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  1. Hi Looking for some advice. I'm considering buy one of the following: - Altair triband filter - Altair quadband filter - Optolong L-eNhance dual band filter What are the pro's and con's of each and how good are they at filtering out moonglow? I'd be using it with a QHY163c OSC camera. Thanks
  2. £35 inc P&P Barely used in excellent condition. Just the Luminance Filter left.
  3. ZWO motorised Filter Wheel for 5x 1.25" or 5x 31 mm filters Barely used (thus the sale) £120 Description The filter wheel is inserted between the focuser and the camera or eyepiece. It allows a quick change of filter by simply turning the wheel. The EFWmini motorized filter wheel is very thin - the filters are only 10mm away from the sensor, so even with high-intensity telescopes there is no vignetting. If you work with unmounted 31mm filters instead of 1.25" filters, you can even use objectives up to f/2, without any annoying vignetting! Power consumption is very low. You can, for example, easily operate the filter wheel through the camera's USB hub (if available). Delivery also includes a 1.25" holder if you do not wish to use the T-thread.
  4. Baader narrow Band Filter set (1.25") £190 Ha (7nm), OIII & SII Barely used (thus the sale)
  5. Atik 414EX Mono CCD (Price includes UK P&P) £900 Excellent condition. Comes with a mains adaptor as well as a battery power connector. Sensor Type CCD - Sony ICX825 Horizontal Resolution 1392 pixels Vertical Resolution 1040 pixels Pixel Size 6.45 µM x 6.45 µM ADC 16 bit Readout Noise 5e- typical value Interface Mini-USB 2.0 High Speed Power 12v DC 1A Maximum Exposure Length Unlimited Minimum Exposure Length 1/1000 s Cooling Termoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-30°C Weight approx. 400 gr Backfocus 13mm
  6. Altair Astro 6" F9 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph Telescope £300 Includes: - 2" Dual Speed Crayford Focuser - 3x Focuser extension tubes (2x 25mm and 1x 50mm) - 2x Vixen dovetail bars plates top and bottom - 6" F9 true hyperboloid primary & secondary Mirrors (1370mm Focal Length) - Low weight of about 5.5kg Good condition. Based in between Oxford and Aylesbury. Any questions please ask.
  7. Unfortunately not. I basically built the frame, attached it to the removed rood section, put the castors on and then aligned the aluminium runners when it was put on.
  8. Phase two now finally complete. New baby though so not much imaging in the near future...
  9. Hi Dave I think this is probably the best/only option short of paperclips which i'm not keen on. Seems odd to sell an adaptor for £90 that can't be used on most current lenses.
  10. Thanks but it doesn't solve the issue. Unfortunately Nikon lenses basically close to their min aperture when taken off the body so f16 on a nikon 50mm afs.
  11. Unfortunately it doesn't work... Defaults to min aperture on taking the lens off.
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