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  1. Thanks for your reply Well, I have a mobile setup, so every time I setup, I thread the reducer and camera on, so the Camera orientation is different every time. Also, Since I setup in the garden every time, the mount may slew to 63 on one side and on another night might do it from the other side.
  2. Ok...Houston, we've had a problem. I opened the stacked file in PI, and after I stretched it, there is something wrong. I never saw this before?
  3. To me, while I like Ioptron, and what they bring to the table; low weight mounts with disproportionately high load capacity, I do not like the looks of that mount. Very narrow at the base, looks very top heavy, and those exposed wires are inexcusable in my view. That's a very strange example of engineering.
  4. lol... In fact, I AM a doctor.... thanks for your reply! Will do when I am back home from work...
  5. Morning everyone I have not used groups before in DSS, but wanted to check if what I am about to do is correct: I have TWO sets of lights, flats & dark flats from 2 different nights. I have a set of Darks in my calibration library that were taken with the older set of L, F & DF. ALL Light subs & Dark subs share same exact settings: 240s, -10C, 120Gain, 20Offset in ASCOM Flats & Dark Flats are obviously matched for each night, but different across the 2 nights. Do I go about this as follows: Main Group: Darks Group 1: Olde
  6. Agree. I had both, AZ-EQ6 Pro, the new one, and a CEM25P. Both are quiet, but the CEM25P was dead silent, and much quicker at slewing. Sadly the CEM has gone now!
  7. If that specimen in the video is a final retail version, it seems they have not covered up the exposed wires?
  8. true....those exposed wires look hideous... Surely they will have to cover that up...somehow?
  9. Nice one! Not sure how to look at the histogram, but I did invert the mask to protect the galaxy, and applied SCNR RED, and red is gone!! Can you please clarify what you mean by: " apply MMT to chrominance just before stretching, use 8 layers" ? Sorry, newbie here. Would appreciate if you can explain that in simple terms? Many thanks! Here's the FIRST image with SCNR RED done. BIG difference. Thanks :)
  10. Redid the whole thing...PCC seems to be working now. Used RangeSelection and made use of Masks... It was interesting..to say the least...
  11. Ok, I think it finally worked. I chose: DISTORTION CORRECTION, and unticked automatic limit magnitude, and chose 18 instead. Was advised in Inside PixInsight book by Warren Keller. Not sure of the result though? What the >?)$!
  12. It shows that is IS detecting all the stars it needs, but there is a FAIL at the end no matter what?
  13. Tried all the database servers...ticked FORCE PLATESOLVE, always comes up with the error at the end. I took a screenshot
  14. Do you know how to get plate solve to work? i simply cannot get it to work?
  15. just tried it... Tried it like 10 times....Had no idea what I was doing. Got the data Starsbourg. Typed in M101, and clicked GET. I just changed the FL to 510, and pixel size to 4. It kept doing its thing every time, and eventhough it says at the end: successfully completed with no errors Every time I get the message: Photometric calibration failed: Got 2 sample something, when FIVE are needed?
  16. I need to find a FEMALE SCT to a MALE M48 adapter, but I simply cannot find one on FLO? The 16.5mm ZWO extender is M48 on the reducer side. Also, with all the ZWO extenders attached, I will only have 55mm backfocus? How will I achieve the additional 50mm to reach the optimal 105mm back focus for the 0.63x reducer?
  17. Thank you for your comments... Of course..sorry, forgot to mention my acquisition data: ED80 + .85reducer/flattener + OSC ASI 294MC Pro 60 subs @ 120s, 30 darks, 30 flats & 30 dark flats, stacked in DSS Agree...not sure why its so red?
  18. Good evening everyone With the weather being terible these past few days it was the perfect opportunity to do some reading of the Inside PixInsight book, in addition to some youtube tutorials. I have been relying on helpful experienced forum members to process my data, so I thought I would go over some of my data myself, and have a go from start to finish with PixInsight. Please advise if this final image looks ok? I used: Dynamic crop Dynamic background extraction with 50 sample points MLT Co lour calibration and Histogram transformation lastly col
  19. Yes, they are all noisy when slewing at max speed, particularly Celestron mounts. I have a Nexstar 8SE, and it is pretty noisy. I have seen a CGX-L slewing at max speed, and it is very, very loud and noisy. I think Sky-Watcher mounts are a tad quieter. My AZ-EQ6 Pro is very silent up to speed 7, speeds 8 & 9 a clearly audible, but nowhere near Celestron levels. IOptron mounts are the quietest I think. I had a CEM25P, which I regret selling. It was very, very quiet even at max slew speed. On the other hand, if you want a totally SILENT moun
  20. wow Olly Those colors are beautiful!! Thank you so much. I shot this last Saturday night, from my back garden. I live in South West London, Zone 3, so fairly central London. I do not have a LP filter? It was shot stock from the telescope with focal reducer. Your comments are very encouraging, as I do not have a guiding setup, and this was just using the Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 Pro mount with the handset fixed on M3, no guiding. What would guiding then with say, a 290MM Mini had offered? That looks really nice. Love it!! So, I have my answer then! My acquisition an
  21. I think that is possibly where I got confused, and I think I confused the L & RGB subs that imagers take with Mono cameras with my situation....where I use OSC. Ok, got it, no more different subs durations to be mixed together. Attached is the cropped TIF! Many thanks Olly Autosave crpped.tif
  22. Alacant...that is STUNNING!! thank you so much...!! Was that in PixInsight? And you took just a few minutes to do that?? Please...I need your steps?? a mini tutorial...??
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