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  1. Hello everyone. After a break of 18 months I'm just getting back in to imaging. I use the synscan pro app with a wifi module and last night attempted a two star alignment (several times). Usually the mount will be told to slew to the given location as you all know. However each time it came to the first star, synscan pro failed to send an instruction. It basically came up with the manual adjustment bar that displays once it the mount has slewed. If I skipped this to test, it had no problem slewing to the second star. I hope this makes sense and would welcome any comments. Steve
  2. The ever popular Orion Nebula was my first DSO - captured a couple of weeks back. Mixture of 4 mins, 2 mins, 1 min and 30 sec subs, unguided. Stacked in Pixinsight and processed in PS. HEQ5, SW ED 80 DS, Canon 5d mkii Steve
  3. My settings were: exp time 30 sec, ISO - tried all between 3200 and 6400. I'm wondering if I didn't zoom enough....
  4. Hi, So after finally finding out was has been wrong with my HEQ5 I set up last night on the very cold but clear Hants / Surrey border. Polar aligned, and attached my Canon 5D mkii to my SW 80 ED DS Pro. Balanced. I only did a one star alignment and chose Betelgeuse. Camera was tethered to my Mac with EOS Utility running. I expected to see the star on my live view screen and could make out an exceptionally faint image, but nothing like I was expecting. I could see it through the view finder though...... I've used the 5D loads for 'regular' photography but only used live view maybe twice over the years. I'm not sure where I went wrong here so any suggestions welcome. Steve
  5. Thanks to Dave at Dark Frame Optics for taking the time out to have a look at this. No repair - just a faulty handset. Thanks for everyone's input. Steve
  6. OK....update......RA slew is fine. Dec slew.....moves a tiny bit then nothing. Took the covers off and observed and all parts are moving.
  7. I should have added....the mount makes the sounds like it's trying to slew.
  8. Hi. Long time since I posted here but hopefully someone can shed some light on my problem. I have a HEQ5 with SynScan. The mount isn’t sleeping anymore although it’s powered. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I’m trying to work out of it’s worth a repair (bought it second hand) or if it’s time to upgrade. Before anyone suggests I do it myself - no. I don’t have the patience or skill to work with motors and electrics - I know my strengths and weaknesses by now! I’m in South East England as the name would suggest. Any help appreciated. Steve
  9. Hi, I'm near Farnham. Sorry - I meant to add that I've applied to join Farnham Astro Society. JNC, that would be fantastic. I'll PM you to sort out the details, if that's ok? Steve
  10. Hi all, I'm Steve and despite the username, I live on the Surrey/Hants border. I've just bought a HEQ5 Pro and have watched so many youtube videos and read as many articles as I can find on what to do and how to do it. The trouble is I'm totally lost now and I'd really appreciate someone actually showing me and explaining things face to face. Unforyunately, I don't learn too well from seeing shakey videos! If there's anyone near(ish) to me - I don't mind travelling - with this mount and who is willing to help out, I'd really appreciate it. Steve
  11. Yes it did. It just seems a bit shaky. I fix it in place with the screws and then it slips. Maybe I've not done it correctly. "I have an angled finder and dont get on with it, would swap you for your straight one?? " Where abouts are you? I don't especially want to get rid of my straight one.
  12. Apart from the star test, how would I know if it was poorly collimated? Just a couple of other questions if I may.... Is there a 90° EP I can use on the finderscope? My neck is pretty rubbish and this is the biggest hindrance to me. Is there a simple way of aligning the finderscope? I find it's a bit wobbly and I have to fiddle around with it quite a lot.
  13. So, after much deliberation I took delivery of the above. For anyone thinking of getting one of these then I would say go for it. I finally found them in stock at Warehouse Express - everywhere else told me I'd be waiting about a week. It took me about 30 minutes to put it all together - a painless process. I've only had two chances to use it so far but it's been a bit mind blowing to say the least. The first major thing I discovered was Jupiter and four of its moons. I could make out the banding around it and the kids (and wife!!) thought it was amazing. Last night I took the laptop out with me and used Stellarium to navigate around - fantastic bit of freeware that! Unfortunately, Mars was too low in the sky to view and the clouds started to roll in around 2300. I've not tried to collimate it yet. I (think) I did a star test last night and it looked to be bang on (from what diagrams I've seen). I will purchase a laser collimator in the next week or two but for now I'm happy with what I've got. I'll also upgrade the EP's soon as the 10mm is a bit poor although I had been forewarned of that. I also took stock of a BST Explorer 25mm EP and used it last night to search for the Great Nebula in Orion. I think I found it - I could certainly make out 'clouds' and a myriad of sparkling stars. All in all it's probably one of my top purchases to date - and trust me, that's saying something!!!!
  14. Just an update.... Ordered my 200P about 5 minutes ago for next day delivery. So, now what I would really like (if possible) are some links to a couple of decent EP's, and moon and solar filters. Thanks for all your input!! Steve
  15. OK, so after weeks of deciding as to what astro kit to finally buy I've now come up with something that I perhaps should of thought of a lot sooner. Although I had the budget set aside for an EQ-6 with scope, I have now started to wonder if I am trying to run before I can walk. There is something about learning the sky that I think I may miss out on should I just go ahead and buy the all singing all dancing kit. So, I have (almost) decided to start at the beginning - something I'm not exactly renowned for - and go for a scope and mount that makes me learn. The only trouble is I have no idea what to go for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I definitely want something that will last me a while and I'm not allergic to the idea of collimation etc.
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