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  1. Hi, I do have a set of Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filters 1.25( Ha,Oiii and LRGB ) .All in good condition with boxes .. all of them was used with my 383l+ and Nikon lenses for wide field astrophotography for a while. I’ve sold the camera and the filter wheel so I might list them soon. if you are still looking please reply with an offer. I can supply high resolution pictures if necessary. kind regards Dan
  2. Hi, i do have a wide field setup including a 383l+ ... i would like to sell’it soon . If you are still looking please reply with an offer . Regards Dan
  3. Hi, I do have a 9mm Myriad In very good condition ... box as well so if you are interested please let me know. I was looking forward to swap this for something smaller, maybe one or two Panoptic .. if necessary I can pay some money on top. Regards Dan
  4. Hi, please let me know if it’s still available and if so I will take it. Regards Dan
  5. Hi ,do you still looking for a small Tak ? i do have a fs60 with many accesories . regards Dan
  6. Hi ... I do own both of them in good condition, how much are you prepared to pay for them? Regards Dan
  7. Hi... is this still available? If so I would like to buy it . Regards Dan
  8. hi ....i do have a Coronado SolarMax II 60 mm with Double Stacking Etalon and set of Ceemax Eyepieces....not sure if you are still interested but worth a try
  9. Is the mount and pier still available? Regards Dan
  10. Hi... do you have some pictures with the dovetails ? Regards Dan
  11. Thx for the quick reply Alan ... So 0.5 seconds should be fine .... not really sure what ADU means but I will google a bit when I have the chance ?. I’m using pixinsight for processing and I’ve seen on a tutorial that 100 frames each ( bias and flats) should be enough to create a master file is that right ? I just uploaded one of my recent target and not sure why there’s a bright circle probably because I used a reducer I was told that flats should eliminate that so I’m looking forward to test and come back with the results. Thx again Dan
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