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  1. Just to confirm your post, and check I got this right: You want me to reverse just the fliter, so that it is oriented like this in the imaging train: BUT, with the 1.25" the OTHER WAY AROUND so that the filter is closer to the sensor, but oriented like in the picture above? Many thanks
  2. I assume you mean this one: So, I screwed the filter I have into it. This adaptor can only screw into the 21mm extender from the SCOPE side, but the filter pokes out. I can see you advised the filter should be as close as possible to the sensor, so I reversed it. Is this the correct way it should go in? Ahh...I see now why that adaptor has 4 holes in it, so that you can use a pointed object to screw it in or out of the 21mm extender? And here it is with the 16.5mm added on to it: Did I get that right? Lastly, if I go all out and inves
  3. I wanted to thank everyone who helped me in this thread. Your input was immense and much appreciated! I have not bought any filters yet, and since I have a OSC camera I was advised to get: 1- UV/IR cut filter 2- CLS filter 3- Optolong L Pro (recommended by many) I was told that 1.25” is more than enough for my imaging circle and 4/3 camera. My question is: Where will a 1.25” filter fit in this train? Everything in my train is obviously wider than 1.25”?
  4. Got a bit better at processing in GIMP I added calibration subs... A bit better , I think: M13 revisited
  5. Last question please So, we have sorted the reducer out. How come I was achieving focus these past days WITHOUT the reducer, using my weird reverse contraption of adapters, shown in my above pics? My original setup has an additional 55mm at least to this neat newer setup? So I was focusing WITHOUT the reducer at about 110mm from the sensor all these past days?
  6. lol...thanks just posted this before I saw your explanation
  7. ahh...I think the missing 6.5mm is the depth of the actual sensor in the camera.... right?
  8. But isn't this setup: 11mm + 21mm + 16.5mm = 48.5mm? Shouldn't it be 55mm?
  9. Excellent I did what you just advised. Will this work with focus?
  10. It is a nose piece that also came in the OTA box. This nose piece goes into the back of the focuser. The thumbscrew on it has no function. It is locked to the focuser by the 2 thunbscrews on the focuser. Ths is what my train looks like, broken down: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. LEFT goes into CAMERA....RIGHT END goes into the focuser 16.6mm threaded into camera, then M42-M48 adapter, then 21mm spacer, then Camera T-Adapter that came in the OTA box, then a nose piece that also came in the OTA box. This nose piece goes into the back of the focuser. Ok, so I think I am now getting to
  11. Yesterday I tried everything i have to make an attachment to the M48 thread on the Reducer. NOTHING worked.
  12. And since we are on the topic, is my setup correct for NON REDUCER use? I used the 2 extensions: 16.5mm & 21mm that came in the camera box, and connected them together using the M42-M48 adapter, and on one side I screwed it into the camera, and on the other I used a T adapter and nose piece that came in my Sky Watcher Evostar 80ED telescope. It slides into the back end of the focuser, and i tighten with thumb screws. I do not have a threaded connection.
  13. My ASI294MC Pro is a 4/3 camera, so I think it comes with different adaptors. I do not have the M54-M48 Here's what the camera comes with:
  14. Good afternoon everyone. I've started AP a few weeks ago, but have not tried to fit the matching reducer yet. Yesterday night I took it out, and was able to screw it on the back of the scope, but on the other side of the reducer, NOTHING I had laying around or in the camera box would fit? Any advice please? Here's my current train without reducer: And here with reducer: What am I missing?
  15. With the top image I tried using the FVMH option in APT, but could not get my head around it and I think I botched it. With the second image I used my regular focusing routine. A bhatinov mask and manually checking the focus in live view on APT. Can you please elaborate on the starnet ++ hint? I have no idea what that is, but would love to try it and give it a go? thanks
  16. Is cleaning the cameras sensor window an option at all? like with cotton buds and Baaders optical wonder fluid. Or is that a no no?
  17. Another target I struggled with.... Not sure what is that artifact that keeps showing u in the center of my image?
  18. I set APT to take 90 subs, 90 seconds each. I guess I should have planned this better, as on reviewing the data, only the first 5 subs were clear, and the other 85 were obscured by a tree in my backgarden... Lesson learnt...check the target's movement acrss the sky on SkySafari before going in and getting warm!!
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