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  1. Just wiring up a new Mount power hub for my much neglected observatory - I have a 12V 30A switched power supply that outputs 3 x 12V rails, that I want to power; Celestron CGE, startech USB3 hub, SGL focuser, Astrozap dual channel dew controller and probably a small primary mirror fan. Can I assume the PSU provides approx 10A to each rail? Is there a clever way I could wire in a single DC Volt/Ammeter, so I could either see the combined output over all three rails, or perhaps have some form of switch so I could monitor one at a time? I could of course buy three, but lack the space to mount multiple meters on the front of my box and keen to keep things as dark as possible.
  2. I'm using mine, but have just measured them at 92-93mm diameter if this helps. Sure that 90mm allow sufficient range to accommodate.
  3. My 80m makes a lovely white light solar scope, but hasn't been out since last summer - time to renew old acquaintances!
  4. I did get out and measure last night - all looked possible, admittedly after two glasses of wine! Worst case I should be able to bring the centre of balance forward with some additional weights, but will see how it balances out with the fw and image train. I should get away with the ota at 60% forward and 40% back and hope the dome provides sufficient dew protection (the secondary heater may help here, but generally try to avoid heat if possible when imaging).
  5. Thanks Helen, sounds perfect to me. Will do my measuring up tonight. Jake
  6. Helen, I didn't know they made them in blue, but the spec is good and it has all the right bits even at 8-9 years old. I don't strictly need the Stellar-cat and Argo Navis but can probably sell these on, so definitely be interested if you would like to have a think and message me on price and possibly send a couple of pics if the condition/spec has markedly since 2012. In the mean time I will get the tape measure out and confirm the insanity of my plans
  7. Just refining the spec, I'm ideally looking for the VX14 or VX16, but would consider a good VX12L - I'm looking to gain a bigger mirror and more focal length over my existing VX10 f4.8, but have constraints on mount capacity CGE (65lbs+ - bearing in mind this is for planetary and shorter exposure) and swing space within a 2.2m dome (there's only about 70mm difference in tube length between the VX12L and VX16).
  8. Glad to see you are finally getting around to this build, it has been a long time a coming. Quite a challenging site for a build, but will be good to have a raised deck/base as the floor, which should keep you and the equipment safe from any flood waters. I'm sure that West Country builders built the shed square and the dry stone wall is still standing, so blaming camera distortion. Are you rolling the roof off uphill towards the house, or going for extra long legs on the downhill end and does this affect the warm room? Hope you get the time and weather to enjoy the build and some clear skies this autumn and winter to sit back and enjoy the views.
  9. Does anybody have a big VX that's not seeing enough use - ideally after something with 1/8 or 1/10 optics for planetary imaging, globs, comets.....
  10. Steve - Sorry to miss this post on SGL, but glad to catch it on ABS - funds sent this morning via BT.
  11. surely you need the GEM to counter the effect of the universe rotating around it's fixed central point (the flat earth)
  12. It is a bit of a beast, but not quite the capacity of an EQ8. It should cope with a good 30kg (or a fully loaded C14, should one come along in future) and no doubts it will see me out! Cheers Stu - not quite grab and go portable, but could travel to a star party (I did fit the whole thing and pier in to my old Nissan Micra!). The massive tripod and extension (electronics pedestal) raise this up to a good height and it would make a good candidate for swinging a big Istar refractor
  13. A tale of two mounts - not too much between my old HEQ5 and it's replacement, a Celestron CGE. Unless your compare counterweight shafts. Though the CGE wants a pedestal (for the electronics).. I think I have a solution to fit this on my existing pier, though it came with it's own pier and a massive Celestron tripod. I will need to test and adjust to find the right height in my pulsar dome and order a Losmandy dovetail in from FLO.
  14. Things certainly were over engineered to last back in the day. Glad to hear your Dad's had such a good return on investment and hope he's still fit/active and able to offer some advice over your projects.
