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    That is absolutely stunning!!! was that a 12” LX200? i wonder if I could get anything remotely close to your result with a C11 XLT? Please give us some insight into what you used for guiding? That is really breathtaking! well done Sir! Chapeau..
  2. Thanks Wim So, just to double check: After creating Pv02 & Pv03, run Preview Aggregator on both, which will create one aggregated preview. In BackgroundNeutralization leave all at defaults - selecting Preview01 as Reference. Apply then In ColourCalibration in White reference box I will prick AGGREGATED, in Background Reference I will pick Preview01, and UNITICK Structure detection, then apply.
  3. Very nice first attempt! Wellcome to the club!! just tread carefully, it becomes very addictive very quickly, and before you know it, you are sucked in!!
  4. 35 subs @120s, Gain120, Unguided. ASI294MC Pro & ED80 + reducer/flattener. Processed in PixInsight, with a touch of GIMP to the final image. As hard as i tried, I could not protect M82 from blowing the whites. In BackgroundNeutralization & ColourCalibration, I have not yet figured out how to work on 3 previews? Preview01 is on blank sky Preview02 is on the target (Chose M81 here) Preview03 was on M82, but I could not find a setting to pick preview 03, as well as 02? I had Structure Detection ticked, just in case?
  5. After processing with PI, a very faint touch of GIMP added at the end...just to darken the backgraound a little, and change the hue. Not sure which one's better?
  6. Thanks Lee all thanks to you! do you think a filter would have helped get more detail? Like a light pollution filter? Or the extremely expensive IDAS D2 would have given a better result? 180s x 100 is 5 hours of data! I am a newbie, so I’m not the one to judge if the result is reasonable for an ED80 + .85reducer + 294MC Pro, or I should have got a better result and I need to add something to my train, a filter for example?
  7. Good evening everyone Over the past two clear nights, I took 100 subs @180s of M101. Went through a PixInsight guide advised to me by one of the members, thanks @geeklee Still haven't tried any filers that might improve the result Please feel free to offer feedback! ASI294MC Pro, ED80 Many thanks
  8. Thanks Olly, Lee & Wim That is much much better than what I processed. I have yet to go through the tutorial very kindly given to me by Lee. With regards to calibration, can I please double check that I am doing it right: 1- DARKS: I match the LIGHTS SUBS duration and CMOS TEMPERATURE, so if my lights were 180s -10C, I do about 20 subs @ 180s DARKS @ -10C. Focus is not important with DARKS. I do the DARKS inside, with the camera in a jet black small closet, cooled to -10C 2- FLATS: I match the FOCUS & same scope setup as the LIGHTS. Aim is to remove the O
  9. 65 subs x 180s It was quite low in the sky, with the moon out. DSS and processed in GIMP Still working on improving in PixInsight, and will process it later... Apologies...don't think it turned out great. I had hoped for better. Because of my very poor processing skills, its hard to know whether my issues are with the ACQUISITION, or the actual PROCESSSING? Please be gentle...don't hurt my feelings... Edit: to answer the above question, I think its best to attach the TIF file as well. Autosave001.tif
  10. I am about to go through a tutorial and process the TIF in PixInsight, but before going through that, I did a quick process in GIMP. 25 subs, 180s. Please feel free to critique and offer advice.... Many thanks
  11. Yes, it seems I’ve messed that up. I totally forgot to focus to the mark on the focuser when I took my flats. I’ll have to redo them. I suppose it’s time to invest in an ELP to save me the hassle, and get my flats done at the end of the session! I’m buying something new almost every day in this new Hobby!
  12. Hi Vlad Today I started my imaging session by setting up in the afternoon, and started by taking flats and dark flats. I then went on to do the Lights when it got dark. I have just realised that I took my flats and dark flats with the focuser all the way racked in, just as the scope was when I took it out of the case!! I have a mark I did with a sharpie pen on the focuser tube to mark my focus, but I completely forgot to move the focuser out to that position! Does that mean that the flats and dark flats I took today are rubbish and useless? These were new flats wi
  13. Not sure where to post this, but I assume it is related to the mount's software. I use iPolar on my AZ-EQ6 Pro for PA, and it is absolutely fantastic! Takes about 2 minutes, and then I do a 3 star aligment, first star is almost central in eye pece, then 2nd & 3rd are dead center. My question relates to the info that comes up on the handset after it says: Alignment Successful PEC Error has been accounted for, then it comes up with two readings: Mel & Maz? Pic attached What are those, and are they just advisory, and do they explain anything about my PA, setup, et
  14. Would this work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EL-Panel-White-10x10cm/221583107656?hash=item339761e648:g:~vEAAOSwjVVVnUI~ Would be great if you can point me in the direction of one that I can buy, that is easily powered? The one I found on ebay is just 10cmx10cm, and has a weird connector?
  15. Yes, makes sense. But how could you do flats at the end of the session? Its pitch dark?
  16. so having a faster f ratio just gives me a wider field of view, but no increase in light gathering power, so technically it will help me fit a bigger target in my frame, like M31, but with no increase in the targets detail or brightness? Is that right?
  17. Sorry, forgot to ask one last important question. What advantage did the reducer do to my imaging? I understand that it shortens focal length and makes the scope faster, but in practical use, what difference does it to to my workload and sequences? should I have taken LESS than 100 subs, or subs shorter than 120 seconds now that I’m imaging at f/6.375 rather than f/7.5? i don’t seem to understand this yet?
  18. But aren’t the flats unrelated to the reducer change? do you mean that since I’ve taken new images with a reducer, I need to redo flats with the reducer in place? oh, yes of course. I’m an idiot....
  19. Yes, I recall I saw a setting suggesting 1:1 or 1:1 fit or 1:1 with scroll. Something like that. and yes, now that you say that, in live view, M51 was unusually LARGE and dead centre. I thought that was the effect of the reducer! silly me... So, how do I undo any silly things I do with binning, zoom etc in the future? do I choose 1:1 fit or which one? lastly, is my focus ok?
  20. 100 x 120s subs Here's a better result after it was kindly re-processed by one of the gents here on the forum.. Many thanks @geeklee Yesterday night I tried the FR for the first time. Not sure why it messed up my live view in APT, and how I frame the targets? Live view kept jumping to 4x4 binning, and I had to force it back to 1x1. When I completed the sequence, even though M51 was dead center on my screen, the resulting FIT files showed M51 in the image corner? DId I mess up something, or is it because of using
  21. Good afternoon I am hoping for some advice regarding: 1- Which filters are advised to help with imaging with a OSC? 2- What are the realistic targets I should aim for, with regards to Nebulas and DSOs other than the galaxies? With Mono cameras, it is pretty obvious, LRGB for Broadband & H,S & O for narrrowband. What about with OSC? What filters would help my imaging? I realise that Nebulas etc are better shot with Mono & filters, but I would like some advice on what I can do with what I've got? My setup is: ZWO ASI294MC Pro, SW ED80 + .85xFR , C11
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