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  1. Morning everyone Aim is DSO, nebulae, clusters, smaller galaxies etc... My kit is: Mount: Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 Pro Telescopes: 1- Nexstar 8SE (OTA) 2- C11 XLT (I guess this will be better off purely visual) 3- SW ED80 Pro-DS (primary imaging scope) Planned purchases: 1- Sky-Watcher x0.85 FR or Altair Astro x0.8 FR for the ED80 2- Celestron f/6.3 FR 3- Very long term, POSSIBLY a Hyperstar for the C11 (I doubt I will invest in this!) I've decided to go OSC, and for now, avoid the extra layer of complexity of shooting mono with filters etc... I have narrowed down my options to: 1. ASI294MC Pro 2- ASI533MC-P 3- ASI183MC Pro 4- ASI1600MC Pro 5- ASI071MC Pro just for comparison sake. I have attached an image comparing the cameras primarily on PIXEL SCALE, as I do not understand the Sensitivity, SNR, and WELL specs. I am leaning towards the ASI294MC Pro, as I like the wider image scale, and am not a fan of the square 533MC Pro scale. I realise that the 533 is the newest, and everyone is raving about its sensitivity and no amp glow etc... Please advise me on what would best fit my setup. my table suggests that the ASI1600MCPro is the best fit for scopes? Lastly, would the cheapest Mono Mini ZWO guide camera be OK for the guiding camera? the ASI120MM Mini? Many thanks
  2. I didn't know that?! I'll give it a shot.. thanks
  3. That's on Amazon USA In the UK they are not available.. https://www.amazon.com/Telescope-Eyepieces-Barlow-Other-Accessories/dp/B07K1V8B2R/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=eyepiece+caps&qid=1580213433&sr=8-3
  4. Can you please point me in the direction of one? Also looking for those WHITE plugs that sit INSIDE the eyepiece and are locked in place with the thumbscrews? Thanks
  5. Good morning everyone Where can I find those eyepiece end caps? I'm looking for both the transparent and opaque ones that fit to either end? For 1.25” cant seem to find them online? thanks.
  6. Thanks Steve That is reassuring... I am begining to think that my focuser is also faulty, as its extremely rough, and feels like its skipping/jumping with every rotation. I'm struggling to describe it correctly
  7. Thank you. I've done that, and maked the CW shaft with electric tape, one for the ED80mm scope which needed just one CW, and another for the SCT OTA, which is much heavier, and needed both the CWs
  8. Yes!! First refractor. All my life wanted to buy a full setup, work, life, commitments etc prevented me from buying one. This past xmas, kids asked me to get a scope...PERFECT EXCUSE so SWMBO caved in... Bought a Nexstar 8SE, even though all my life wanted a C11... Then the bug bit big time...and I went totally mad... Last week I ordered the ED80mm and a AZ-EQ6 Pro, as I want to get into AP at some point in time in the future...
  9. Did you buy yours directly from OVL, or from FLO?
  10. I have indeed, and many thanks for that.... But I would be terrified to do that on my own!!! I'm an absolute, total newbie!!
  11. Good luck with the return....hope you receive a pristine sample!! On second thought, maybe you had perfect balance due to the EXCESS glue on the lens!!
  12. ouch...yes, that's a bit too much glue... You reckon I can give RVO a call and complain about the focuser? Mine is horribly stiff and clunky? I was even considering putting a drop or 2 of lubricating OIL on the gears?
  13. I would be very interested to hear what the balance is like when you remove the guidescope? Would be great if you could try?
