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  1. Evening everyone... Following on from my previous thread....I took some time tonight, and avoided going outside to work on the data I acquired over the first night of trying AP. Setup: Mount: Ioptron CEM25P Scope: Sky-Watcher 80ED Camera: ZWO ASI 294MC Pro charger was blown, so could not cool the sensor) NO GUIDING, yet... No filters No calibration frames. Software: Acquisition with Astrophotography Tool Stacking with DeepSkyStacker Very light processing in GIMP, just color levels stretch Please be gentle....I am fully aware they are very newbie pics, especially the Cat's Eye Nebula. Did not recognise how small it is!!! Please advise what are those 2 beautiful galaxies? I forgot what the target was. I am over the moon!! M13 10 subs x 10 seconds + 6 subs x 15 seconds M57 The Ring Nebula 13 subs x 15 seconds Cat's Eye Nebula embarrassing, I know... 25 subs x 20 seconds A Beautiful Galaxy. Please advise what this is? I forgot what I chose that night!! 5 subs x 20 seconds M3 4 subs x 15 seconds
  2. Thanks Marv I followed Vlad's guide, and there has been virtually NO processing involved. Just playing with COLOR LEVELS: Here's what I did: Stacked etc in DSS. Opened the FIT file in Gimp, then went to Color/Levels, and just did a BASIC STRETCH. Moved the 3 sliders around: BLACK, WHITE & GRAY levels. And that's it! Vlad advised on creating another layer and doing a DENOISE, but did not manage to do that, as found it too complicated. Exported the final image as PNG and a JPEG, and that's it.
  3. With a heavy heart, I am putting up my CEM25P for sale. The virus crisis we are in has hurt me financially, and I need to make some sad, but sensible choices. I have also bought in January an AZ-EQ6 Pro, and I could not argue with the wife when she said that my new lovely toy has to go It is an extremely well made piece of engineering, very light and sturdy. DEAD silent, and quicker that the AZ-EQ6 Pro, carried my ED80mm with gear with ease, but I would not attempt to put my C11 XLT on it, so the AZ-EQ6 Pro will have to do. I bought it here on the forums last month: The Mount and tripod are exactly like you see in the pics, but happy to provide some more pics if required. The original owner is an experienced imager, he bought it from Altair Astro, and upon using it just a few times, was very impressed, and opted to buy the higher capacity CEM40. The only difference from the pics in the thread is that my 6 year old coloured some areas of the tripod box, as it stayed boxed for a few weeks in the living room. The mount had literally 3 nights of use, 1st was a couple of weeks ago and I used it for visual, 2nd was last Sunday night and 3rd was last Monday night. Later 2 were for imaging UNGUIDED with a ZWO ASI294MC Pro, and I have linked the pics I took here as well. I am offering it for £600. With the current virus outbreak, not sure what shipping costs would be, but happy to discuss with any preopective buyer. Best regards Ossi
  4. So, here's M81 & M82 again I went out Monday night, and the power supply died, so was limited to do imaging at 4 degrees C. Following Vlad's immense advice and help, I took many more subs: 50 Light, 20 seconds each 30 Darks, 20 seconds each Still can't get my head around DARK FLATS, and FLATS, so none of those...YET...! Stacked in DSS, and then I used GIMP to do some light processing, all myself. I think it looks better? Super excited!
  5. I think this one is different? The one you link to is to use the NON Mini sized cameras, with the LARGER circle... The MINIs need the other side to be a C adapter.
  6. Oh..really? I thought 3D printers only do plastic? Never seen one, so no clue.
  7. I have ordered this from Amazon today, arriving tomorrow: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B077Q7KKL5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I was planning to put in a 3 A one. DO you think going up to a 5 A would be safe? Many thanks
  8. The one I am using is very similar to the one on Amazon. It has a cigarette plug on one end and the a pin thingy in the other: 5.5mm diameter and 2.1mm hole. I unscrewed the cigarette end and found a GLASS 2A Fuse in it.
