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  1. I did some research on CED 214 and NCG 7822, and I did some more imaging on the next night. Again, totally missed the target. I should have used a star to frame!! I used a simple combination of both images, and this is how they should have been oriented. It seems there is no way CED 214, NCG 7822 would have fit in my FOV. I used for reference a picture uploaded by Trevor, from Astrobackyard, where he used the new Canon Da and took a very wide field view.
  2. Hello everyone Here's my first attempt at a nebula. It was very challenging to process in PI, and I am still learning... Since I do not plate solve yet, or run the mount through the computer, I struggling to frame the nebula, since I just use the handset and Live view on APT. Just trusted the 3 star alignment, and hoped that I was imaging the right part of the sky... Please offer some feedback. I tried to plate solve the image in PI, but did not understand how it works. Not sure if I covered the nebula properly. Many thanks Ossi
  3. Evening everyone A few days ago I started a thread about my struggles with combining data from different imaging sessions using a OSC. What made my issue worse was that the two sessions had different orientation, and DSS could not manage to produce a stacked image using groups. It was a mess. Was advised to try PixInsight's BPP, so read the book chapter and did some research on the net. WBPP is new, and not mentioned in the book. I thought I would write this guide, just in case there are other newbies like me looking for a solution, and might find this h
  4. Yes, agree. Lots of unnecessary bashing of Chinese QC and engineering. my view is, if it were not for Chinese companies like Synta, ZWO, IOptron and the like, very very few people would have got into this hobby. It is a HOBBY after all, and we do not make money out of the thousands of pounds we invest in it. Those Chinese companies have made, and still make, some of the best mounts and scopes that an amateur astronomer can aspire to own. BMW and Mercedes are 2 of the top luxury car brands, yet they always score lowest on reliability and customer satisfaction as opposed to Japanese
  5. my guess if you get in touch with Artesky, they will quote a 1-2 month waiting time, or something like that..
  6. That would possibly be just the press release, or launch etc.....? There is no mention of it on any UK or US website yet. I would have thought if release is pending, FLO would have advertised it as available for pre-order etc?
  7. Evening everyone... Yesterday night I setup and planned to image the Heart & Soul nebulae.... Being so inexperienced, with just 3 months into the hobby, I underestimated how low Alt+23 is on the horizon! It was obscured by trees in my garden. So tried the Elephant trunk, also obscured by trees! My garden gives me views of only a tiny bit of North west to Northeast at lower altitudes. West is a no go, as that is where the house is! Looked up ANY possible nebulae in the North, but found nothing. Well, was itching to give the new LPS V4 a go, having just received the shiny new
  8. Don’t think so, but I think you do not need to be a member to just BROWSE the forums.
  9. Do you guys report this to ebay? reason I’m asking, is that the adds suddenly disappear from eBay once they are mentioned on the forum. was wondering if these scammers keep an eye on forums and act accordingly?
  10. Just completed... Failed error message Cannot calibrate Lights... Seems that the first process I did is the only way it worked? Dark Flats going into BIAS...?
  11. In MLT, you start by saying: Extract a luminance layer (CIE L*) from the image, using channel extraction. There are TWO options: CIE L* a*b* AND CIE*c*h*? Which one did you mean by CIE*L?
  12. Well, I have just RESTARTED BPP just now in the back ground, while I do some work. I have now tried your suggetion: Darks go in DARK column Flats & Dark Fats from one session go in the FLATS column Lights from one session go into the LIGHTS column The I choose CUSTOM: Give the the OTHER session's Fs, DFs & Ls a name under the option: FILTER NAME. So, in the end i have: Darks in darks column Flats & Dark flats from one session in the SAME column with the Flats & Dark Flats from the other session, but separated into 2 groups based on t
  13. Yes... I think once you do ABE it becomes normal in color, or on STF click the CHAIN button to unlink RGB channels Here's my outcome... Struggled with the noise.. M63 Final Processing.tif
  14. There seems to be much more noise though in the COMBINED file after stretching: There seems to be much more noise though in the COMBINED Master file.
  15. Ok, its done, and looks like it's worked!!?? BPP produced TWO Master Lights: One of the 30 Light subs Second one of the COMBINED 53 Light subs... The one on the left is the COMBINED file of all the 53 subs. And it looks better than the result I got with DSS, at least there are no visible artifacts? Would be great if someone have a look at it, and if free, have a go at processing it? It might shed some light whether the BPP process I did was OK? Fingers crossed...if the file turns out OK, I will be very very pleased and encouraged.....
  16. I have no idea Wim I am just following Adrian's advice. If you think this is wrong, so where should I add my Dark Flats then? There is no Dark Flats option in BPP?
  17. Yes, I've noticed that WBPP is only in the newer book, the one on the other thread. Wim, by the way, I did try te MLT tutorial you sent me, and while the MLT part worked, I just could not get the Median transform part to work? You mentioned in your tutorial to try to increase the STRENGTH to 7 or 10 on the first layer, but the console window in PI had no STRENGTH option? Just THRESHOLD & AMOUNT? Just could not get it to work yesterday night.
  18. Hi Adrian Ok, I've decided I'm not giving up... So, I took your suggestion, and will use the Flat Darks in the BIAS tab. I've just loaded BPP, and here's what I've done. It's processing now, so should find out in an hour or so if this will be successful: I have 2 sets of Ls, DFs & Fs, and one set of Ds All Ls & Ds are matched @240s -10C Each set of lights has corresponding Fs & DFs, which are matched. In Bias: Loaded DFs from imaging session 1 In Darks: Loaded Ds In Flats: Loaded Fs from imaging session 1 In Lights: loaded Ls
  19. Thanks Adrian well, BPP just completed.....after about 45 minutes processing. I was greeted with a failure message.. failed to calibrate lights. Console suggests there was no master supplied, when the book clearly explained that a master is not necessary, and I can use my original FIT files out of the camera. I am seriously thinking of throwing in the towel and skipping PI. It looks like an amazing bit of software, but the time and involvement it demands is just too consuming. I will have a look at APP, as it keep popping up and everyone seems to r
  20. Thanks, I will try that trick the next clear night I do imaging. Any thoughts on BPP? I am about to give it a go, PI book has no mention or Weighted BPP, so sticking with BPP. There is NO TAB for Flat Darks?
  21. Update, Yesterday night stayed up to 3am, and went through the Purist approach, with Warren Keller's book open, and managed to do the whole thing! Took 4 hours though, and obviously just ONE set of files, as still do not know how to combine images from 2 different nights. Four hours!! DSS takes like 20 minutes?? Anyways, I have just opened BPP, to try it the easy way. I realise there is a NEWER WeightedBPP, but it seems it came out AFTER the InsidePixInsight book was printed, and its not in the book. So, sticking with BPP for now. The confusing part is that
  22. Thanks for your reply. I will try that later when I get home. But just to understand the process above, I have already done all those 7 steps. Would be helpful if you can point out when should DEBAYER process be done? i will avoid combining data from separate nights to avoid complexity, just as you suggested. many thanks
  23. Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying the weather this fine weekend! I have been using DSS to stack my DSO images, and then processing the stacked FIT file in PI. I am still very much a newbie, and have received a lot of help on the forums. Also reading through Inside PixInsight book. So, last week I imaged M63 over 2 nights. All subs were 240 seconds @ -10C. Took Flats & Dark Flats separately over the two nights. The darks were all from my calibration library., 240s @ -10C. I stacked them all in DSS using Groups, Main Group was Darks, Group one were Ls, DFs &
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