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  1. Hi ,do you still looking for a small Tak ? i do have a fs60 with many accesories . regards Dan
  2. Hi ... I do own both of them in good condition, how much are you prepared to pay for them? Regards Dan
  3. Hi... is this still available? If so I would like to buy it . Regards Dan
  4. hi ....i do have a Coronado SolarMax II 60 mm with Double Stacking Etalon and set of Ceemax Eyepieces....not sure if you are still interested but worth a try
  5. Is the mount and pier still available? Regards Dan
  6. Hi... do you have some pictures with the dovetails ? Regards Dan
  7. Thx for the quick reply Alan ... So 0.5 seconds should be fine .... not really sure what ADU means but I will google a bit when I have the chance . I’m using pixinsight for processing and I’ve seen on a tutorial that 100 frames each ( bias and flats) should be enough to create a master file is that right ? I just uploaded one of my recent target and not sure why there’s a bright circle probably because I used a reducer I was told that flats should eliminate that so I’m looking forward to test and come back with the results. Thx again Dan
  8. Hi all.. not really sure if is the right section for this topic so please if you could point me to the right direction would be much appreciated I'm quite new to astrophotography and not to technical processing and dealing with programs ... I'm using a 4" refractor on a Heq5 pro mount and a Atik 460ex color camera with the Artemis Capture Software provided with the camera . I was advice to do flats ,darks and bias to improve my images and that's why recently i bought a Aurora Flatfield Panel ( seems that my camera does not need darks ) and i would like to ask other users who might have the same camera as me how many seconds should i aim,for perfect flats or bias ? Any help on would be greatly appreciated. thx Dan
  9. I'm looking for a Takahashi Reducer for FS-60C scope or Tele Vue 0.8x Reducer for NP101 Scope (NPR-1073) Please let me know if you have one for sale ,or swap as i do have some quality items to trade in. Thank you for looking. Regards Dan
  10. If they are still available I will have them. So please let me know. Regards Dan
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