  9. It turns out my cigarette plug has a FUSE in it. I just opened it, and the fuse inside says 2AMPS? Should I just by a fuse and replace it first? Should I buy a 5AMP fuse safer? Like this:
  10. Wouldn't you know it.... All excited yesterday to do some more imaging after I got my feet wet on the first night... Plugged my camera into the powertank, and the small red light on the cigarette lighter would not come on... Possibly the connector died from using it the previous night... Anyways...not to be deterred by such a MINOR setback...decided to carry on without cooling.. All imaging was done at around 4C. Based on Vlad's advice, took MANY MANY more subs tonight of M81 & M82, Bubble Nebula & Cats eye nebula. The pic above is based on 3 x 20 second subs, so hopefully the new result will be better. Still at work but eager to get started on the FITT files very soon.. Watch this space...
  11. thanks for that any amazon suggestions? or should i just use ant laying around the house safely?
  12. Just checked ZWO website The ZWO charger is 12V 5amp The camera specs is 12V 3amp Would this work: THis is the one I bought for the Nexstar 8SE, but it says 12V 1amp? Surely a charger that powers a Nesxstar 8SE can poer the camera? It scant be just 1 amp? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B071WB3754/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Good evening everyone... Was setup tonight for a monster session of imaging....my second night ever ....and wouldn't you know it...the cigarette plug adapter was dead when I plugged it in, and the little red light on it would not come on (the cigarette plug has a small red light on it, possibly fused)....so NO COOLING on my 294MC Pro Now we have a few days ahead of clear skies, and I want to use a generic adapter urgently, as the ZWO adapter I ordered tonight will take a few days to come in. Has anyone used a 12V adapter I can buy off amazon that can arrive in 24 hours, or used a general purpose 12V adapter on their ZWO? I have a few lying around the house, one for my Nexstar 8SE, which I believe ia 12V 2amps, also I have a WAHL beard trimmer with the exact same plug, also 12v? I wouldn't dare plug any in, unless someone can confirm it would be OK, and they tried it? Would not want to fry the PCB on the camera!!?? Is the ZWO charger also a 12V 2 amp? Many thanks
  14. Thank you all for the very encouraging words... I am really excited to go out again tonight..!!
  15. Good evening everyone Yesterday night has been the first clear night in a long time. I have never yet used my ASI 294MC Pro yet, and I still do not have a guidecamera. This is the results of 3 15 second unguided subs of M81 & M82. I used APT, with my ED80mm without reducer, 294MC Pro & Ioptron CEM25P. This has been only the 2nd time I got the CEM25P out, as I am planning on selling it, and wanted to field test it to make sure all is OK. No flats, darks, bias etc...I still have no idea how to do those... I want to give a mention to Vlad who helped me immensely use DSS to stack the frames and he processed the TIFF. He has been absolutely great! I am over the moon!! I know, its terrible compared to what's on the forums, but its my very first try!!
  16. Pixinsight team offered me a trial licence, and I downloaded Pixinsight... Now that also looks like it will need a lot of learning! Any FIT file I open, shows up as GRAY in the top of the preview box Does that mean I was imaging yesterday all night in GRAY, and not in color? In APT, I could not find yesterday any settings for choosing what resolution, RGB, etc...The only options available to me in APT were the Duration of exposure, cooling, binning. I must have been doing something wrong? And the camera was recognisedcorrectly as ASI 290MC Pro Shame, it was a very very clear night.
