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  1. Altair Astro 6" F9 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph Telescope £300 Includes: - 2" Dual Speed Crayford Focuser - 3x Focuser extension tubes (2x 25mm and 1x 50mm) - 2x Vixen dovetail bars plates top and bottom - 6" F9 true hyperboloid primary & secondary Mirrors (1370mm Focal Length) - Low weight of about 5.5kg Good condition. Based in between Oxford and Aylesbury. Any questions please ask.
  2. Unfortunately not. I basically built the frame, attached it to the removed rood section, put the castors on and then aligned the aluminium runners when it was put on.
  3. Phase two now finally complete. New baby though so not much imaging in the near future...
  4. Hi Dave I think this is probably the best/only option short of paperclips which i'm not keen on. Seems odd to sell an adaptor for £90 that can't be used on most current lenses.
  5. Thanks but it doesn't solve the issue. Unfortunately Nikon lenses basically close to their min aperture when taken off the body so f16 on a nikon 50mm afs.
  6. Unfortunately it doesn't work... Defaults to min aperture on taking the lens off.
  7. Thanks but the same issue with G lenses. There's no way to change the aperture
  8. Thanks Dave. It seems odd to sell an adapter that looks nice but is totally non-functional. I cant really see the benefits of imaging at f16-22...
  9. Is this from personal experience with a Geoptik adaptor and Nikon G lens? There are conflicting accounts on the internet some of which say the lens defaults to max aperture when the camera is turned off... Thanks
  10. Looking for some advice. I'm interested in a CCD widefield setup for my AstroTrac. I've got a Nikon DSLR thus want to use my Nikon glass coupled with my QHY163c. If I got a Geoptik Nikon adapter though (https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-nikon-slr-lens-ccd-adaptor.html) how do you set the aperture on a G lens with no aperture ring? Thanks
  11. The moon is about the only thing i've ever imaged with a DSLR when its out. There's a frustrating correlation between clear nights and the moon being out... I normally leave the DSLR inside and do narrowband but thats another 'journey'...
  12. If you did it the night before last the moon was out and very bright. I've concluded there's absolutely no point doing any DSO imaging when the moon's up. Everything is just washed out and impossible to recover (at least with my processing skills).
  13. Most likely the Bergerac/Bordeaux region. I was there a few years ago and had fantastic clear skies. Where did you go?
  14. Agreed, I got lazy a few years ago and stopped taking flats and darks. I need to get back into the habbit. Flats are easy as they're quick you just need an even light source but darks are a bit of a [removed word]... I'm keen to try my 70-300mm out at the long end to see how it compares to my Equinox 66. Can't wait for the south of France summer holiday now!
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