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  1. Such a good topic! I've just finished the groundworks for mine, and yep, I kept digging. And digging. And digging. Followed by mixing. And mixing. And mixing. Top advice
  2. Love the photo of the paint drying! That's made my morning! ? Seriously though, congratulations on an impressive build!
  3. Morning ? I'm in a similar position to yourself at the moment. Remember that many people keep their mounts on a pier in roll off roof observatories. Some of them nothing more than a traditional shed with a few strengthening tweaks. Good suggestion about letting air get round it though. I do have an old bed sheet over mine just as a dust cover, but that's all. As long as you don't have water coming through the roof, you should be fine ?
  4. That could be tricky recommendation to make as inherently they get more expensive the bigger they get. I think the second hand market would be a good place to start. I have a 2" explore scientific which I am really pleased with, but not exactly cheap though. However, one bit of advice I was given when I was looking for mine was to consider the weight of the eyepiece. When you're talking that sort of size, they can be very heavy and you might find your dob will struggle to hold position with the eyepiece in place. Especially if you are viewing at around 50deg ish and lower. Before committi
  5. Hi Richard, UHC filter maybe? I have a similar scope to you, and the UHC filter helps me with various nebulae. Also, I have experienced dew problems with the secondary mirror and Telrad. However, when you start talking dew prevention, the budget soon starts becoming an issue, unless you are interested in DIY and don't mind having a go at making your own controller etc. There are plenty of DIY threads on making them if you're willing to give it a go. You don't mention any books that you might have bought, but I can recommend the Sky and Telescope Pocket Atlas. It's a good atl
  6. Hi Ross I encountered something similar and went with the DIY option. I put it on my blog a couple of years ago. The first part is just a basic resistor ladder, but scroll down a bit to the part where I made one for the secondary. http://www.astromadness.co.uk/p/diy-dew-heater.html?m=1 It's based on 12v, not 9v though. Good luck! Tony
  7. I bought a railway sleepers (new, not reclaimed) cut it in half and bolted them back to back. I put some pictures and a description on my blog. Scroll down through this post for the details.. http://www.astromadness.co.uk/p/diy-astronomer.html?m=1 Hope it helps Tony
  8. Hi Graham, Depending where you are in the country, in my opinion it's well worth looking for a workshop based around PI to attend. I went to one last year with Gary Palmer. It was a full day workshop with theory covered in the morning. Then, he covered a solid, basic Pixinsight workflow in the afternoon. I found it really useful. You can ask questions and get some excellent tips throughout. I wrote pages of notes which I still refer back to. http://www.astrocourses.co.uk/courselist.html Also, Mitch (Astrodude on YouTube) has produced a really helpful 12 video series on Pixinsigh
  9. My EQ6-R Pro does the same. It has the latest firmware on it as I flashed it the day it arrived a couple of months ago. Must admit though, I'd never really thought about the question it asks. On the other hand, it seems to work absolutely fine as a mount, and with PHD2 as well.
  10. Hi there, this might not be exactly what you're after, but as it happens, today I have spent some time making a pier mount for my EQ6-R Pro. I think a couple of companies make them from milled aluminium, but in my opinion, they cost quite a bit for what they are. Undoubtedly though, they are the tool for the job. However, having said that, I bought a brake disc for a 1994 1.6l Seat Ibiza which just so happens to have the correct size hole for the mount to fit into. I don't know if the EQ6 R and the EQ6R-Pro have the same dimensions, but I believe the size of the hole is 65mm. If your
  11. Morning everyone, as the title says really. I have a 2 inch steel tripod from skywatcher already. I have ordered a EQ6-R Pro mount which I asked to be delayed for delivery until I am around to receive it. However, on my pier, I have used a brake disc as a pier adapter for my old AVX mount which works brilliantly. I want to replace that with a suitable brake disc for my new skywatcher mount. If the steel tripods are the same across the whole range of skywatcher mounts (EQ8 I think is the exception), then I already have what I need to get the dimensions and source what I need. If they
  12. Wow, thanks Michael! I won't be able to leave until around 9.30. I'm using a hire van which I am picking up at 8.00am, so by the time I load it and grab my supplies from the supermarket, it's going to take up a bit more time. The last time I went anywhere in Norfolk, I was a teenager in the halcyon days of chasing after a young lady! Those were the days! Really looking forward to it though. Have a safe trip over ?
  13. Yep, I'll be popping my Kelling cherry too. I'm on T369, arriving Thursday afternoon with any luck. I would usually go to Astrocamp in Cwmdu, but it's time to try somewhere new. Looking forward to it, if only for the break away from home! I look forward to meeting everyone. Tony
  14. @Ceramus It's never something that occurred to me before I started looking to be honest. I've got a dob too, but that gets man handled out the shed for observing. The build will be to accommodate a lightweight imaging rig. @MarsG76 Noted. Thanks for your input. @Bizibilder Thanks for your reply too. Now I know that I can leave the scope in different positions, it gives me a little more flexibility. Thanks everyone! Tony
  15. Thanks Steve. I've spent the last week going through I don't know how many observatory build threads on 3 different forums trying to get some ideas. I look forward to adding mine to the list come Summer time :-)
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