  17. Thanks for that I just downloaded Deep Sky Stacker. I stacked 4 20second subs of the Ring Nebula. It seems there is a VERY steep learning curve, as I have no idea what I am doing. Had a look at the setting, and was hoping for a BIG BUTTON that would say: COLOR.... Anyways, here's the TIFF file of the stacked images. Did not do anything to the settings. How can I give it some color? The 294MC Pro is a OSC? Thanks Ring Nebula.TIF
  18. Good morning everyone Yesterday night was my very first trial at deep sky imaging. I would be very grateful if someone can advise me what to do next? My equipment was: ED80, without the reducer, ZWO ASI 294MC Pro, AZ-EQ6 Pro mount. No bhatinov mask yet. No LP filters yet. I have not bought a guide cam yet, so was doing unguided 15-20 second subs. Obviously NO flats, Bias or Black frames, as I do not even know yet how to do those? I was using Astrophotography tool, and the setup was hard First problem was achieving focus. I used Live VIEW and SHOOT options till I manually fine focused, and stars appeared more or less round Then used the Mount and slewed to various targets, did LIVE VIEW, nothing would show up, but on SHOOT at 8 seconds I would see the target. I would then do 3-5 runs, 20 seconds each, but did not touch any settings. the GAIN was at auto. The only setting I did was cool the camera down to -20C. I took some subs of M3, M13, NGC 7000, NGC 6888, Ring Nebula, Cocoon Nebula, North America Nebula and some stars. Now, all the files are in a FIT format. I had requested a trial licence from Pixinsight back in January, and yesterday I tried to DOWNLOAD the software, but it seems there was a time limit to download? How bizzare? Its expired now. Is there a software I can use to have a look and possibly process the images I took yesterday? I can see them in the preview window of APT, but seems I cannot do anything with them? Many thanks
  19. oymd

    Looking for cem25p

    Hi i will be putting up my CEM25P for sale in the next couple of days. Will post in the for sale section.
  20. Agreed, the market is much much smaller....but the industry is to blame for this frankly... Offering the same over and over again....with no future innovation... The big brands with resources need to innovate and make the hobby much more simple and intuitive and that will bring the younger generation on board, and eventually explode the market from a niche hobby to something that younger people can enjoy... That would definetely grow the market.... I attended the Astronomy show in London last month, and there wasn't a child in sight.... My 12 year old loved looking through the Nexstar 8SE during xmas, but was disappointed that she could not EASILY interface with it through her phone or laptop, and got bored of it very quickly.... The ASI AIR and similar should be the norm going forward, and not a very expensive add on... And big brands like Celestron and SW should stop offering pointless products around the £100 mark that serve no purpose but to frustrate the newcomer, and instead innovate on bringing automation into their product line... My 6 year old receives her maths homework on her Ipad, and my 12 year old has a school laptop....yet using those 2 ubiquitous tools is a very complicated endeavor in the field of astronomy at this point in time...
  21. That looks nice... Yes, I agree...and forgive me for going off on a rant here.... I have got into the hobby just since last Christmas....Have been reading astronomy since my teens, but only actually got some gear this very last xmas. I've noticed that the telescope/astronomy world is somehow stuck in the Victorian age!! The whole world is using thuderbold/USB-C/or the very least USB3....yet most of Astronomy gear still deals in "SERIAL" interfaces....and having a USB 2.0 connection on a mount is hailed as a luxury! There is very very little to no intuition or practicality in the products available, for normal prices, and most need modding, adapters, etc from consumers... Primaluce Eagle/ ASI Air/ Pegasus boxes are hailed as next best thing since sliced bread, when they are utilising a basic concept available in every other industry on the planet, and should be the norm, not the exception. £3000+ mounts that do not have native WiFi, Bluetooth AND GPS, is pretty ridiculous....I bought an AZ-EQ6 Pro in January...which needed a silly bizzare dongle to have WiFi connectivity...very silly The whole hobby is about knowing where we are in space, and a £30 mobile phone can give you EXACT co-ordinates, time, location, compass, elevation, cloud cover, etc...yet a massive 25KGs SCIENTIFIC MACHINE that is supposed to track, and pinpoint thousands of objects in the sky does not know where it is, what time it is, and at what elevation or timezone it is? The software looks like it was written in the 70's and targeted towards MIT physicists to use.... etc etc... I rarely see something these days and say...wow...that's smart, intuitive and easy to use.. I realise that the counter argument is that these are mass produced chinese products, but so are laptops, PCs and "SMART" mobile phones... phew... my rants over...
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