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  1. Yes. So whole lot moves together. Rough with mirror then fine with crayford. There is no change of length focal reducer
  2. Hi. I used the focal reducer spaced to the camera with the sct t adapter. Then slid into the crayford focuser with a 2 inch to sct male adapter. Focus was achieved with the crayford dialed half way out. Then rough focus with the main sct focuser. It allowed the ultra fine in/out focus with the crayford. That was with a 10 meade and 6.3 reducer. Hope this helps and clear skies
  3. I had a problem with led lighting. Was real bad glare. Emailed a polite query to the council. (Bexley) explained I do astrophotography and the problem and asked could they put a shield on the lamp. Within a week they put a side shade on. Unfortunately that only cut it down by 50%. I wrote giving an update and thanked them again and said about only 50% block. The came and fut another shade on the rear too and now I have none. Of course it's been cloudy since but where my scope can only go is glare free. It's always worth asking as nothing to lose. Clear skies.
  4. Hi, I had similar problem. I downloaded the eqascom driver from the skywatcher site and installed the drivers. Hope this helps.
  5. Looks really good. You should be well pleased with that I would. I'd like to get low horizon but have trees. Cant get the planets and mars only just.
  6. Turned out to be camera cable. causing problems making apt freeze.
  7. Could be a long night trying sort out apt which seems to be crashing every 5 mins.
  8. Perhaps a sundial. Then pop it off and put your extension on/in?
  9. Pop to a welder. Should be able to braze it together.
  10. Welcome. Not the cheapest of hobbies tho.
  11. Robert Hayes


    Hello all from London way. Just modded my Canon 550d with the I/R removal. Hoping for clear skies soon. Just getting into the Astrophotography.
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