  15. My original intention was to be able to make some mounting hardware and adaptors. I would love to have a proper mill, but having such a limited space will play with what I have for the moment. Making a mount would be a true test of engineering prowess - I will try some worm and gear hobbing, but doubt I will ever achieve the accuracy required for a stepper driven mount. Perhaps something friction or belt driven with a renishaw encoders
  16. Not actually heated, but I've stopped the drafts and, when the tumble drier's running in what used to be the other half of the garage it's nice and toasty!
  17. Peter, if you look down from the headstock of the Colchester, you might notice a few Boxford bits on the floor. I picked up a saddle, cross slide, apron, tailstock and countershaft a few years back and haven't had the heart to throw them out.
  18. Chris, for some reason I've only just picked up the update on this thread, but nice to see this up and running. This looks nice, clean and all there and will really look nice once it's painted up. Not sure if I would go down the blue hammerite route though, it's not the best finish - any engine enamel should be hard and oil resistant enough and go straight on to an etching primer - Paragon paints do a range of enamels in lathe colours (Myford, Colchester, Boxford) https://www.paragonpaints.co.uk/Myford-Lathe-Green.html - these have a long wet edge and should give a decent finish with a brush. Prep, degreasing and careful masking are the key! Did you make up the motor and countershaft stand? It's nicely done and I really like the flat belt tensioner clutch arrangement
  19. Thanks all - though I must state I've pretensions, but no real claim to be an engineer! Forgot to mention that the Lathe weighs in just a little short of half a tonne - Although I had a hand to collect and get it home, I manhandled it into the garage and final position on my own over two weeks ago, pulling muscles I didn't know I possessed! Seriously hoping that this is my last house and lathe! I will be bequeathing the lathe in my will with the other chattels
  20. Thanks Steve - I'm concentrating on going very slowly and not loosing any fingers, but I now know who to ask now when I get stuck
  21. It's taken a long time, but the home workshop is finally a reality - some two years and a half years since moving in. Rather bijou at roughly 8'x8' and plenty still to do (shelving, replace the old up and over with side hinged doors and make space for my 'new' pillar drill). But everything works and I am officially open and ready to start playing I'm thinking some basic steam/standing engines as an introduction and something to engage my lad. 'The World Turns on Colchester Lathes' - Those were the days! I wimped out a little and brought a Transwave Static Converter to run the Lathe via the existing wiring harness as this will run both the lathe and suds pumps (suds pump can only run at the same time as the lathe motor). I will probably keep an eye out for a 3 phase 240V motor and digital converter in the future, but not cheap and would have to either replace the suds pump or buy another converter just for this. The pillar drill is easier (being single phase 240V), but still languishing at the office until I find space (and own up - though this was my cheapest purchase at £ 56!). This is a massive and lightly used Naerok (Korean made) PID25P, with a 1.1KW motor and 9 speeds up to 2550. I'm hoping I can gently abuse this for a little aluminum and brass milling, having picked up a basic Axminster compound table in my local classifieds. At least it's sorted out my cloudy night activities for this winter!
  22. Look forward to seeing this and probably will have a look at the Nema17's too! Worth saying I struggled with 28byj-48 steppers, which was not quite enough to move the OC2 focuser, FW, Barlow and Cam on my OO newt (via 10-30 MX belt reduction). However, earlier in the thread someone pointed to a 12v version of this motor which has worked brilliantly (even working supporting my DSLR and coma corrector). Though, if you are directly connecting to the focuser shaft a more powerful stepper like the NEMA17's is needed.
  23. Thanks Steve - Just looking at doing this for my own 2.2m pulsar and was originally thinking of using DC motors/wheels. However, I really like the idea of a bonded CNC drive belt as this could serve dual purpose (drive and a rotary encoder) - Any chance you could post a few pics and comments on the belt and how you bonded this.
  24. At F5 it might be worth looking at a coma corrector to correct theses wider field views! I got a Celestron Ultima LX that gave very decent views with my old F5 AR152/760 nr petzval, but in my SW 200P it was always paired with the coma corrector.
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