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  1. Phil, it's perfect and I would love to give this another home in my observatory - though it's a fair old trip up from the IOW and I couldn't take the day off and make this before 6th November. Happy to pay a fair deposit in advance, but are you willing to sit on it for a couple of weeks?
  2. I thought the PI kings preferred the standard C14 XLT - the flatter field is a bit wasted on PI and the HD's take longer to cool down. Though I note this has an after market cooler - probably great for the wider field comet shots. I would still love it, but just blown the budget on a lathe and pulsar dome ?
  3. Lots of work cleaning and removing the old silicon seals, but ready now to go in - just need some new anchor bolts, silicon and my big drill from work....
  4. Resurrecting an old thread - the long trailed 'new obs' is back on, though the DIY may be confined to automation of rotation and shutter. Just acquired a s/h pulsar 2.2m dome and ready to enjoy the dark nights of winter ?
  5. All sorted and now equipped with a nice 2.2m pulsar, compliments of eBay ?
  6. Well the good news is I'm now the proud owner of 960lbs of British engineering prowess! Colchester Bantham MK1 with metric dials and gears 'Condor' spec. Just need to break the news at home and clear a space ready ?
  7. Thanks Roger, I had looked at some of the Transwave rotary inverters, but a big thank you for the introduction to Newton Tesla - these look really useful either for the Idrive2 or a new pre-wired motor and inverter. Great pricing on these!
  8. Browsing at Lathes.co.uk it seems I need the more expensive 240V 1 phase to 415V 3 phase inverter.... Like this one from Drives Direct - rated at 2HP for £460 pounds! I'm thinking I can probably buy a cheaper inverter and 240V 3 phase motor for this sort of money....
  9. Nice job Gina and thanks for posting the pricing (if only this was available for my office on the IOW). Hope they have you up and running in short order!
  10. Wow - who would have thought Upottery would be in the lead for gigabit fibre to the premise, but great result for you! Out of interest what sort of price are they asking. If you are digging the trench and providing the fibre cable between your house and the kerbside connection point, it's probably cheaper to get a pre-terminated cable of long patch lead - but let me know what they are specifying (OS1/2 simplex/duplex, length and type of connectors) I've got lots of bits knocking around the office which you would be most welcome too. Only a little bit envious!
  11. I'm thinking about upgrading from my old Portass Dreadnought to a 'proper' little lathe - Colchester Bantham 1600 Mk1 Condor (with Metric dials and leadscrew). It's a nice compact machine, only marginally larger than the Portass's footprint with greater swing and substantially built (some 450kg). This comes with a 3 Phase 415V dual would motor which and, rather than swap to single phase and rewire, it seems most people are running these through a 3 Phase inverter - though there seems to be a huge range in price and different types of inverter. Can anyone offer any advice, or point me at a good guide on a suitable type? I want to allow enough budget for the inverter and installing a new 240V fused supply to the workshop if needed (short 10m run from the fuse board)!
  12. I would love one please - I was just about to push the button at FLO! - Please PM PP e-mail address!
  13. Having finally lashed out on a small CCD (Atik 414EX M - thanks Astro Mick!), I am now discovering what a huge PITA it is to assemble an image train of the desired length. I picked up an ED80 and the matched SW Reducer/Flattener back in the spring and have a an SX filter wheel, off axis guider, a huge selection of adaptors and T2 extension tubes - but after hours spent trawling through the loft, shed and garage, it seems the OAG just isn't going to fit without pushing the image train 8-9mm longer than the prescribed 55mm. Sadly this will mean guiding with 60mm guide scope, and purchasing more bits (a M48-T2 adaptor and pack of delrin spacers from FLO). To offset my despondent mood, I added an HA filter to the order. I was really looking forward to having a neat, simple and well balanced imaging setup for my HEQ5 - I realise now this was an ecstatic delusion I'm pretty sure I could manage without the FF on such a small chip, but it would be a full stop slower!
  14. Yes please Mick - please pm me preferred payment details!
  15. A long shot, but should anyone be up/down sizing, retiring or on the move please pm me.
  16. Nothing wrong with that forecast, you just need a few 1000m's of elevation to get above the pesky cloud base;)
  17. Could I have the AA adaptor plate - please pm price and prefered payment method with postage to PO355QT - Jake
  18. It is strange how the preview can be such a fickle guide to the end result. I have nights when I can see real detail in preview and disappointing results - other nights the opposite when preview mush turns out decent results. Would be interested to hear theories on this! Still joy to be had from the peace and process
  19. Well done John, great image - you did very well keeping that on the chip by hand at that focal length 3000mm+
  20. The clouds a killer - hopefully tomorrow will be clear. Still worth having a go at dusk and Dawn if you can find Jupiter, it's bright enough even as the sky turns blue.
  21. Unusually things were fair and pretty stable last night and I managed to get a dozen decent runs in - might even feel an animation coming on! Anyway a quick taster for anyone watching - I believe that Ganymede was in transit, though I lost it after it crossed on to the disk - maybe it went behind! Resized 125% but otherwise a very quick trial process - never seem to get much further than this, but perhaps one wet week I may get some time to settle in to it
  22. Thanks Michael - look forward to the new process and thanks for the link, looks like Emil's been hard at work so will give the new version a test drive on last nights data
  23. Really nice results Michael and nice depth/detail in this. Catluc squeezes the extra detail out, but on balance I think I prefer the slightly smoother/softer process on this. What's with this AS!3 then - have you got a direct link into Emil's alpha test programme
  24. Excellent result and loads of detail from the 200P - working very nicely indeed!
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