!
  12. Hmmm.... sounds like a plan. Think I might give that a go tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. Hand turning it, there's a tiny bit of play, then it catches and moves the motor. Same in both directions. Thinking about it, I hope it IS the grub screw catching the edge of the flat section and not that the spindle is fully tight to the gear and the spindle itself is loose inside the motor. I didn't have a close look at the spindle at the time to see if it was turning with the play. Does that make sense?
  14. Thanks, I did give it a little squirt before putting it back together, the allen key isn't due to arrive til probably Wednesday so I'll do it again Tuesday. Then, fingers crossed! I really don't want to have to drill it out and find another grub screw!
  15. Good luck for tonight for those with clear skies None here unfortunately. Had my dec motor apart this afternoon to try to get to the bottom of severe backlash. Keep getting warnings from PHD2 and the guide star only ever comes about half the way back South. The worm shaft and mesh both seemed very secure but there was slight rotation on the motor cog and the grub screw was not sitting properly on the flat of the shaft. Managed to twist a 1.5mm allen key totally out of shape trying to remove the screw as it's corroded in! Have ordered a Wera Hex-Plus allen key which looks much stronger than the usual allen key. Hopefully have it sorted before the next clear sky.
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