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  1. HEQ5 Pro and PHD2 Movements

    I had the same issue a few years ago. Turned out to be a balance issue. At certain angles my RC6 was going into freefall. It only did it when guiding for some reason not when normally slewing.
  2. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Yep, all good. They were the right way around.
  3. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    I did start to question my own sanity on this last night. I think I did. In the pic (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/rgb-filters-filter-sets/baader-lrgbc-ccd-filter-set.html) sitting in the filter wheel with the glass closest to the CCD i.e. the indented filter cell pointing towards the ccd. Does that even make sense?
  4. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Frustrating... Its new...
  5. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Not sure. I'll check this evening to make sure they're all clean and clear.
  6. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    I'll experiment without the OAG when we next get a clear sky.
  7. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Here's one of each channel.
  8. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Thinking about it, there looks to be a small chip in the optic on the OAG. Could that be causing some light scatter/reflection of some sort?
  9. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Definitely not. I've done that once before...
  10. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Thanks for the response. All done last night. I took around 10 L then realised i'd not connected the filter wheel so connected and took the R, G and B. All in all around 30 mins. No meridian flip as far as I can remember.
  11. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Ooops. To be honest, I have no idea... Trying again. A more manageable JPEG.
  12. I'm confused... I recently got a Skywatcher ED80 and had a chance to use it last night. After several hours of sorting issues with my mount and OAG i got some short exposures on M45. Equipment was ED80, Reducer/flattener, Atik 414, ZWO electronic filter wheel, Baader LRGB filters and ZWO OAG. Why are there diffraction spikes of different colours? Atik 414 - L15m, R3m, G3m, B3m - ED80 v4.tif
  13. HEQ5 rowan belt mod

    Just completed mine and itching to find out if its improved things or not. I found aligning the RA and Dec worm gears challenging but worked out that I had over tightened one float and massively under tightened the other. I fracture my finger and almost took it off as well but that's another story down to stupidity... All in all the mod was reasonably easy following the instructions. Give yourself a decent amount of time i.e. 4-6 hours of peace and quiet.
  14. apex or pent for diy obs

    I agonised about both designs but concluded that a pent shed is easier to modify. Its not the best job but i'm pretty happy with my Pent obsy.
  15. Finally Complete

    I went through the same dilemma but settled on the pent in the end. Less cutting and I figured it would be more stable.