  14. Since we are discussing this scope, can someone please advise me what replacement dovetail I can use? With the 2" diagonal and 2" eyepiece, the scope is VERY back end heavy, and I had to push the OTA all the way forward to the point that the retaining rings are flush with the focuser, and also pushed the dovetail all the way forwards in the saddle, to achieve any sort of balance, but it's still very back heavy? Is there a LONGER compatible dovetail I can use? Thanks
  15. Hi Steve Not from FLO, it was ordered from RVO. But I could see on the outer box the order information, which shows it was shipped from OVL to me directly, who are SW distributors in the UK, so in all likelihood would be the very same scope you stock. And I agree with Davey-T that having no spec on the objective makes it look very cheap. Either way, its the performance what matters, and with the current weather, there is no way to find out! If I were you, I would confirm with SW the specs, to avoid any confusion with future customers.
  16. Afternoon everyone Can you please advise me how to balance the scope in Alt-Az? I am pairing the scope with a C11. The mount's home position is with the counterweight shaft parallel to the ground. Balancing the OTA (DEC axis) is pretty self explanatory, and took some sliding of the dovetail in the saddle to balance it. However, balancing the whole OTA on one side of the mount with the counterweights on the other side is the part I do not get? How should I know that the balance is alright, since there is no movement in that axis? Thanks
  17. Well, its certainly confusing. The manual clearly states that the objective is Ohara FPL-53 and crown is Schott BK-7, and FLO & RVO website's description also confirms that. Beside the good reviews, that was the primary reason I bought the scope.
  18. Can you please advise which Oklop bag takes the Az-EQ6 Pro mount? I have just bought the new model, but i think they are identical in size? The shipping foam measures 50x48x25cm Thanks
  19. Evening everyone... Is this noise normal? At the very start and end of the slewing, there is an unpleasant noise. The videos I checked online sound probably the same, so in all probability its normal? Is it the gears/belts getting engaged/disengaged? Thanks
  20. Evening everyone. I've just received the ED80mm in the post today, and noticed a few things that I hope the experienced and savvy can clarify for me?It's my FIRST ever refractor, and my only experience is with a Nexstar 8SE. The OTA is listed as having FPL-53 in the objective, and Schott BK-7 glass in the crown. The product images on FLO, RVO, SW USA & SW UK (Optical Vision LTD) show the OTA with a graphic of "SCHOTT GLASS INSIDE" on the OTA? The scope I received today has no such graphic, and has no markings at all on the objective, with 2 visible blotches of glue? Is this expected? Also specs list that it has a crayford focuser and 2"99% dielectric diagonal, yet I feel the focuser is very rough, and the diagonal has no specs etched on it or any details written on it, and looks cheap? Is this all normal, and I'm just having a mini panic attack, or is it possible the OTA is an inferior product? Many thanks!!
  21. Thanks for that... So its called a GX12 2 pin screw lockable socket! I did not know that. Can you please point me in the direction of a MAINS outlet power supply that I can use? Would be helpful also if you can direct me to a cable that uses that socket on one end, and normal power connector on the other. Many thanks
  22. Thank you all for your helpful replies. As you can all see from the various and different options suggested, that this is a debatable and confusing issue. I find it bizarre that on buying a sensitive electronic equipment costing almost £1500 that I need to do research into getting a safe and adequate power connector/supply? What would it have cost Sky-Watcher to provide a suitable and safe MAINS OUTLET option with the mount? It's like buying a TV, which would cost considerably less, then needing to go out and find a suitable, fused, safe, correct voltage and amperage PSU to power the TV? I am a little annoyed at this.
  23. I was worried they were poor quality and can do damage? anyways, I’ve just ordered the 10amp option. I read somewhere that’s it’s better to have more juice, and the mount takes what it needs?
  24. Evening everyone... Mount's on the way, hopefully arriving tomorrow. Very excited, and terrified as well. Its my first GEM mount. Just recognised I do not have a power supply to power the mount! Can you please advise what can I go out and buy tomorrow? Or order tonight from Amazon? I do not fancy the Celestron/SW huge battery packs! Is there some sort of FEMALE cigarette adaptor to AC outlet I can use that is safe and no blow up the mount!! I know the mount comes with a power lead that utilises a cigarette adaptor? Many thanks
  25. That is an excellent bit of information... I will be following this thread..
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