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  1. Thanks that’s what my initial plan was going to be
  2. I was thinking of getting a 130pds and have seen the images that have been taken with it on here look really good, and it’s a lot cheaper. Just wanted to know what people’s thoughts were.
  3. Hi, Looks like a nice set of kit nice to know about the solar filter. May I ask how heavy it is if possible? ( the mount)
  4. I have realised this after reading many posts about AP haha luckily There are some decent free programs ( i hope) that I can use. Have just looked at your link, makes me want to get into it even more nice images.
  5. Hi gav, thanks I don’t want to get anything too complicated while I start out. I need to do some more research by the time I make the plunge. Will note down those other things to get . olly
  6. Hello again, ive done some thinking and I’ve decided that I want to save some funds for getting a good set up for AP as this is what I really want to do. My budget will probably be £1000-£1200 saving £50 or so every month towards the kit. ( better to do that then blow all your money and be bank rupt for the rest of the year ) Even if it takes a year or longer I know it’s going to be worth it in the long run. Anyway, I have been doing some reading on here and using Every Photon Counts ( need to re read it as I still dont understand it properly) people are saying that the HEQ5 is the bare
  7. Don’t forget the one on bbc4 at 10, not sure how good that’s going to be.
  8. That was another I was looking at didn’t know it could be used manually as well
  9. Thanks for that. I was looking and would like to get a good view of planets I was looking at the sky max 102 which was mentioned above is this better for planets than the Startravel? I prefer the az gti mount on the skymax
  10. No worries. Is this the one your talking about https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi/sky-watcher-skymax-102-az-gti.html
  11. Hello, ive still haven’t made a decision on what telescope to buy yet ( been very hard to decide what to get ) My Max budget is £400 if I know it’s worth the price.I’m looking for something that’s relatively simple and easy to set up. I was thinking about the 200p but I think that maybe a bit awkward for me and was looking to do some sketching so a goto Mount or something similar would help. I’ve found this scope https://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-startravel-102-synscan-az-goto.html I was wondering if anyone has used this scope or knows more information about it than I
  12. Apparently they are called bolides this sounds similar to what you just had https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolide
  13. Haha. Was going to on have one bag on my back for eyepieces and stuff and that bag I mentioned in one and base in another ( and the torch in my Mouth?!) i was looking at golf trolleys earlier but not sure if the ota would fit on it wouldn’t be much use for me but maybe for other people.you can also get electric ones which would be handy.
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply, the bag was for storage as well maybe get a small bag for eyepieces etc. wasn’t sure about the bag for the dimensions but looks ok not sure what the quality is like . Will have a look at the bags you mentioned. The washer sounds abit of a pain haven’t heard that problem before reading other threads.
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